TMZ Live: How to Win & Lose a Bet at the Same Time

7/21/2011 11:30 AM PDT
Money talks on today's TMZ Live -- Harvey conquered a disgusting dare to win 20 bucks ... but now he's paying the price for his gutsy heroics. And, does Maria Shriver -- who's worth HUNDREDS of millions of dollars -- really need spousal support?

Plus, whether or not college athletes deserve a paycheck ... how Lindsay Lohan's probation officer tried to screw her over $$$ she didn't even owe ... and what's "stupider" ... buying a $1.7 million car or a $50k suit?

(2:20) Rough day today for Harvey ... he injured himself out of the blue ... and Dax supposedly has audio of him writhing in pain.
(5:30) It's not getting better ... Harvey mistakes one of our employees for a guy who played football for the Cincinnati Bengals. Yikes.
(7:00) Lindsay went to court today for a progress report hearing -- and took some serious heat from the judge. You gotta listen to this.
(10:02) Is Lindsay's probation officer out to get her?
(16:01) Arnold the cheater doesn't want to pay Maria Shriver for spousal support OR her attorney's fees. Sound fair to you?
(19:00) Harvey makes AWESOME final arguments for BOTH sides.
(27:51) Harvey ate something DISGUSTING as part of a bet -- and Evan proudly explains how he lost $20 for a good cause.
(31:50) Brian McDaniel -- who did NOT play for the Bengals -- argues about whether or not college athletes deserve a paycheck.
(38:48) Danny Farmer -- who DID play for the Bengals -- joins the fray.
(47:00) In the wake of Bijan's Bugatti being vandalized, what is "stupider" ... buying a $1.7 million car ... or a $50k suit?