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Jennifer Lopez


Ukraine Wedding

7/21/2011 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez TORE IT UP during her million dollar performance at a wedding in the Ukraine Tuesday -- rocking out to some of her biggest hits ... in front of hundreds of FIRED UP wedding guests.

Several crowd members shouted out requests during the performance -- and for the most part, she delivered ... with hits like, "Waiting for Tonight," "Let's Get Loud" and her new song, "On the Floor."

The groom -- son of Uzbek oil tycoon Azam Aslamov -- was seen smiling during the show alongside his bride.

At one point Lopez addressed the crowd -- saying, "Are you happy? I am happy because I am here with you today!" 


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Judging from the comments by some Neanderthals up front?

J-Lo earned every penny on this one -

And probably regretted it from The Jump.

1190 days ago


Wow people. I'm not a big fan of hers either, but one day her kids will find all of this. Do you all need to be SO mean? Let her live her life. You don't have to hear her, why must you comment on something she did, OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Regardless of talent, she's made it big with a big bank account. Seriously, didn't your parents teach you "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Be nice!!

1190 days ago


am i happy? no because i'm reading another j lopez story. isn't she over 40 yet?

1190 days ago


STFU! You stupid jealous pale white gringo drowned rats. I can't wait unti we take over this country from you little D*CKS jealous fools. You wish you were Puerto Rican and you wish you had our color and all the other things we got. We will be on top in a little while and you white devils will be at the bottom where we are now, begging us to help you. You will be the drug dealers, lawnboys, maids and fruit pickers when we take over your country. You stupid white devils make me want to puke!!! Ben Affleck is an ugly stupid drunk with no talent who wished he could marry Jennifer Lopez but he had to settle for that buck toothed, four eyed, four toed, Hillbilly Garner who looks like a horse. Viva Puerto Rico!!! This country is being taken away from you little ***** white devil gringos and there is nothing you can do about it except beg Puerto Ricans for mercy. LOL!!!!! Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are really brother and sister that's why their kids are reatraded like all white people marry therers sibblings. Viva Puerto Rico!!!

1190 days ago


Spending one million dollars on (foreign) entertainment for a wedding, when there are thousands of ukrainian babies starving, is vulgar and disgusting.

1190 days ago


Well, if you have to get divorced, it's best to rock it like JLo has.

1190 days ago


Funny how the trolls have a fest of hate commenting on somebody who works hard for what she has ! Well, anyway, is only comments .... The good thing she never gonna see ( read ) all this nonsense hate !

1190 days ago


Puerto Ricans are the worst illegal aliens in our country they do nothing but dumb down America. Let's revoke their Green Card.

1190 days ago


@ boricua4669, funny how you are calling yourself after an extinct race but I guess you would rather say boricua than PuertoRican and I don't blame you. You are reading it (that is if you can read) and that says it all.

1190 days ago


Hell, I would be happy to be there, too, if I was paid a mil. So, this is how the rich oil barrons live. I see.

1190 days ago


"I am happy because I am here with you today!"....ugh, J-Ho needs more acting classes to be more believable.

1190 days ago


Private wedding.. Next step: County Fair.
This is what happens when you are talentless.

1190 days ago

Nevada Billy    

PuertoRicans have brains sizes smaller than other races. That has been measured by MRIs. Furthermore, P. Ricans lack Neanderthal DNA. Aren't you aware of that. P. Ricans and Dominicans consistently score lower on IQ tests than any other groups. Look around and see that the two poorest most backward Spanish speaking countries are PuertoRico and Dominican Republic. They do not value education they are so backwards they keep their dairy products in the ground to keep them cool because they lack electricity. Too dumb to install the wiring. They do not work, not even the most basic subsistence farming because all of their food is imported and they receive more Food Stamps and welfare than any other group in the world. They have always been a drain on the American taxpayers.

1190 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

J Ho probably lifted her skirt like the Puerto Rican slut she is, and showed them all her enormous bootie. And the audience roared and threw money at her.

1190 days ago


Wonder if she broke into "Love Stinks" the was Sandler Did in "The Wedding Singer" lol

1190 days ago
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