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Palin v. Bachmann -- The Who'd Ya Rather Showdown

7/21/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's in a major face-off with Michele Bachmann ... and we're not talking about the Presidential race. Whip out your ballots -- it's time to pick the hottest Republican!072011_TV_stephan_v2_still

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Threesome anyone???

1156 days ago


Poor Sarah has had over two years to decide if she is running and she still can't make up her mind. Everything she does centers around getting attention for herself and lining her bank account so she has little time to spend on thinking about our Country. Michelle Bachmann at least sticks to what she starts; is articulate and has a good education; and she has managed to be a good mother and her children don't have all the dysfunctional problems like the Palins family has. Bachmann has fire in her belly and is a hard worker. Palin is so busy trying to put a positive spin on all her kids' pregnancies, drug and alcohol problems and problems with the law that she really doesn't even have time to take care of her special needs child. She couldn't handle the job of being Governor of such a small state as Alaska; she gave up on her role of Mother and Trig is being raised by nannies; each of her children seems to be having more personal problems than the one who is older than them and Piper and Willow both seem to be out of control. It seems like Palin just cannot prioritize what should be most important; and she has so many critical comments to make about how everyone else is doing their job that she has no time to evaluate herself. Sarah Palin has gotten caught up in the glamour and being in the limelight, so much so that she believes the stories that Greta and Shawn Hannity spin about her. FOX is desperately trying to get a better return on all the money they have tossed her way. And Todd and his girl friends love all the freedom that he has been given.

1156 days ago



1156 days ago


They're both dumber than the whole sack of bricks! Palin is a whiny loser, and Bachman is completely delusional.

1156 days ago


Hey "kitnplayn".Reading your post and you admit that atheism is YOUR RELIGION. So what's the difference? They believe strongly in a higer power and you beleive strongly in your own hubris. You obviously are a zealot because your vicious attack on these women has no basis. Neither says they wish to convert you. We all can see now the damage that can be done by the enormous ego of Obama who has been told he is "THE ONE" and beleives it. You aim your hatred at the wrong people.( BTW: there are so few atheists your tax money does not count. You should be more worried how Obama prints worthless dollars than the "In God We Trust" printed upon them.

1156 days ago


Who caress?!

I can't bare to listen to either of these two ladies and their verbal vomit. It hurts my ears.

But, that being said, I take offense to this question.....why is it you are asking this about the women? This is disrespectful to women in general. Am I surprised? No. But shame on you Harvey, you let this slide.

Keep it to the celebs....they kind of ask for this, not so much political women. And believe you me, any chance I get to bad mouth these two, the better. But, this is over the top.

1156 days ago


DUMB and DUMBER, why do republicans insist of proving to us that Republican women are just complete airheads. I am sure that they have a few smart ones out there so why do they keep parading these nitwits!?
Between the dumb ladies on Fox News and these presidential candidates, they are just playing the stereotype of only the clueless joining the Republican *********** party. I feel sorry for them, the blind leading the blind.

1156 days ago


God has no place in politics. Period.

It is very dangerous to have the mix. When politicans mix the two they just stick their foot down their throat. Most "Christian" politicans are nothing of the sort. Most "Godly" folks act far from Godly. They always end up looking like hypocrites. They talk all their love.....and hate the gays.

Religion is for retards.

I don't want a presdient who thinks they can pray the bad away. I don't want a president who solves our problems by acting like God just called in a suggestion. I don't want a president who blames weather on God.

I want a smart president, a degree holder in say, the law. A president that doesn't make us look like a bunch of arrogant, self centered, fat Americans. I don't want a president who I can have a beer with....I want a calm and cool president who whens to hold 'em.

Oh, gee, sounds like we have that now in the White House.

Good. And the Republicanknuckleheads have not one single person who can walk a mile in his shoes....they are toast in 2012....just look at the line up of sausages they have.

1156 days ago


they're both hot. neither one should be president. either one would be better than obama

1156 days ago


What I find funny is the Democrats resort to name calling and trying to destroy a candidate on there looks and not the issues. Try arguing the issues with them and they don't have a clue. They resort to personal attacks if asked an intelligent question that they can't answer. If all the Democrats that just want hand outs that don't want to work for it could see themselves from our perspective, they would realize that they are just leaches on the system and don't serve any type of useful purpose. What is with the Democrats? Do they really want to live in a society that is Socialistic and run not by the people for the people? Do they want the Government to run everything in their lives and they would have no say so? It's happening already. We the people vote against what they are trying to slip by us and they ignore us, step on or over us and keep going for their own agenda. Is this what we want? Wake up People. For example, Texas was doing great until Obama decided we were shutting down the Space program. People who work for Nasa are losing their jobs now and to add a big slap in the face to Houston Obama sent all of the Shuttles to other States to put in their museums and did not let Houston have one.(I guess this is to get back at Perry) Even though we had the facilities and space to display it and we were a major player in the Space Program. I will never forgive him for that. He won't protect our borders and he won't let us drill offshore. Does this sound like a president that cares for the people or the economy? He is trying to change our country and not for the better.

1156 days ago


Both of them are living in a dream world, no one wants them as pres. They are both so stupid and the husbands are a joke.Palins is ***** wiped to no end...the other he preaches from his a$$. Both need to take a slow boat to China. Losers.

1156 days ago


I do not vote for a person on their looks. I listen to what they have to say and I weigh their answers against the other candidates and I make an intelligent decision. It sounds so childish picking on a candidate looks because you either don't know anything about the issues or you just want to stir people up. Knock it off TMZ you are starting to sound like a bunch of High School drop outs.

1156 days ago


Hahhahahahahahahahaahhh.... Dumb and Dumber!! I feel like the Republicans have something against smart women and being a woman I take these two as a personal insult. It's almost like they dug really deep in pot to steer these two up.

1156 days ago


Wow... I never realized how much Michele Bachmann looks like a drag queen. No wonder her husband married her.

1156 days ago


Who'd I rather what? Punch in the face? It's really a toss-up. These "women" are mirror-images of each other. Except one actually got a law degree, which defies logic itself when you hear her speak. The other went to how many universities before one finally signed the paper to just make her go away? I just wish Palin would fess up about Trig being Bristol's FIRST kid and her trying to cover that up. Wouldn't that have made Bristol about 15 when he was born? Bunch o hypocrites, them Palins. And don't even get me started on Bachmann's in-the-closet husband!! LOL!

1156 days ago
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