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Probation Officer -- Out to Get Lindsay Lohan?

7/21/2011 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The probation officer who asked Judge Stephanie Sautner to violate Lindsay Lohan's probation was called on the carpet by the judge, who said the officer was totally inaccurate and the judge strongly implied the probation officer was unfairly gunning for Lindsay.


The probation officer wanted to violate Lindsay's probation for 3 reasons, based on the probation report obtained by TMZ.

-- Lindsay did not pay $3,900 in fees for her community service.  But probation was wrong, because the fees are accrued over a 3 year period, and, as Judge Sautner wrote in the margins of the report, "Probation concedes $3,900 is not currently owed."

-- Lindsay did not return the call of the probation officer.  Again, the probation officer was wrong.  As Judge Sautner wrote in the margins, "Probation now states [Lindsay] phoned 3 times on 6/15 and left message."

-- Lindsay did not present proof to the Probation Department that she was enrolled in her community service program, the shoplifting program, and the psychological counseling program.  Again, the probation officer was off base.  The judge wrote, "[Lindsay] was ordered to provide proof to court on 7/21 -- not to probation."

The probation officer has been trying to get several judges to find Lindsay in violation of her probation for a while now and have her thrown in jail, and people connected with Lindsay think the probation officer has an ax to grind.


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SLOW NEWS DAY?????!!! My word everything Lindsey who CARES??????

1154 days ago


Hey Red Cloud... someone's been blowing smoke up yer azzz.

The only ones on Lindsay's side are her mother, father and a few enabling friends, her attorney and her best friend Judge Suckner. The rest of the planet can't stand this beoootch.


1154 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Thats what it looks like.

1154 days ago



Do not have this thing in court any more. You refuse to punish her and continue to let her slide. IF, IF, IF. BS. The California justice system has been telling her for a long time to get her stuff done and she won't do it.

Quit wasting the taxpayer's money and just let her go.

1154 days ago


The judges in this fiasco have prevented the probation dept from doing their job properly time after time, so now they're reduced to throwing crap against the wall knowing nothing will stick anyway.

How hard can this be? Anyone as serious as Lohan always claims to be would dive into the community service, counseling and whatever and get it done asap. Instead, she treats it like some snot-nosed little twerp who has to clean her room and doesn't want to.

And the judge seems to say 'I'm only going to warn you 470 more times, and then you'll be down to your last 600 warnings'.

Your tax dollars hard at work.

1154 days ago


A law enforcement official gunning for someone? Say it isn't so.

(Sorry for the long list. It'd be shorter if there was Any kind of accountability.

Kinda like the Zero accountability as demonstrated by the AOC - which continues ripping off the public.

With video!
(Sorry for the commercial.)

1154 days ago


I think it is clear the probation officer is out to get her. Let Lindsay be and let her get on with her life.

1154 days ago


You know, I think John's got it right. The justice system has failed her, yes 'failed' her for not incarcerating her and making her stop her behavior. So, I say cut the c**t loose. Don't prosecute her for anything. Let her get drunk and drive off a cliff. Leave her to her own demise. The taxpayers are speaking and we don't want to pay for her to continue going to court and before Judge Sucker, who Lindsay's attorney Shawn Gggolley goes to house parties with and are best buds. Lindsay is her own worst enemy, so let her sentence herself to... herself... for eternity. What a horrible fate!

1154 days ago


I don't think they are gunning for Lindsay, I think they are sick of her making them look like fools.

1154 days ago


Yay probation officer. Give it back to Lohan. Judge Sautner doesn't have a clue on Lohan.

1154 days ago


Yay probation officer. Give it back to Lohan. Judge Sautner doesn't have a clue on Lohan.

1154 days ago


Maybe they are sick and tired of her ****... anyone else would have been put in jail a long time ago.

1154 days ago


TMZgossip 17 minutes ago don't worry Jay
even if Nicole explained it to you, I doubt

Yeah ok because you are just an everyday Einstein on here defending loser junkies 24/7 right?

The fact is the PO is sick of Lindsay's sh*t and guess what any member of the public with a fully functioning brain is too.

1154 days ago


Probation officers deal with criminals all day long. They pretty much know when someone is sincere about changing their behavior or when someone is just giving a big FU to the legal system. This probation officer can see right through Lindsay's BS and wants her to pay for her crimes. I see nothing wrong with that.

1154 days ago

john smith    

Does anyone know if the probation officer who is out to get Lindsay by lying is a black woman?

1154 days ago
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