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Arnold and Maria

It Doesn't Make Sense!

7/22/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a connection between the divorce of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and the statement Arnold and Maria gave TMZ regarding the injury of their son -- and it just doesn't add up.

Their statement regarding Christopher's injuries presents what appears to be a united front -- Arnold and Maria side by side. But just days earlier -- while Maria was bedside with Christopher in ICU -- Arnold's lawyer filed a response to Maria's divorce petition that borders on insulting and cruel.

As TMZ first reported, Arnold is asking the judge to shut down Maria's request for spousal support. Even worse, he's asking the judge to order Maria to pay her own lawyer's fees -- in a divorce triggered by Arnold's misdeeds.

Sources connected with the couple tell us, Arnold's legal docs have been hurtful to Maria -- and that's an understatement.

If we may offer an opinion ... it's hard to believe Arnold is so callous that he would challenge Maria at a time when she is emotionally distraught over her son.

The more likely scenario is that Arnold's lawyer went off on his own, checked the boxes he normally checks on the divorce docs, and simply filed them.

The question -- will Arnold order his lawyer to amend his response, so he is not challenging Maria's right to support or attorney's fees?

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Re: Seacrest Wow. This is blatant cover up now?? I'll have to go all TMZ over TMZ. Who's paying who off, or just not considered newsworthy? If there's a simple answer please let us know.

1189 days ago


I just want to know why the news about their son was released one day after Arnold's attorney filed the papers??? And who was the person who wanted to release this info?

Is Maria trying use this incident and the publicity of it as a way of putting pressure on Arnold to not challenge Maria's demand for spousal support and paying her attorney's fees? Now that the news is out, it seems like a way of trapping Arnold and making him look bad if he goes ahead with fighting with the court to deny her spousal support and paying her attorney fees.

1189 days ago


I don't understand the attacks on Arnold.

While I am usually the first to defend the person cheated on, this makes absolutely no sense to me. A frickin Kennedy marries a notorious man-whore and womanizer, and is surprised that he acted like.. a man-whore and womanizer? Really?

I kinda think that if you are dumb enough to run that risk, you deserve what you get.

And the money thing.. really? Really?? She's getting $200mil, and that isn't enough? She has to have spousal support, and she has to have her attorney's bills payed, because she can't scrape it together out of that $200 mil?

It was absurd for Lindsay Lohan to claim that she cannot afford her psych while wearing $1200 boots, but how is Shriver any better in any way for not being able to scrape up the money for her divorce from her notorious man-whore husband out of a measly $200mil?

Shriver isn't stupid. Quit making her out to be some kind of uninformed victim.

1189 days ago


You're throwing fuel on a pilot flame.

1189 days ago


Too Bad Arnold. He lied for AT least 1/2 the marriage.... Any other man would owe alimony in the state... He is a shumck and I hope everything he does nose dives~

1189 days ago


Maria stands to receive half of their fortune, and still wants more more money, I call that greedy.

1189 days ago


Im so sick of gimmie gimmie gimmie.. if both parties are already richer then GOD... why does either need any support. Sorry, its just silly. WHat her Billions just arent enough to live on? na its called Im ticked so I want to get more out of him. Both sides just need to end it, be good parents and move on. Child support in these cases should go to a trust fun for the children...

1189 days ago


Has anyone even confirmed - WAS "junior" really injured in a surfing accident? Were there witnesses? Or did he piss daddy off on the beach, & when no one was looking Arnold took off on the kid? That's a convenient way to introduce a surfing accident especially if the board came apart and wasn't recovered.

1189 days ago


Maria new the bastard child was Arnolds now a Shriver is crying I'm poor white trash please feel sorry for me. Maria is a bigger pig than Brooke Mueller or could Maria be the person CA's gutter trash looks up to. Kennedy-Shriver, no better than the lowest trash on earth and all major CRACK CRAP! Oh yea- why is Christopher in the hospital? This is a CRACKWHORES pitty pary. POOR MARIA--BS! Arnold screw her to the Irish Catholic Cross.

1189 days ago


Whatever!! Can't feel sorry for rich folk!!

1189 days ago


this is all legal maneuvering by the lawyers. To read into it more as some sort of personal dispute between the two is ridiculous.

They're worth hundreds of millions of dollars and Maria brought substantial wealth into the marriage as well.

1189 days ago


For starters, none of us really know ANYTHING about what has been discussed between the Schwarzenegger's and their respective attorney's. I'm quite sure they're far more concerned about the welfare of their youngest child as opposed to the details concerning their pending divorce.

These issues will be worked out in due time and it's not unusual for couples to disagree on many issues which is why they're divorcing in the first place!!! Maria Shriver didn't come into their marriage a "pauper" which may be why Arnold Schwarzenegger is opposed to paying her anymore than she's "legally" entitled to receive. Just because he's committed "ADULTERY" and a "LEGION" of other sins, doesn't mean he no longer has the right to be treated "FAIRLY" according to the LAW!!! If Maria Shriver is entitled to receive "spousal support" and the payment of her legal fees, the court will rule in her favor. I don't believe California issues "punitive" judgements against "unfaithful" spouses. From what I understand, everything BOTH parties have ac***ulated during the course of the marriage will have to be "thrown into the pot" and split down the middle. I seriously doubt, if their property settlement will be a simple "cut and dried" affair.

1189 days ago


what's with this hand wringing for Maria? She doesn't deserve spousal support or a $10 million house or any of it. She married the guy, it's her bed to lie in. She has money and job offers. As for Christopher, they have too many kids, they can spare one (Arnold has at least five) and there is already at least one other Christopher in that family, maybe more...Lawford, and maybe one of Bobby's kids, I don't remember....anyway, the real story here is that kid, did you get a look at him? Write about THAT, get him on "Extreme Weight Loss For Teens" -- what kind of boogie board is made for that? A cetacean model? Poor kid. Being last born to that couple. ugh.

1189 days ago

Landon D    

I dunno... Why should he have to pay for her? That's like paying someone to punch you in the face. These things never made sense to me. I know Arnold violated the marriage. Still, asking him to pay for a legal fight against himself is dumb. And not sure, but I would think Maria has enough money to take care of herself. Just sayin..

1189 days ago


I think the do***ents were likely ready for filing last week (before the accident) and the lawyer just filed them this week. I don't think anything will change with the requests. Divorce in California just isn't pretty. They tout family togetherness, but they perpetuate the opposite on so many levels. Frankly, I'm amazed that they're able to maintain any level of civility during this time; however, I realize your kid tops all else. I'm secretly hoping this brings them back together, which I know isn't the popular thought.

1189 days ago
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