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LeBron to Shaq: Your DISS Means NOTHING To Me!

7/21/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shaquille O'Neal is retired and irrelevant and his big KNOCK on Miami Heat star Chris Bosh doesn't matter one iota ... that's what LeBron seems to be saying when we asked about the controversy yesterday. 072111_lebron_james_v2_still

LeBron was leaving the Nike Store in L.A. yesterday when TMZ asked how he felt about Shaq's big diss -- when O'Neal described the Miami Heat as "The Big Two" ... refusing to recognize Bosh as a key member of the squad.

LeBron finally had something to say ... before posing for a photo with an excited young fan ... Check out the clip.

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he should be worried about winning a ring cause he is losing fans as we speak

1193 days ago


This is annoying.. Something is always started because someone feels the need to comment negatively about someone else life.. Please! Ima Shaq fan.. But really what's the point of "dissing" Lebron.. Shaq! You be you n let Lebron be Lebron! Whatever happen to "If you don't have anything nice to say, Don't say anything at all!"

1193 days ago


Ok, this TMZ writer needs to go back to school so they can figure out the difference between YOU, YOU'RE and YOUR and any others Ive not listed

1193 days ago

Blair L. Stoudemire    

You guys could at least use the proper form of "your".

1193 days ago


Lebron tries so hard to be cool. Really pathetic. He absolutely cares about everything said about him. Lebron's thin skin and insecurity is what cripples him in clutch situations.

1193 days ago

I am Spartacus    

People were actually able to hear what Lebron said? My volume was pretty loud but i couldnt even really tell.

Anyways, Shaq said that because its his first day on the job and people expect him to say some controversal things and he has to show that he's not going to hold back.

Does what Shaq say really matter? No. Same with Barkley, Kenny, and the rest of them. Lebron has to do what he wants to do because he's never going to make everyone happy. No matter what he does, how he does it, there are still going to be people that don't like him and constantly rip him.

The media hyped up his free agency so much, ESPN used him for ratings and then when they saw the backlash they turned on him and turned him into a villian.

The guy has never gotten in trouble on or off the court unlike other players, he's known to be a great team player and he's trying his best to be the best. Its gotta be hard when everyone tells you how you should walk, talk, think, look, etc. every second. No matter what he does he can't win.

He'll get his ring eventually and that will silence some but there will still be other idiots out there who come up with reasons to diminish the accomplishment.

And as for the Heat being the Big 3, when 3 players on your team scoring over 75% of your points each night, yes its a Big 3.

1193 days ago


STFU Lebron. You have zero class!

1193 days ago

some guy    

Eh... don't think it's the Big 3 so much as the bench and that head coach. I don't think he's getting the best out of everyone.

He seems young to be a head coach. LeBron looks older than he does. I don't think Spoelstra commands the respect of the locker room.

I think Riley should get in there and chew people out every once in a while. After his tea, of course.

1193 days ago


Shaq's right about one thing, not one person has even mentioned Bosch's name with regard to this story. It just goes to show you what people think about Bosch, and that's NOTHING!

Chris Bosch is a little fish in a big bowl!

1193 days ago


Funny how TMZ "censor nazi's" block clean relevant words like Pari******on and Don'*****ch but can't figure out how to block all these stupid XBOX penny auction scam spam ads.

But then again, maybe TMZ is getting a kickback off all the penny auction spam ads in the comments.

1193 days ago


Shaq has been just a role player for years now. The same role playing centers that he dissed back in his prime for hanging around and not retiring.

1193 days ago


Just like the Fiest song 1,2,3,4.

One, two, three, four
I got a ring and then 3 more
You got Dwayne Wade
Don't you wish you had one more

Stupid Miami Fans are knocking on your door
Gave them nothing but they want some more

Oh, You're failing as a star
Oh, you know who you are.

1193 days ago


Shaq is trying so hard to stay relevent it is hard to watch. This is a guy when he was in his prime had to come out of close games at the end because he couldn't shoot free throws. Hardly the stuff of an "all time great"

1193 days ago


How many championship rings does Shaq have?

How many championship rings does Lebron have?

Lebron needs to STFU and go back to being over-paid and over-rated.

1192 days ago

Shenitha Holmes    

TMZ that man did not diss Shaq, if you listen carefully as obviously some of you did not, he said that Shaq had and unbelievable career and he is happy for him. Haters need to stop the madness!

1192 days ago
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