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Casey Anthony Lawyer Negotiates ($$$) w/ Networks

7/22/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jose Baez -- Casey Anthony's lawyer -- is holed up at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, holding court with all of the major networks -- to determine who will score the first interview with Casey -- and big bucks are involved.

Casey Anthony

Sources tell TMZ ... NBC, ABC and CBS are all competing for the first interview.  Sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ there is a "big price tag" for the interview.  We're told the networks -- which say they don't pay for interviews -- are offering to license photos and other material and pay big bucks ... that's S.O.P. in the network game.

We're told NBC looks like the frontrunner so far, but ABC is in the game.  We're told CBS "is a distant third."  We're told NBC is paying for Baez' hotel room.

Baez spent part of the night Thursday in the Mandarin Oriental bar with famed lawyer Mark Geragos (right) -- who knows a thing or two about high-profile cases.  We're told Geragos gave Baez pointers on negotiating the deal.

Tammy Tammy

Will NOT be watching. I hope the interview is a ratings flop, whichever network gets it.

holly holly

I mean.. unless she is going to tell everyone what happen to her kid... lost in grocery store, drowned, what ever.. the real truth is.. its just a waste of money to the fool that pays her to lie more. The girl has not said the truth yet.

jaz jaz

Where was all the outrage when Nancy Dis Grace was pimping out this child's death for profit talk about blood money , hypocrites all of you.

Tammy Tammy

Will NOT be watching. I hope the interview is a ratings flop, whichever network gets it.

holly holly

I mean.. unless she is going to tell everyone what happen to her kid... lost in grocery store, drowned, what ever.. the real truth is.. its just a waste of money to the fool that pays her to lie more. The girl has not said the truth yet.

jaz jaz

Where was all the outrage when Nancy Dis Grace was pimping out this child's death for profit talk about blood money , hypocrites all of you.

Doreen Doreen

Networks are such freaking hypocrites! Shame on them.

Gatanegra Gatanegra

Networks will pay the big money because they know people WILL watch. If you watch, you're part of the problem!

Cindy Cindy

I'll watch, but I expect it to be a lot of nothing said.

becky becky

Whatever station it becomes... I will boycott!!! That woman has nothing to say that I want to hear.

Abe Abe

I can't wait to watch Casey's interview. Whatever network gets her, I'll be watching! x

Bean Reel Bean Reel

Here's what I'd give you for that interview: $0.00 It's not worth a plugged nickel to hear from that woman. Boo and bad karma to whatever Network forks over so much a dime. You can count me o-u-t out!


No Avatar

kewpie bay    

we all need to boycott Jose Baez and Casey ANTHONY WHAT EVER IT IS DON'*****CH OR BUY ANYTHING. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES FOR TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF LITTLE CAYLEE'S MURDER, I dont care what they say it was out and out murder anyway you cut it. I can't believe Casey is acting like she did before the trial. she or Baez has no shame.

1149 days ago


Caylee is the story, not the liar
The public needs to voice to the sponsors not to buy commercial time for any interview. It appears the entire "Anthony" family want to profit from the death of their granddaughter or Casey her daughter.

There no story here>... none of them will tell the truth on child's' death or coverup. The only storyline is how to commit the perfect crime, dupe the justice system and become rich. This story is he same the Peterson (cop) story what happen to his wives, why not give him millions to lie to the public.

1148 days ago


Pay to hear more lies, why the ugly spirit named Casey lies for free. Wouldn't it be unethical for your defense lawyer to broker deals for you and get a cut? Baez comes across smarmy. Yuck, both are yucky....

Poor Caylee, profit from a baby's death, shame on these blood suckers (attorney and the so-called mother).

1148 days ago


These lawyer sold their soul to the DEVIL!!!!!!!!!

1148 days ago

Maureen Hoffmann    

Join the boycott! "Boycott Casey Anthony Media Deals" on Facebook.

1148 days ago


Baez is the biggest douche bag ever. I unfortunately worked in a place which required me to see him A LOT, and I wanted to smack him every time I would see his smirk. He would purposely eat outside so news crews could see him. She overheard his name in jail and was laughing when she was first arrested. I prob shouldn't say

1148 days ago


And Mason and the rest of the cronies are just as bad. Orlando is full of good 'ol boy attorneys, and he is the epitome of one. Giving the finger to the press after the verdict was announced. Real professional. I love me some Nancy Grace when she showed Baez give his "finger guns" to the cameras. Baez handled TRAFFIC cases before. He was an absolute embarrassment to watch during trial. Ashton and Drane Bur**** wiped the floor with him. My faith in the justice system has further been destroyed. While a defendant can appeal a conviction, the state can't. When people say there is no direct link to the crime I say, what about the neck breaking search? Does that not show premeditation? Oh, I forgot Cindy was searching for "cholorophyll". Unfortunately perjury is nearly impossible to prove.

1148 days ago


have contacted ABC, NBC, CBS, and E-Online with the following message:

Just wanted you to know that if you should choose to air an interview with Casey Anthony and/or her parents, show pictures or anything related - your channel will no longer be viewed in my home! I WILL NOT patronage any station or book publisher as well as the book store who may carry it - who would pay the Anthony's and/or Casey "Blood Money" for this. I thought that you had more integrity and morals and decency than that! I must have been mistaken


HEADS UP To - ABC, NBC, CBS, E-Online, Entertainment Tonight, and ALL OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS:

Go ahead and air an interview with Casey Anthony and/or the Anthony's. Go ahead and show the pictures and video's. And see what happens! Outside of the fact that you will see a tremendous drop in your viewership - you may also see a whole lot of protesters out in front of your station! Not to mention all of the lovely mail and calls that you will receive from the outrage of the public! NO ONE wants to hear any more lies, nor see them in any fashion! And the Public at large - IS NOT going to endorse or condone your choice to pay these people for that garbage!

And to ALL OF THE ADVERTISER'S, SPONSOR'S AND PUBLISHER'S who are thinking about participating in the airing of this interview and/or book deals with these people - this too, may very well occur with your company also!

Any company that would pay "Blood Money" to these people for the interview, the pictures or video's or for a book or whatever - or participates in any manner - DOES NOT show any kind of Integrity, Honor, Decency, Ethics, Morals, or anything else and thereby DOES NOT deserve the patronage of any individual!

You have been given NOTICE!!

I strongly urge everyone to contact the major networks and tell them that you too will boycott any interview, pictures, books or anything else pertaining to Casey Anthony or her parents!

1148 days ago


if casey laughed while she was arrested that is because her parents and her lawyers incourage her in a lot of cover up, she can laugh now and think she is still getting away with murder, but her happiness is not going to last forever, in the jail letters she wrote this is the happiest times she ever had, so I think she been planning the child's murder for a long time, but one of these days she will pay for what she did to that little girl.

1148 days ago


casey is marrying to a rich man from australia so why dont she hurry up and marry the guy and go to his country, over there she can make all the money by having a talk show and lying through her teeth, in a matter of months the guy is going to get tired with her lies and ship her back to the US. How far is this 1.5 million going to last her, because she has to pay off the IRS for a past bill, and then this bill, and maybe hopefully she has to pay back for the search for her daughter, so the networks is paying her all this money to lie all over again, cause the networks looking at the ratings.

1148 days ago


Definately will watch.

1148 days ago

jill dotson    

TMZ shame on you. I am so glad everyone wants to give this woman money for her story ask the public we are tired of our judicial system working for criminals making money of people that lost there lives. Really is this the way America is supposed to be??? People don't want to see her our her lawyers let them support her now that she got away with murder. But don't ask the public if we want to see it cuz we do not!! Use that money and helped other missing children thats something we need .

1148 days ago


I hope that the interview happens on any one of the networks. I would love to see the viewer number ratings be so embarrassing that the network doesn't make any more reference to the interview once it's over. This woman is a psycho-sociopathic bottom feeder and anything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. As for Casey, she will break the law again and will pull an OJ and get hers-that's Karma and her sheer stupidity working against her.

Casey is guilty of murdering or facilitating the murder, or covering up the murder of her own child according to maybe 90% of the population. Why do the big three networks think that joe/jane average will believe anything Casey says in an interview? Ex boyfriends, neighbours, people she worked with should be interviewed, if anyone. Casey is not bold enough to admit she did this on live television-won't happen. The networks think she will admit this and that this is the draw for viewers.

I don't blame the jurors that took their literal instructions-literally as they should but this should have been a hung trial so that another group of jurors can face a better prepared prosecution.

The head prosecutor should resign. This woman should be the poster psycho for the death penalty. Casey should do a porn video where she gets trained by about 20 prisoners then gets tazered by a child. Seriously, the woman deserves to experience pain and suffering where new types of torture are invented, not $1M to appear on some god damn show. Shame on any network that capitalizes on a child's murder. I'm surprised Adam Walsh hasn't chimed in on this one. Now there is a mensch-diametrically opposed to a woman that doesn't deserve to have a vagina. Stomach cancer would be too good for this sub-human Casey. BTW, I'm not a fan of CNN because they buttered their bread on the OJ trial; that put them on the map.

Here's a thought. How great would 2 of the three networks look for saying no, we won't pay this murderer a dime. The one that does the interview is going to look bad. Even if viewership will be high, the aftermath for that network, likely NBC I'm thinking, will be devastating- that's karma. As it is, the big three have umpteen networks and forms of entertainment to compete with and NBC craps out for looking and being the most desperate.

1148 days ago


I predict that none of the networks and or any media outlets will interview Casey. The public pressure and negativity towards this is just to great. They will have to deal with the aftermath of doing such an interview.

I have to say that I implore TMZ not to interview anyone connected with directly or indirectly to the Anderson's. Harvey and co. have walked the thin line extremely well so far with regards to other major stories but if you cover this one via interviews etc.. then you have crossed the line. This is when Harvey will start getting anti-semetic (I'm Jewish by the way) threats and hatred spewed against him. His sexual orientation will also be a focus for some haters out there. TMZ has to show that there is a line that can be crossed with freedom of speech and this is the way to show the integrity by not capitalizing on a child's (or anyone's) murder. In fact, TMZ should stop making any references to Casey and Co. and boycott the whole case. Grow a pair and show the public that there really is a strong attempt to be responsible entertainment journalists-lead the way...or be followers, that's your decision.

1148 days ago


I don't understand how a lawyer still working for his client after the verdict is done! he is a user and is not ethical what he is doing ,unless is something fishy with this two! what we expect from those anyway .....why is he taking care of her? he is a married man ! what is up with the interviews? for what? to listen to her lies? remember she is a thief ,a liar she will not say I killed my daughter for sure ,what is the meaning of the interviews? the saga continues! anyone who wants business with this monster is a killer too all that is blood money coming from Caylee's death how sad and outrageous! and pathetic!

1148 days ago
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