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Arnold To File Revised, More Respectful Divorce Docs

7/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Arnold Schwarzenegger will file a revised response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition on Monday ... and this one won't ask the judge to deny her spousal support.


TMZ broke the story ... Arnold filed docs earlier this week that not only sought to deny Maria support ... he also asked the judge to force Maria to pay her own lawyer's fees.  That seemed pretty audacious, considering the reason Maria was driven to divorce was because of Arnold's misdeeds.
But sources connected with Arnold tell TMZ  ... although he signed the divorce docs he never read them, partly because he was dealing with a family medical crisis -- Christopher's boogie boarding accident ... and partly because he relied on his lawyer.

The unanswered question ... Why was Arnold's response filed this week -- when Maria was preoccupied with taking care of her injured son?

We're told Arnold's initial response papers triggered a genuine conflict in the divorce.  Hopefully, the revised papers will make things right.


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So he never read the divorce papers before signing them? Did he read anything before he signed things as governator?

1167 days ago


Arnold money is sure draining away. That's what you get for being married to a high profile successful woman from the most well known political family.

1167 days ago


He's a douche!

1167 days ago


Superman said "Only a dumb bitch would think that someone getting $200 million would need spousal support and payment for her lawyer fees. Adultery doesn't translate into spousal's the money, stupid"

I totally agree. Why would you need spousal support if you have $200 Million. It's just another way to screw Arnold. People get divorced all the time for many reasons and if my wife cheats on me, I wish I would have $200 Million to fall back on and have the audacity to ask for spousal support.
Additionally, Maria is a skank anyway.

1167 days ago


He should pay all legal costs out of sheer principal alone!! As if she hasnt endured enough!! WTF???

1167 days ago


what ever she doesn't need spousal support. Let a murder go but give a millionaire spousal support oh yea america makes sense

1167 days ago


Put some perspective on it. If you made 20,000 and year and have to take a cut in pay your lifestyle changes. If you made 200,000,000 a year and you take a cut in pay your lifestyle also changes. She shouldn't have to live like the "average joe" just because her husband can't keep it in his pants. Why should she have to pay for a lawyer because her husband can't keep it in his pants? He was wrong, he should pay ... not her. She's not my favorite person either, but I believe she is a much better person than he is .... go for it Maria. Not to mention the public embarrassment he brought to her and her children. It's not a matter of if she needs the money or not, it's a matter of she was wronged, her life disrupted ... and he needs to pay for his sins!!!!!

1167 days ago


California law doesn't give a hoot about right or wrong are you kidding me. She also knew what he was when she married him. The kid going public is what did it.

1167 days ago


If he has to pay - SO WHAT - he still has a couple hundred million!

If she doesn't get the bucks - SO WHAT - she still has a couple hundred million!

Money shouldn't even be considered. Perhaps it's the lawyers doing all the money grabbing.

A more appropriate demand would be a trust fund for the kids - one that can be accessed only when they turn 21.

1167 days ago


Harvey's right. Arnold had no intentions on being such a heel. He's only a heel when it comes to his penis, not finances.

1167 days ago


What part of this don't people understand? She may get 200 mil, but it's not cash. Most of it is in property.
As for alimony, she gave up her career and income potential when he wanted her to play first lady. Him paying is only fair.

1167 days ago


His initial response triggered a genuine conflict in the divorce...huh? They're divorcing...wouldn't that mean there is conflict no matter what his response? And why does she need spousal support? She'll be getting child support, plus she is independently wealthy so spousal support would be for punishment not the reason it is supposed to be used.

1167 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

TMZ, you mention that Arnold didn´t read the divorce papers before he signed them. But, really, you are being very generous. Is there any verifiable proof that Arnold can actually read?

1167 days ago


This obviously big damage control being done.

And why was the news of their son's accident leaked to the media one day after Arnold's papers became public about denying spousal support and paying attorney fees became public????????

I bet the news was leaked intentionally by Maria's camp in order to make Arnold look like a bigger ***sshole if he attempts to dispute Maria over him not paying spousal support and her attorney's fees.

This is almost a way of trapping someone. Maria Shriver ain't no stupid woman.

1167 days ago


"The unanswered question ... Why was Arnold's response filed this week -- when Maria was preoccupied with taking care of her injured son?"

You make it sound like Arnold was busy filing these papers himself. His lawyers probably had these papers ready long before the accident.

1167 days ago
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