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Amy Winehouse -- How Will She Be Remembered?

7/23/2011 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With today's tragic passing of singer Amy Winehouse, we're left to wonder what kind of legacy she leaves behind.

So we gotta ask ...


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I struggled with addiction and I always will. I have been sober from alcohol for 2 years. I hate to see any young person lose their lives to such an overwhelmingly powerful disease. When you are in the midst of addiction it feels like there is no way out, its the darkest place I have ever been in. I hope any person who is struggling or is wondering if they are an addict will get help. Look for an AA or NA meeting. Walk in sit in the back and just listen thats all it took for me. You will never be "recovered" and you will always have to watch yourself and keep straight but life IS worth living and everyone deserves a shot at a healthy life. RIP Amy I hate that your last moments were probably spent alone. So sad

1156 days ago


Yes we all saw it coming....She was a troubled woman with many addictions, who suffered her way through life. Like many artists (musicians, poets, writers, actors) before her, she just couldn't beat her demons. R.I.P.

1156 days ago


Drug abuse claims yet another young talented person's life.

Shocking and very sad but self inflicted.

1156 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

What's with the "Will her Parents forgive her" question? What did she do to her parents?

1156 days ago

Robert G . Winn    

Don't speak I'll of the dead , Don't glamorize it !!! Whomever is responsible for this poll should be ashamed of themselves ...

1156 days ago


To all you people complaining about the poll and TMZ being heartless.....Why are you reading it?!?! If you are so appalled my their stories then stop coming to their website!

1156 days ago


Who is she anyways? Never heard of her

1156 days ago

James C. L'Angelle    

Latest information including twitterfeed, cover it live, newsreel link, see: AMY WINEHOUSE


1156 days ago


It depends completely on who is doing the 'remembering'. I simply think she was a troubled soul who had amazing talent. I wish she could have gotten the help she desperately needed (but probably felt that she didn't want or need.)

1156 days ago


I'm sad she was a lot like Janis Joplin in how she led her life and her talent.

1156 days ago


If any of you knew anything about addictions you would know that you just can't throw someone into a rehab program even if it is court ordered. They have the right to leave whenever they want. The addict needs to WANT to change (sadly) oh yeah and parents/childhood is almost always to blame. No confidence in your inner self and twisted morals comes from being molded by your parents

1156 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

Are you people really grouping here with those great musicians in the "27 club"? I don't know about that. She was talented however I don't think she made the mark some of the more prominent "members" made. It's interesting reading some comments here saying WIKI already shows it so it must be true. That's laughable.
A life was lost today and she had talent. RIP Amy Winehouse

1156 days ago


It's not shocking. I was prepared to hear this news one day the moment I found out about her. She didn't strike me as the type that would want help. Her choice. May she rest in peace now.

1156 days ago


This is not tragic. At all. She killed herself. Slowly. With drugs. That's not a tragedy.

The deaths of almost 100 people in Norway, now THAT'S a tragedy.

1156 days ago


I think those polls are a bit soon and will piss off quite a few people, but somewhat justified given the lead-up. Here's what I wrote here about Amy Winehouse just over a month ago (the video seems all the more tragic now):

"jack-55d79 35 days ago

Just a massive, tragic, loss of talent through (I believe) predominantly booze, and drug use second. It's not like people didn't see it coming:

I don't know what can be done in those cir****tances. I think for some people addiction is an exceptionally powerful thing, but nobody knows who in advance, and I don't think rock bottom is a deterrent. I'm not saying someone like that should be written off, or can't get out of that tragic situation, just that I think she is case in point that alcoholism and hard drug use are not easy things to get out of. Even suffering various health problems as a result and numerous trips to competent professionals, like Amy Winehouse has, wasn't enough. I think you could take away all her money and success and it'd be the same. Which is tragic. Hope she gets it together, because otherwise eventually we'll be reading about her untimely death."

I think people will remember her entirely on how familiar with her music they were. If they've just known of her through tabloids and TMZ then their opinions are going to be harsh by default, because people like the idea of moral retribution because it fits into their narrow view of the world. I was lucky enough to hear her in the Frank days. I'd recommend people Youtube it. She was one of those rare talents who took seriously unhip jazz music and later through the sheer force of her talent (and Mark Ronson) made something that sold millions of copies around the world. I think it's a bit sadder than Michael Jackson's death, it'd be like if Michael Jackson died before making Thriller.

1156 days ago
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