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Probation Officer -- Out to Get Lindsay Lohan?

7/21/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The probation officer who asked Judge Stephanie Sautner to violate Lindsay Lohan's probation was called on the carpet by the judge, who said the officer was totally inaccurate and the judge strongly implied the probation officer was unfairly gunning for Lindsay.


The probation officer wanted to violate Lindsay's probation for 3 reasons, based on the probation report obtained by TMZ.

-- Lindsay did not pay $3,900 in fees for her community service.  But probation was wrong, because the fees are accrued over a 3 year period, and, as Judge Sautner wrote in the margins of the report, "Probation concedes $3,900 is not currently owed."

-- Lindsay did not return the call of the probation officer.  Again, the probation officer was wrong.  As Judge Sautner wrote in the margins, "Probation now states [Lindsay] phoned 3 times on 6/15 and left message."

-- Lindsay did not present proof to the Probation Department that she was enrolled in her community service program, the shoplifting program, and the psychological counseling program.  Again, the probation officer was off base.  The judge wrote, "[Lindsay] was ordered to provide proof to court on 7/21 -- not to probation."

The probation officer has been trying to get several judges to find Lindsay in violation of her probation for a while now and have her thrown in jail, and people connected with Lindsay think the probation officer has an ax to grind.


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help this young woman    

Really? Lou Taylor did THAT?!! Fvck yeah!! Hope it's true. If it is, there goes one of the last legitimate sources of income. That only leaves tabloid-story-fees and low-rent porn - neither seem like much o*****uarantee at this point. Slam slam slam went another door.


1192 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

FUDMV, I'm not sure but I think Setting The Record Straight wants us to write letters to the probation office to thank them for fighting the good fight....

1192 days ago


Who is this bastard probation officer anyways >_< he or she SUCKS!

1192 days ago

help this young woman    


Lou Taylor has been around here for a long time now. Doesn't seem to be helping Linds much in the P.R. department, ya think? And Lou has a vagina, by the way.

1192 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

who told you lou has a vagina? That bich CLAMSLAM!

1192 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lou is not controlling Lindsay's money, it is Lou's money now.

1192 days ago


u peepel r horibel and y dnt u stop piinking on linds she nevr do wot u saye ur just lelus and a hatter

1192 days ago

Clamslam Snortcake    

Shut up mom do i hav 2 hit u in the ***e aggen?

1192 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Clamslam, nice to SEE you

1192 days ago

help this young woman    

You're all FREAKS!!! ALL of you. Oh god... Somebody - take me away!

1192 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Don't worry LNor, you will be off the payroll soon.....
Does this mean that Plum did not pay Lindsay with money. She just got a free vacation to Florida?

1192 days ago


Dear Lindsay Zombies and TMZ: How many judges are out to get poor little Lindsay? And now you say probation officers are out to get her, too?

Maybe the reason why the p.o. wanted her probation violated is because she f**ked up ... yet again.

I'm tired of hairs being split for this tw*t. Anyone else would have had their butts tossed in prison for years.

1192 days ago


I saw the hearing today. Saying anyone is out to get Lindsay isn't helpful. I see her as a lost child who sat in her chair fidgeting with darting eyes. She seems to hear words of what the judge is saying but it really isn't sinking in. I think Sautner wanted Lindsay to get the psychological counseling in lieu of drug testing, attacking the problem at the source. However, Lindsay thinks she can wear $1200 shoes and designer eyewear and state she can't afford the counseling. She won't make the community service at the rate she's going either, she'll need to increase her monthly hours. The most troubling thing is she appears similar to how she has before rehab, drug testing, the clarity is not there. The wires aren't connected, her whole core isn't centered. My take is she's in trouble and can't be helped if she doesn't one admit she needs it in every way she does and accepts it and truly humbles herself.

1192 days ago


Delmar 53 minutes ago
My take is she's in trouble and can't be helped if she doesn't one admit she needs it in every way she does and accepts it and truly humbles herself.

Agree totally- but what reason does she have to change? She surrounds herself with sycophants an hangers on that tell her whatever she wants to hear while enabling her addictions and sucking her dry.

Just look around here where you have idiots like Spinner Nicole,Red Clown, and John the Liar cheering every time she wiggles out of trouble and blaming everybody else for her troubles or spinning the stories when she screws up. Just look at John the Liar's comments about how she looks "clean"- wishful thinking, mindless denial, or abject stupidity- you decide.

When she winds up dead (and I think now it's a matter of when not if because no one around her cares enough to do some tough love. As long as she's a cash cow let 'er do what she wants. Not today, not tomorrow, not even next month, but I really believe unless she gets her head on straight she's not going to see 30.)

Then watch the enablers wail and try to find someone to blame.

1192 days ago


Grandma, Jeebuz, and all of my other TMZ friends:

Good news. I'm in remission again! You know, I thought back today as I was getting my 26th bag of chemo of the similarities between addiction and cancer.

1. Both will kill you if you are not proactive.

2. Just as you can "fall off the Wagon" cancer can return. In my case this lymphoma has returned 3 times

3. There is no cure for alcoholism, just as there is no cure for my type of lymphoma.

4. The treatments in both cases suck, but they are necessary to keep it in control

5. Both treatments take up a lot of your personal time

6. Both treatments are super expensive. Each time I have a bag of chemo put in my arm, it cost $17,000. That's not a typo, folks. Thank God, I have great insurance even though it costs over $500.00 a month. Lindsay needs to learn how to budget these costs, now that she isn't an actress anymore

7. There is nothing wrong in saying, "I am an alcoholic", just as saying, "I have cancer" People might look at you funny, but so what!

8. The sooner you get with the program, the better the outcomes will be.

I have always hoped that Lindsay would recover, but now I don't think she ever will. Nicole publicly cheering when Lindsay tries to dodge her responsibilities (getting psychological help) will never help Lindsay. All Nicole is doing is enabling her and digging her grave faster.

1192 days ago
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