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Judge EXTREMELY Impatient with Lindsay Lohan

7/21/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear -- she is extremely impatient with Lindsay Lohan and her progress in completing probation.072111_lohan_v3_still

Judge Sautner made it clear, Lindsay had better complete her community services within 1 year of the date of sentencing -- or else! The judge said, "I'm not going to give her five extra minutes. I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of the John Gotti movie.'"

The judge was frustrated that after 2 months, Lindsay has only completed 4 days of 60 days of community service.

The judge was also upset that Lindsay had not enrolled in psychological counseling -- as she's required to do. The judge is giving her 21 days to sign up with a personal counselor -- not a group counselor.

The L.A. County Probation Dept. was asking Judge Sautner to violate Lindsay's probation, because of 3 alleged violations. Two of them were outright bogus ... the third was Lindsay not returning a call from her probation officer. Lindsay did in fact belatedly return the call.

Judge Sautner made it very clear -- if Lindsay doesn't get her act together, the judge will revoke her probation.

So jail for Lindsay still looms.



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hopeless pedant    

Your report also left out the important details that the judge was totally dismissive of the prosecution's inaccurate probation report, saying all three supposed violations were not actually true. The sense was they are on a scavenger hunt without any regard for fairness or facts.

1198 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Or Else!! Oh. Sure. Why did they even make her come in, they should have just called her on the phone and said, "Hey, you know that same 'or else' crap every judge says to you? Well, more of that."

1198 days ago


the judge needs to STFU she wont do **** to lindsay we have seen and heard this song and dance from every judge she has gone before.all talk but slap on the wrist every time.

1198 days ago

nick papatonis    

who is the hot chick sitting in the live video !

1198 days ago

who cares    

TMZ, no one gives a **** about Lindsay Lohan... move on

1198 days ago


She looks under influence. Poor Lindsay got no money lol

1198 days ago

Ghost Rider    

12th,13th and 14th could not be reached huh? Why didnt she just tell them she was doing a publicity stunt, followed by a midnight photo shoot with her really good alleged coke head friend Tyler Shields? Lindsay must have been sleeping the 14th off Im guessin.

1198 days ago


Anyone else please come join us at and enter the main floor ^_^

1198 days ago


This is just unbelievable crap I read on here. I watched the progress on Lindsay and the Judge WAS NOT at all upset and in fact understood why she had not completed everything. First, she was under house arrest and couldn't do any of her community service during that time, per the Judge. This is just a prime example of how whoever writes this crap embellishes everything to make it a better story...........just crazy.

1198 days ago


The L.A. County Probation Dept has a hair across their you what what for Lindsay and that should not be tolerated. This court appearance today was nothing more than pomp and cir****tance on the part of the L.A. County Probation Dept.

What ever message the L.A. County Probation Dept wanted to get across to Lindsay could of been accomplished with a phone call to Shawn Holley!

1198 days ago

john smith    

The judge wasn't impatient with Lindsay. Why did TMZ write that? The judge seemed to be on Lindsay's side and seemed impatient with the probation officer who wrote a bunch of lies in the report that said Lindsay violated probation. The judge scolded the probation report and denied the city's request to review Lindsay's finances. A waste of money for the state. Two city attorneys, a judge, about ten police officers, court time, the city just wasted $25K.

1198 days ago


@who cares

you must care
you took the time to sign up JUST to post on this story

1198 days ago

help this young woman    

Linds can only get HAG insurance now, and even THAT'S a stretch.

1198 days ago


Why doesn't she want to do the psych thing? You would think she would love to just sit for 45 mins 3x a week and talk about nothing but herself.Also can't believe they accept she can't afford it. Why did they cut that woman off who said she didn't believe she couldn't afford this? Does the court get a copy of the psych report and that's why she doesn't want to go b/c the shrink might out psych her with all of the many lies and report it?

1198 days ago


Maybe if she sold some of her designer clothes, she could afford the psychiatrist. Oh, wait, no one would buy them with her herpes stains on them.

1198 days ago
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