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Gruesome Details In Death of NBA Player

7/21/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of murdered NBA star Lorenzen Wright is suing officials in Germantown, TN -- claiming it wouldn't have taken police 9 days to find his corpse if cops would simply have had Internet access.


Wright was shot and killed in July 2010. A witness called 911 during the shooting ... but the caller never disclosed Wright's location. Still, Wright's family believes cops should have tracked the origin of the call with a common Internet program ... which would have allowed them to quickly locate Wright and possibly save his life.

Instead, it took cops 9 days to find Wright's body -- and by that time, the family claims ... "the exposure to the elements including substantial rain, extreme heat, indigenous animals and insects had reduced the remains from roughly 225 lbs to 57 lbs."

So why didn't the cops have Internet access???? Wright's family claims officials had BLOCKED the police from using online programs because certain officers had been abusing their web access.

Wright's family is devastated -- and wants the city to fork over more than $2 million in damages.

Wright was 34 years old at the time of his death. So far, no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting.

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Paulie Walnuts    

Maybe Lorenzen shouldn't have been trying to buy drugs from dangerous criminals. Maybe the family should try to sue the killers of him instead of the cops.

1197 days ago

Bill Leslie    

wow - nothing like a crass low class gutter dwelling family. Note to retards, Just 'cause you see it on CSI don't mean its true or is going to play out that way. I'm surprised these dirtballs didn't sue citing that "Yoda could have found him by using the force, you know, word."

1197 days ago


typical black family milking the system . how about get a job stop living off the brother. i bet the lawyer is white and trying to get money from city. pathetic.

1197 days ago

Dr. Dre    

What money he had went to his children's estate. This kat lost his life selling drugs. I feel bad for his kids, and the family. Leave dope dealers alone and u will be o.k. SMDH! The police have a duty to follow up on the calls, but this lawsuit file by his mom and baby's moma is a little strange.

1196 days ago

Ginger Pail    

It says the family "claims" they didn't have internet, has that been substantiated yet? And the 911 system is not the internet, the comm center is manned by dispatchers not cops so who cares what cops look at it isn't them same personnel.

Yes, the blame should be on anyone connected with $$$$.

1195 days ago


No matter what, this is a very tragic thing to even think about having to experience. Very, very sad.

1195 days ago


Just to give clarification. As a Memphian, the reason the city of Germantown is being sued, is because, a distressed call to 911 was placed and the dispatcher heard a male voice and gunshots. When the Germantown PD investigated where the call was made, they found it to be "out of their jurisidiction".....when in reality his body was found a 1/2 mile where the next municipal police department would be able to attend to the call. The ball was dropped when the GPD dispatcher, though aware of gunshots and a male voice, NEGLECTED to forward any of this information to the next municipality (Memphis). The problem herein lies that a 1/2 mile made a difference in HELP being provided to someone that needed help. No one knew who needed the help until after a missing person's report was filed, and it was found to be Lorenzen Wright that was missing. They didn't scour the location or even find out where the cell phone pinged until it was days later. They dropped the ball...as his mother mentioned, she may not have had him, but certainly could've possibly had an open casket and not 57pds of a human. So sad!

1195 days ago


I haven't lived in Memphis since college but it seems the town is following in the footsteps of Detroit.

1195 days ago

Don Alex    

It's always amazing how "grieving relatives" can put a monetary value on their dead loved one's life. Pathetic.

1192 days ago


It's going to take alot of money to make their pain go away. I'm sure the pain management attorneys are working on it.

1191 days ago

There's a problem here    

So what? He was dead. I guess he fambly gots ta blame someone, so it be the Po. The police had nothing to do with killing him, so what?

1189 days ago



1186 days ago


How ridiculous. YES MPD has internet. The call was made from a cell phone. 911 can't track cell calls. I assume they mean there's some kind of program that DOES make that happen. Well let's afford it by suing the city for 2 million. My husband installs and programs the laptops in MPD cars. This is a bunch of bs. And might I add, his brother was murdered in 1994. It took 13 days to find the body, he was a minor, and the case was never solved. At least Wright is guaranteed coverage, which victims do NOT get typically. Show some concern for other citizens & don't sue US for money better used for resources. 2 million is alot to us wee folks. The call was probably made by Lorenzen. The whole thing is tragic, but when looking for somewhere to place the blame, don't shortchange the rest of us.

1185 days ago


Germantown Police Department is really awful. If u lived here you'd know. I'm not shocked they are being sued. This is a portion of the story. They heard him being murdered and they never followed up on the 9-1-1 call. Please read the story through the Memphis news before posting such negative comments. A man lost his life regardless and his children are innocent victims who are suffering in this as well.

1181 days ago


This does not happen in Beverly Hills.

1180 days ago
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