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Arnold & Maria's

Son Hospitalized

-- Surfing Accident

7/22/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's 13-year-old son Christopher is hospitalized after a serious surfing accident last weekend  ... so serious he has been in ICU for days ...TMZ has learned.


Christopher suffered multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung as a result of the accident in Malibu.  We're told Christopher's condition has now been upgraded and he will be OK .

We're told Maria has constantly been at Chris' side.  And Arnold has been a regular visitor as well.  We're told in spite of the divorce, the entire family has come together as a unit in dealing with Christopher's accident.

Maria has had an incredibly tough year ... and an extremely rough week.

UPDATE: Arnold just stopped by the hospital to check up on Christopher ... with his daughter Christina in tow. Maria arrived on her own soon after.

UPDATE #2: Arnold's other children Katherine and Patrick just tweeted thank yous for everyone's condolences. Katherine writes, "[Christopher is] a tough little guy and getting better! Please keep praying for him!."


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I cant even believe some of the comments from people.First of all,this is their son regardless of what people say about the parents.Second,there are two sides to every story.He made a mistake and now he is paying for it.Really it is non of our buisness,just saying....People are saying how could he file for divorce,if you heard right or read right,she filed first which i dont blame her one bit,but that is their buisness!!!!

1156 days ago


Totally shocked at the comments about a child.

Arnold made his name with weightlifting and body control and sculpting. The family has a lot of money so if the child is heavier than currently fashionable I'm sure it is just the way he is growing. Children at adolescence grow in wild and mysterious ways.

Hope he will be okay.

1156 days ago


Hahaha, some of the comments make me laugh.

Anyways, he does look too fat to be surfing. THERE ARE OTHER SAFER WAYS TO BE ACTIVE PEOPLE. Doesn't matter if its okay, but is it logical? To have someone overweight engaging in a rigorous and dangerous sport like surfing. Might as well have him rock climbing because weight is never surely an issue.

I don't care if most of America is obese, whose fault is it if not their own. Being obese is the parent's fault to an extent. My god, he's thirteen I'm sure he can choose whats good for him or not.

And yes there are spiteful comments here and I feel bad for the kid, but it's funny how you people condemn and judge others too. It's not the spiteful people bring down america, its the f****ing hypocrites.

May those without sin cast the first stone.

1156 days ago


Folks, read the article. Arnold was there visiting their son, too. Not that I'm defending him, regarding his abhorrent behavior, mind you. But the big scandal took place, what, about 10 years ago? Not while their son was in ICU. Read the article and not just the headline, please. (And it's a VERY short article!) I'm not even going to read comments here, since others are commenting on the rampant insensitivities going on. Just wanted to say that my heart goes out to the whole family, and especially to Maria and her son.

1156 days ago


which beach specifically?..there are numerous surf spots in Malibu and environs.. Why was this story not reported for a whole week..? Are there 911 calls? lifeguard calls? Really a surfing accident? what kind of accident to puncture a lung..and multiple broken bones...rather unlikely. Christopher has suffered most because of his father's behavior and consequences. I wouldn't be surprised if it were not a surfing accident.

1156 days ago


I honestly think people like to put people down as if they are God and have the right to judge....judge yee not be judged...

1156 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Blah blah blah...GET REAL.... quit feeling sorry that she's not getting spousal support. She's getting half of their 400 MILLION $$$$ FORTUNE! That, certainly, should be enough! Also, while their son was in ICU weren't Maria & Arnold @ a birthday dinner party and with the other son? Maria has her Kennedy/Shriver fortune she's not going to suffer AT ALL. She just bought a 10 MILLION $$$$ mansion near Arnold...she's not going to starve that's for sure.

1156 days ago


i disagree with most all of you here. read the print. the kid was injured in a surfing accident. cuts and bruises and a collapsed lung, and in icu?? ok...maria was there most of the time, and arnold a lot, and they all came together as a family...divorce or not,,that is great...acknowledge them people...dump the rest of the crap you are saying...cant you..? maria is a kennedy and she married a guy who is just like the kennedy clan. then she kept a blind eye for the whole marriage, and he didnt cheat til this episode. she kept a blind eye about his son ongoing until she was humiliated that his son and mildred were revealed to the public. it is all about her humiliation. she is getting $200 million, poor thing. poor who????

1156 days ago


sigh.. hypocrites. get off your high horses.

1156 days ago


You people who are commenting on the child being too fat to surf are disgusting. First, he was boogie boarding. Second, swimming/boogie boarding and surfing are great exercise.

1156 days ago


The Kennedy curse is still alive and well. Sounds like the kid almost drown. Even that wouldn't cause the Sperminator (props to whoever came up w/ that one) stop and think about his recent actions. Maria is finally seeing what this guy is really made of.

1156 days ago


it really suprizes me that people can be so judgemental about issues that they truly dont know anything about except from the media.....come on people don't judge till u have walked a mile in their shoes.....divorce is never a good thing no matter the cir****tance... the true issue here is that the child is doing good.

1156 days ago


Gee Arnold. How big of you to stop by. Did it take time away from your "floozie" of a mistress?

1156 days ago

Maureen Howard-Boiardi    

Dear Maria and Arnold.
Whatever the heartache show the strength you always have. Come together for your son and together be brave.. Whatever the outcome of your very public separation and pending divorce. I pray you will still make it and remain together. This is not about money for either of you. Don't allow foolishness and stupidity to stop a reconciliation if there is the slightest of hope you two can get back together and put this mess behind you. My husband and I had the pleasure of spending a very wonderful week with you and hundreds of wonderful children,when you hosted the Special Olympics at Arnold's place of birth... Look to your faith.. Look to the love you once had and.... Maybe... Just Maybe.. your marriage can be saved.. It once was great.. The love I had for my husband knew no bounds he also hurt me over and over---- but as he died in my arms, I knew I had made the right decision to love him in spite of all his faults. Because for all his faults he loved me as much as I loved him..
Hurt will heal. Anger will subside. True love will never die. And the rest to hell with it..
Go with God help and stay well.. Mrs Maureen Howard- Boiardi.. Chef Boyardee family.

1156 days ago


Maybe he was a first time surfer or just did what kids do.
Reckless or not paying attention.
My children grew up by the Newport Beach wedge.
They had everyday surf lessons with the Junior Lifeguards
They can start at about 8 years old. They were probably safe by the time they hit 14 years old. Not something that anyone would want to try unless they are strong swimmers and learn about safety first. The young boys would be pulling adults out of big waves when they finished their classes all afternoon.
Some many of the young people accidents in Newport Beach (non junior lifeguards) were from hitting their heads on the sand from diving in head first into surf. So many very wealthly parents have a 16 year old in a wheelchair for life. So sad.
Be careful and get those swim lessons first, then try surfing with classes as well. I hope Christopher gets backs home soon.

1156 days ago
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