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Arnold and Maria

It Doesn't Make Sense!

7/22/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a connection between the divorce of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, and the statement Arnold and Maria gave TMZ regarding the injury of their son -- and it just doesn't add up.

Their statement regarding Christopher's injuries presents what appears to be a united front -- Arnold and Maria side by side. But just days earlier -- while Maria was bedside with Christopher in ICU -- Arnold's lawyer filed a response to Maria's divorce petition that borders on insulting and cruel.

As TMZ first reported, Arnold is asking the judge to shut down Maria's request for spousal support. Even worse, he's asking the judge to order Maria to pay her own lawyer's fees -- in a divorce triggered by Arnold's misdeeds.

Sources connected with the couple tell us, Arnold's legal docs have been hurtful to Maria -- and that's an understatement.

If we may offer an opinion ... it's hard to believe Arnold is so callous that he would challenge Maria at a time when she is emotionally distraught over her son.

The more likely scenario is that Arnold's lawyer went off on his own, checked the boxes he normally checks on the divorce docs, and simply filed them.

The question -- will Arnold order his lawyer to amend his response, so he is not challenging Maria's right to support or attorney's fees?

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bob watford    

Why are the morons at TMZ thinking that an injured son somehow translates to Arnold giving Maria everything she wants in the divorce? Not like she doesn't have hundreds of millions of dollars...why on earth would Arnold give her support anyway with an equal child custody agreement. Seriously TMZ, your one sided stupidity floors me on this one. "OH MY GOD OUR SON WAS INJURED SURFING.... MARIA I WILL NOW GIVE YOU AN EXTRA 50 MILLION DOLLARS ! !" Who is approving of these articles?

1158 days ago


she's got plenty of her own money. it's ridiculous to say he's being "cruel". and as for fault - who knows what went on in their house? maybe arnold wasn't the only one with something on the side

1158 days ago

bring back recent posts be nice to go threw a divorce when you both have more money than anyone could spend in a dream lifetime, and this going on at same time as accident, well, at least the boy will recover fully from the statement and life of gettin lawyers richer thru the greed of two people can continue..I stand by that old is at the root of all evil..

1158 days ago


didn't read!

1158 days ago


She should not be entitled to any support. It does not matter whether Arnold cheated or not. Perhaps Maria wasn't a good wife either. Perhaps she stopped trying to keep him satisfied. It's all speculation. We don't really know.

The fact is that she is the one who is deciding she doesn't want Arnold any more. She is the one breaking the union. She is the one going against "till death us do part". So she doesn't want the union or Arnold anymore, then why should she be entitled to his earnings?

I can understand spousal support when it's someone who can't make it on their own. She has plenty of money.

The only thing callous here is Maria asking Arnold to pay for spousal support and her lawyer fees. She is upset that he lied and cheated and is clearly acting spiteful.

This website is clearly biased in painting Arnold like the bad guy and like he's putting Maria through extra pain when her son is injured. Tmz needs to realize that Arnold cares about his son as well and Maria is the one forcing the divorce situation and who's essentially trying to take more than half (of the money Arnold almost entirely earned).

1158 days ago


Maria Shriver is a KENNEDY. She is a spoiled little brat. She is going to get HALF of Arnold's fortune. Approximately $200 MILLION DOLLARS.

She does NOT need or deserve extra funds to pay for attorney fees and spousal support.

Last I checked Maria kept her maiden name, because wanted to continue to work in the media field. She does not deserve spousal support on top of everything else.

Arnold may have been a pig, but Maria is just looking greedy now.

1158 days ago


Arnold has far reaching bubbies who will cover his bottom. I hope he get what he deserves, and his parts rote off. His ego is bigger than his body. She left her career, so he could run for office. Then he dipped his ink in the companys well. Nasty word to him. But he will get what he wants because the good old boys will have cover his bottom, as they are guilty also. Shame, Karma will get you.

1158 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

At this point, I am sure their only concern is their son's recovery.

1158 days ago


Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for Maria. He did her wrong and he should be ashamed of himself but...

If they are splitting their sizable estate in half, why should Arnold have to pay her attorney fee's and additional support?

1158 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Perhaps they can go on with their lives if nosy ass trash cans stay out of personal business and focus on news. Your bias opinions and decision to freely print the pic of this man's outside the marriage son was horrible. Think about the children, why should they pay for the infidelity and stupidity of adults. You don't seem to check your sources before you start your B R E A K I N G NEWS CRAP.

Anyone who enjoys causing extra strife for children, and the ones who enjoy reading it are less than human. We as posters can post opinions, but your staff needs to back off, come post under another sn or some chit like that.

1158 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Enough with this story TMZ...Wasn't it Harvey that went on TV and said this would be a very "Hush Hush" and "Fast & Easy" divorce...Everything that is happening is SOP in CA for any divorce. As far as when papers get filed and served that is all just bad timing during the time of an injury...

1158 days ago


Arnold needs to stop. I read about him in this book: Women Wake Up, An Indepth Look At How Men Get Away With Life on The DL.

1158 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

THis could have been drafted & dictated by the attorneys a week ago and just typed up and filed.

1158 days ago


1158 days ago


Harvey is way off base on his defense of Maria. As you can see, most commentators are on Arnold's side.

Maria always pushed her women's liberation empowerment stuff, then what does she do? In the past it was giving up her broadcast career to live off Arnold' money. Now, she couldn't forgive Arnold for his silly fling and files for divorce (they should have worked it out). Fine, but she needs to pay for the divorce, in other words her attorney fees. She also doesn't need spousal support since she's bagged $200 million of Arnold's money.

Get a job Maria!

And Harvey, you need to be more in touch with the general views going on and not tip stories to your own bias. Two examples in recent days are this one and the Lindsay story, in which you made it seem like the judge berated Lindsay, when that was far from the case.

I know you're a lawyer, you always remind us of that, but now you are in the journalism biz, where objectivity is paramount.

1158 days ago
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