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Leighton Meester Sues Mom -- You Ripped Me Off!

7/22/2011 5:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Gossip Girl" star  Leighton Meester is suing her mother, claiming her mom diverted money Leighton sent to her little brother and used it for plastic surgery, Botox and hair extensions.
Leighton Meester Sues Mom

According to the suit ... obtained by TMZ ... Leighton's mom refused to work, but Leighton felt badly for her younger brother Lex, who has severe medical issues.  So Leighton sent her mom $7,500 a month so she could provide for Lex.

But the suit claims the mother, Constance Meester, used the money for cosmetic procedures and other personal expenses.

According to the suit, Constance even tried to convince Leighton ... they had an oral contract requiring Leighton to pay her $10,000 a month for life.  Leighton says it's a total lie. 

Leighton claims her mom threatened to file a $3 million lawsuit against her unless Leighton started coughing up the dough.

Leighton wants the judge to declare there's no contract between her and her mom.


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Isnt her father in prison? And now her mother is leaching off of her daughter. It sounds like her mother also needs to be in prison.

1191 days ago


I actually like when these disgusting acts come to light. It shines a light on the ugliness that some parents don't want others to know......that they are dirtbags, incapable of putting anyone, including their own children, before themselves. God bless LM and heaven help her little brother, but Mother's like this one should just rot in hell.

1191 days ago


Another celebrity with a dysfunctional family. Imagine that.

1191 days ago


If your mother or father has been there for you and helped you reach your dreams, there's no reason not to through some money their way. $7,500 per month is not enough to live well off of. If the lawsuit is to have the $10k "contract" declared invalid, I understand. However, if she's suing her mother over $7,500 monthly -- shame on her.

1191 days ago


You know I wish they’d make the parents sign a contract either on a 6 month or 1 year basis pursuant to their child’s career. It angers me to no end when I see – and mind you – it’s just about all of them these days – greedy, wannabe parents who want so much to be a part of their talented kids’ lives (reminds me of Dina Lohan, and Leighton is far above all of this sh*t.) I just feel like writing until my fingers fall off – believe me (a show-kid parent) a parent has no right or entitlement to the money their child makes – period.

Sure we had them gave them life, and all the other excuses combined; still to expect money from the work of another is just plain wrong...sleazy wrong! Hey Meester, I know it hurts like crazy, and I’ll bet your experiencing new kinds of emotions; as hard as it may be, career wise it may be better for you to write the whole lot of them off. Get yoursel*****reat lawyer and have him/her get a restraining order and 1st thing Monday, get to your bank.

1191 days ago

about 2 yrs ago    

No good deed goes unpunished.

Just because they are family .... well, it means you are going to pay even more. Remember, it is not in their blood to love you more just to suck harder at YOUR (the daughter) blood because they know they can take advantage of you.

Good for you for finally standing up to your VAMPIRE MOM.

1191 days ago


She should petition the court for custody of her brother as she can easily pay for his needs and cut mom out of the picture all together. What a piece of ^*#$&

1191 days ago


greedy mother. just awful.

1191 days ago


Sounds like Gary Colman grap all over again! THOSE monsters stole all his money and left him broke and they weren't even blood parents but adopted him. Then ripped him off so that he had NOTHING when he was older and sick as **** and had to work as a security guard. And then that hideous leach latched onto him pretending to "love" him so he could FINALLY pop his cherry.

1191 days ago


No wonder I just saw Constance Meester on the cover of S*****ucking Mom magazine.

1190 days ago


That is not a good photo of Leighton. She is a very lovely classic natural beauty.The girl should cut ALL ties with Mom. Just hire an attorney to manage the money for her brother.

1190 days ago


Sadly, it is not even necessary for a family to have money to corrupt them. Some people are just like that. I have heard of parents using their kids' social security numbers to fraudulently get electricity and cellphones that they never pay (and worse), and ruin the kids' credit rating before they can do anything about it.

1190 days ago



$7,5000 a month is $90,000 a year. A family of five can live off of that. I am so glad that in your privileged life you have gotten to live off more but for us normal people that is plenty.

P.S. Whether she is beautiful is moot point, he mother is obviously an awful person to take money from her daughter and not use it for her son's illness.
I personally think she is very beautiful and is a good actress.

1190 days ago


I have a niece who has a "low life mother," she's never supported her financially or emotionally. My niece has acted in a few movies and makes music, part of me feels if she ever got famous her mother would sell her out in a hot minute! My family and I decided we would never speak ill of her mother in her prescence, she's now 23 and will tell you herself how low her mother is!

1190 days ago


I cannot understand why these real celebrities don't get it! NEVER TRUST A FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY - HIRE AN HONEST ATTORNEY & FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT TO HANDLE ALL OF YOUR TRANSACTIONS AND MAKE IT GO TO THE COURTS DIRECTLY TO THE INTENDED PARTY. The money you ssve in the beginning will save you in the long run. She will never get her money back from the Mother - it is gone!

1190 days ago
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