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Judge EXTREMELY Impatient with Lindsay Lohan

7/21/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear -- she is extremely impatient with Lindsay Lohan and her progress in completing probation.072111_lohan_v3_still

Judge Sautner made it clear, Lindsay had better complete her community services within 1 year of the date of sentencing -- or else! The judge said, "I'm not going to give her five extra minutes. I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.'"

The judge was frustrated that after 2 months, Lindsay has only completed 4 days of 60 days of community service.

The judge was also upset that Lindsay had not enrolled in psychological counseling -- as she's required to do. The judge is giving her 21 days to sign up with a personal counselor -- not a group counselor.

The L.A. County Probation Dept. was asking Judge Sautner to violate Lindsay's probation, because of 3 alleged violations. Two of them were outright bogus ... the third was Lindsay not returning a call from her probation officer. Lindsay did in fact belatedly return the call.

Judge Sautner made it very clear -- if Lindsay doesn't get her act together, the judge will revoke her probation.

So jail for Lindsay still looms.



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HMMMM is another one that must of been listening to a different hearing

1129 days ago


TMZ's characterization that the judge was "extremely impatient" is over the top. I didn't get that sense at all. The judge did, however, suggest strongly that Lindsay stay on top of completing her community service, psychological counseling and shoplifting classes on schedule.

1129 days ago


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1129 days ago


Why hasn't she been doing her community service? It's not like she's busy working.

1129 days ago


look at this link.. same story same words same pics as you guys have !!!!!!!!!!!!

1129 days ago


Why would the judge have to tell her AGAIN to do somethjing that she was court ordered to do? Get counselling or your probation will be violated. Why would she wait till the last minute. Doen't she realize that people will surmise her work ethic is the same?

1129 days ago


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Main Floor room please!

1129 days ago


So, Nicole, you are saying that Lindsay is lying about not being able to afford the counseling. You are saying she is lying simply because she doesn't want to go, but now that she is forced to go, she will.

But then you are outraged that the probation department is "lying" about Lindsay's behavior? I didn't get that they were lying, only that the information in the report was incomplete. The PO could not contact her for three days--but isn't it Lindsay's job to be available when they call? It would appear that you think it's horrible that everyone else is lying (they are not), but it is fine that Lindsay lies to get out of stuff she doesn't want to do...can you explain this incongruity?

I loved that Lindsay hid behind Shawn through the whole thing...maybe mugging for the camera is less fun when your dirty financial laundry is being aired for all the world and you look like an unwashed, unbrushed death eater.

1129 days ago

hopeless pedant    


She has down 44 hours of CS, at an average of 4 hours a shift. Apparently that is what the sites she goes to prefers since her being their (because of being a celebrity, not her behavior) is a burden. So she has been about 11 times. And remember she only could start when she ended house arrest by the judge's order.

So it doesn't seem like she's been slacking.

1129 days ago


she did 4 days of community service in 30 days
that is only 1 day short

1129 days ago

john smith    

I have a feeling that the probation officer is working with the DA Dannette to screw Lindsay by lying on purpose on the probation report which the judge even pointed out that she didn't request. Danette and the PO most likely they even look alike.

1129 days ago


lindsey was hiding?
you mean she was in control of where the camera was located in the courtroom?
how daft

the probation dept lied on 3 different items, and the judge called them out on it

1129 days ago


Nicole 14 minutes ago
Lindsay was just trying to dodge the therapy and delay it for as long as possible. However now she is facing jail it she doesn't start in 3 weeks she will.

As usual there you are flagwaving and making excuses.

She was Delaying it to what end? Until she could scrape enough money together to pay for it? It's mandatory and she has to do it no excuses.

So what's the point in delaying? Other than thumbing her nose at the legal system and you applauding her for it. You're so starstruck if she was caught on video stabbing someone to death you'd blame the victim claiming he walked into the knife to collect insurance and get publicity. Let us know when you want to join the rest of us on planet earth.


1129 days ago


Lohan needs rehab to kick her addiction to judges, lawyers, cops and taxpayer money.

1129 days ago

help this young woman    

The Statue of Liberty is out to get her.

1129 days ago
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