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Arnold & Maria's

Son Hospitalized

-- Surfing Accident

7/22/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's 13-year-old son Christopher is hospitalized after a serious surfing accident last weekend  ... so serious he has been in ICU for days ...TMZ has learned.


Christopher suffered multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung as a result of the accident in Malibu.  We're told Christopher's condition has now been upgraded and he will be OK .

We're told Maria has constantly been at Chris' side.  And Arnold has been a regular visitor as well.  We're told in spite of the divorce, the entire family has come together as a unit in dealing with Christopher's accident.

Maria has had an incredibly tough year ... and an extremely rough week.

UPDATE: Arnold just stopped by the hospital to check up on Christopher ... with his daughter Christina in tow. Maria arrived on her own soon after.

UPDATE #2: Arnold's other children Katherine and Patrick just tweeted thank yous for everyone's condolences. Katherine writes, "[Christopher is] a tough little guy and getting better! Please keep praying for him!."


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Normal Human Being    

The only "pigs" I see are the hateful, unfeeling, horrible people making the remarks about the son in the hospital. Who raised you? And what rock did you crawl out from? Have you no feeling, dignity, pity or human decency? No wonder the world is in the shape it is in. All you negative nosey people with hurtful comments need to live in the real world. Get a life, ...a kind life.

1188 days ago


Dear FLO and Mark... It's not Arnold who filed for the divorce. Maria wanted the divorce and is filing for it. Arnold's ATTORNEY is answering. Can't say I blame her, though. And, this isn't about divorce. This garbage happens all the time. He has been to the hospital to see his son regularly, and she has been there like any Mom. So, he screwed around... happens all the time. People hate him now, because they tried to make him something in their minds, and he didn't live up to it. Just like Tiger Woods, and the list goes on. He's JUST a man.

1188 days ago


To those of you who have obvious eye problems, the child is not "chunky". He's FAT. He is clinically OBESE. I find it disappointing that two such prominent people caused or allowed that to happen. However, on another point, we have no idea how old the picture above is, and maybe it was a past issue. Some kids grow taller and the weight falls off or spreads with the growth. But, if that is a current photo, he is very large.

1188 days ago


I don't know why I should be amazed at how judgemental and petty people are, but I am. Talking about his weight and his looks...really? Low self-esteem, every one of you who are so shameless.

Wishing Christopher and Maria both well. They certainly have had a rough time.

1188 days ago


sorry for the redundancy of my comment. I clicked and nothing happened; did it again and again and nothing happened and finally a message came through for one....all were posted and I can't delete them. again: SORRY

1188 days ago


What's the matter with some of you??? You are just plain MEAN.

Insulting some poor kid who had an accident? He didn't ask to be famous! He's out there exercising and yet some have to make nasty comments.


1188 days ago


Unbelievable. . . those of you who have to comment on his size! He is a young boy. . . 13 years old! Give him a break, both my son's were puggy at that age. . when they hit 15 they really matured and lost the baby look! He is in the hospital w/serious injuries. Hope he makes a full recovery w/ no long standing issues! God bless him and family during this time.

1188 days ago


All your Mothers must be proud of you. This child is in ICU with very serious injuries and you have no compassion. You know callind kids or anyone else "fatty" is an act of "bullying". Think about it, this could have been you or your child or someone that you care about.
It's time to put the bullying aside and pray for this family that has already been through so much this year. I know that I will be praying.

1188 days ago


The papers have to be filed in a timely matter no matter what. There are laws that have to followed, so he is not pro-per, which means his attorney has to do these things within a certain time frame. Arnold and Maria have both been by their son's side during this crisis, and will both continue to be good parents to their children. Prayers go out to Christopher in that he will be okay!!

1188 days ago


Chubby or not he's a cute kid! And, I am sure he will grow into a handsome man. I don't know why anyone would write hurtful comments about his weight or any other child's weight.

1188 days ago


Is tha Andy Milonakist?

1188 days ago


Well they say that tradgey can bring a family together... Maybe this is Gods way of telling them they need to work it out and keep a family unit together... Things happen and if we are strong enough can work thru it... My prays are for there son Christopher and the entire family...

To the smart ass who had to comment on his weight I hope you balloon up to 700lbs and get the worst obesity related diseases... He is a child...

1188 days ago


OMG - If there's one word synonymous with the Kennedy's it's DRAMA.

1188 days ago


It is disturbing to see the comments on this 13 year old's physique. He is a young boy living in the United States where food is plentiful everywhere and the media pu***** 24/7, McDonald's is hailed as the place to be for the young, and the commercials on TV are constant, nonstop, and take up a huge part of any program or movie. There are many kids outs there who are overweight. Many adults too. That being said, Malibu is a dangerous place to surf. Sometimes the waves are massive. At 13 years old, I doubt he has had a lot of experience surfing. With all the broken bones and lung damage, he needs all the best wishes he can get. I'm adding mine. As a footnote, please do not put down kids for being overweight. They suffer enough because of it. As for Christopher being too "pudgy" to be on a surfboard there is only one response to that: how could you be so hypocrtical? The boy is exercising. Would you have him stay home on the couch watching TV? Is that appropriate in your view?

1188 days ago


I'm sure most of the posters here are more than a "little" pudgy. A thirteen year old kid is in the ICU because of an innocent accident and mean comments about his weight are all you've got. Here's a kid who has had a shocking and embarrassing year because of the dad he respected turned out to be a horndog, as well as the father of one of his friends. Grow a heart!

1188 days ago
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