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Amy's Hangout -- We Hadn't Seen Her in a Month!

7/23/2011 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jazz Cafe in Camden Town was one of Amy Winehouse's favorite places to hang out -- but one of the employees there says they hadn't seen her in a month ... and they were beginning to worry about her.

According to the employee, Amy would come in a couple of times a week. The staff there had seen Amy at her lowest, but says that recently she had looked healthy -- and not the emaciated version of Amy we had sometimes come to known.

Amy was known to come in with an entourage of people, but we're told recently she was only coming in with one other person. Then, according to the employee, she stopped coming about a month ago and she hadn't been in since.

Amy was found dead in her apartment this morning. She was 27.


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PRO US    

Samantha Menezes 8 minutes ago

Quanta Barbaridade Usa Drogas é Igual a Morte.

google Translation of the above:

How much outrage Drug Use Equals Death.

1153 days ago

who cares    

the floyd

I'am not talking to Amy, I'am talking to the guy that sold her that bad azz bag of
good Heroin will kill you just as quick you dumb ****

1153 days ago

syntanx man    

I see you still don't have any weekend grammar police for the staff you trust alone when Harvey and the gang is off.

1153 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

She was gifted with an amazing voice. May she rest in peace.

Say no to drugs/alcohol

1153 days ago


She overdosed...END OF STORY. I feel for her mom and dad.

1153 days ago


It was obvious in her last concert she had gained weight. That is a sign of getting clean. She either changed drugs or cut back and started again. Taking a high dose after cutting back could have OD her.

1153 days ago


Do you dumb trashy TMZ editors even know what Jazz Cafe is? It's an upscale and respected music venue, not a local pub. Why is this even newsworthy? We all know she was largely out of town the past month because her managers were trying to make one last buck off her by throwing her on tour.

You turds are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

1153 days ago


She reminds me of Janis. Soulful, talented and lost. People used to criticize her too saying she couldn't sing. I wonder if Amy will be bigger in death than in life. God rest her soul.

1153 days ago


all she ever wanted was a high to die for - well, she got it - when will these morons ever learn - I guess with fame and fortune comes stupidity - she got exactly what she wanted

1153 days ago


I think it's sad that Amy couldn't pull herself away from drugs long enough to know she was in deep trouble. Having any kind of addiction is no laughing matter. I think Amy surrounded herself with addicts, her husband being one and he fed on her wealth to satisfy his addiction and he pulled Amy right down that spirraling hill with him. You certainly can't blame her parents, because I'm sure they knew she had a problem and probably tried interventions/Rehabs. However, the individual have to want the help. Telling someone to seek treatment will go through one ear and out the next. Hopefully Amy can RIP and God Bless her SOUL!

1153 days ago


She wasn't laying anywhere for a month. She was seen out in Camden Town, London, England on Friday night a few hours before her death. Last Wednesday she was on stage with her godaughter at an ITunes festival in London

1152 days ago


What a sad time. Wish someone could have helped. I have been there and no matter who you are it takes alot of work to come clean. People have to get real and quit thinking they are different, they are special, they are the only ones. The lonliness is what kills. The ability of addicts to distance themselves from anyone else is so strong this selfish behaivor is what keeps them in the midst. They need someone to make them responsible and it takes 24 hour care. I believe we all have a responsibility to make good in this world and some never get their chance. We are not defined by one incident but by the entirety of our life. She did not get her chance but we can think of all the beauty she did bring.

1151 days ago
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