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THANKS Wife for Slapping Pie Attacker

7/22/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rupert Murdoch's wife -- the lady who smacked the HOLY CRAP out of the man who tried to hit her hubby with a pie -- says her efforts didn't go unappreciated ... because Rupert has since THANKED her for the slap heard 'round the world. 

Wendi Deng was hanging out in her hotel in NYC yesterday -- when photogs asked, "What did Rupert think [about the attack]?"

With a great big smile on her face, Wendi replied, "He thanked me for it."

You're damn right he did ... nobody messes with The Deng.



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Every rich guys wants a young, hot Tiger wife to serve their every need. Its good to be The King.

1158 days ago

bobby smith    

Gee, I wonder if she is in it for the money!! She is young and beautiful, that Rupert is old, s***my.

Women, can't live with them, and you need them to satisfy sexual needs. The dilemma of a man! What is the world coming 2?

1158 days ago


Murdoch and his wife both need to be slapped with jail time.
Murdoch's son has been proven to have already lied in what he told to Parliament.

1158 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Maybe she was smacking him for wasting good pie. She looks like she might be a little hungry.

1158 days ago

Change 2010    

She should slap those gay activists that are assaulting people with glitter attacks.
If someone did that to them they'd be the first to call it a hate crime.

1158 days ago

Hey Now    

I know he's old but shouldn't he be protecting her instead of the other way around? What happened to chivalry?

1158 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Yeah, NOBODY touches my suga daddy!! HI-YAAAAA!!!

1158 days ago


everyone saying how tough his wife is and heroic however, it was a pie!

1158 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Murdoch's wife is a no good ho who has cheated on two husbands!

1158 days ago


This woman is just disgusting! My skin crawls whenever I look at her with that slimy old man! She brought golddigger and ho to a whole new level! At least Hugh Heffner still look like a man with all that viagra and money...I guess she was slapping a threat to her life insurance policy and bank account! The media should just stop trying to portray her in a different light than what she is: a coldhearted greedy byatch!

1158 days ago


Anony wrote: "Murdoch and his wife both need to be slapped with jail time".
Anony, were you in front demanding imprisonment for Monvess and the other network people when Dan Rather committed fraud and slander against George Bush in an attempt to destroy his chance at the Presidency.

That sir, was a far more heinous crime than any ascribed to Murdoch and his hirelings at his many enterprises.

If you remember Clinton instituted the heinous crime against Americans with his "echelon" plan to snoop on Americans. Far more dangerous to freedom than President Bush's plan to watch all phone calls from terrorist nations to the United States.

Now Obama has returned to the Clinton plan of watching all Americans with a more invasive plan than Bush used, even to the point of hiring a man to watch the blogs stating that, "if you speak against Obama you will be hearing from me". That is a threat from a sitting President against free speech and freedom.

And you blather against Murdoch.

1158 days ago



1158 days ago


Gold digger looking after her cash cow.

1158 days ago


Yeah when my husband is close to kickin the bucket and I'm on the beneficiary list, I'd beat the crap out that man too!

1158 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

No matter how old guys get, we'll always be wanting to hook up with young, beautiful women. Just is that way. Speaking for me though, the whole thing would lose its allure if she's with me simply for the dough.At some point you are simply not physically attractive anymore(if you ever were) and it's time to accept that.I mean,if she's gotta run to the bathroom to puke after sex...

1158 days ago
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