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Arnold To File Revised, More Respectful Divorce Docs

7/23/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Arnold Schwarzenegger will file a revised response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition on Monday ... and this one won't ask the judge to deny her spousal support.


TMZ broke the story ... Arnold filed docs earlier this week that not only sought to deny Maria support ... he also asked the judge to force Maria to pay her own lawyer's fees.  That seemed pretty audacious, considering the reason Maria was driven to divorce was because of Arnold's misdeeds.
But sources connected with Arnold tell TMZ  ... although he signed the divorce docs he never read them, partly because he was dealing with a family medical crisis -- Christopher's boogie boarding accident ... and partly because he relied on his lawyer.

The unanswered question ... Why was Arnold's response filed this week -- when Maria was preoccupied with taking care of her injured son?

We're told Arnold's initial response papers triggered a genuine conflict in the divorce.  Hopefully, the revised papers will make things right.


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1197 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Seriously, this is where the judge needs to use common sense and not award spousal support. she is getting $400 million and she is from a very wealthy family. If you can't be comfortable with that you should go shoot yourself.

1197 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Only a Kennnedy that is worth $200 million would seek spousal support! I don't give a damn what the giant steriod man did, Maria Kennedy Shriver Swartzanagger can go get a job paying millions a year, but want to nothing but sit on her wrinkled body. Makes me sick!!!

1197 days ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger    


1197 days ago


Amy Winehouse is dead

1197 days ago


I guess it's cannot be too rich or too thin. Or ask for spousal support when one has just bought a 10 million dollar residence. Poor little rich girl.

1197 days ago


TMZ is true that Amy Winehouse died?

1197 days ago


OMG! Amy Winehouse is Dead!!!!

1197 days ago


Let's hope he does the right thing and that he didn't know that his lawyer checked the wrong box. What he did to his wife and family is a slap in the face, adding insult to injury is like pouring salt into an open wound. Glad to hear he's re-filing the papers. He was the one in the wrong, no fault divorce state or not.
Having said all of that I hope and pray their son is on the road to recovery.

Arnold, I hope all of this was worth what you've done to your wife and children, shame on you.

1197 days ago


When it developed during Arnold's gubernatorial campaign that he had been groping subordinate females, his campaign people went out their way to pay off the women involved so that the media would stop publicizing it. Of course, Arnold may now be claiming that he has to pay off the husband of the woman who bore his "snapper", not to speak of the poor child who was never told Arnold was the real father. Meanwhile, the ex-wife who had publicly supported Arnold through his troubles as a dysfunctional governor is getting older. She has limited chances to remarry and has limits on the future income capacity she had given up to marry Arnold, while he still has an enormous income-stream from the weight-lifting business he founded before the marriage to enable a very sumptuous life style. That he is willing to dump his ex-wife to the trash bin of life reflects his Fascist upbringing and lack of genuine religious beliefs as a purported RC.

1197 days ago



I realize it's hard not to do ...

But feel TMZ is less-effective when taking sides.

Everyone loves, has empathy and respects Maria Shriver.

But the filing was obviously a legal/bargaining tool that's the drill for all divorcing couples.

Lately I've felt that TMZ is demonizing Arnold -

In the same way Chris Brown has been recently demonized.

If you've ever been demonized and served-up for lunch - it's not fun -


1197 days ago



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1197 days ago


So Arnie should get off the alimony hook just because they both have plenty of money? No, he needs to pay up. He did the crime so pay the dime.

1197 days ago


Maria Should Get Everything She ASKS for in the divorce, she deserves it!

1197 days ago


@ TMZ p.s.

Most of the recent pics of Arnold -

Put up on the TMZ site.

Have made him look 200 years old -

Seem deliberately chosen -

To accompany articles villifying him.

Bad pictures of Tiger Woods -

Were also chosen and put up -

When Tiger was "Man-Of-The-Hour."

TMZ is the best at what it does -

TMZ is the most successful at what it does -

The envy of all other like sites -

So I probably have no business -

Taking TMZ's inventory on this -

But when I see something colored one way or colored the other way -

i.e. What Charley Sheen went thru post 2 1/2.

It brings out the Mom in me.

1197 days ago
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