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Katherine Jackson: No Evidence Estate Killed MJ

7/25/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson tells TMZ she knows of NO evidence to support the conspiracy theory that people connected with the Michael Jackson Estate killed the singer.

A number of people, including LaToya Jackson, have suggested there was a conspiracy to kill Michael.

Katherine tells TMZ ... "It is only natural for people who loved Michael, including family members, to be suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s untimely death. So far I have not seen one shred of evidence that anyone associated with Michael’s estate conspired to kill him.

She continues, "If such evidence ever comes to my attention I will be the first to bring those facts to light.  No one loved Michael more than I loved him, but no one should be falsely accused, as Michael was, of a crime they did not commit."



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juan lopez    

@ pearl

yes! finally someone with real/true/facts! all this bologna that is on the internet concerning all these do***ents that has been create for this hoax are FAKE!!! the idiots here believe all this crap they find on the internet as GOSPEL! if you people claim to be true fans and not media/tabloid MJ fanatics, you should be able to see you are consumed with tabloid crap. all these do***ents are not your common sense, but someone elses 2 cents that you fell for. use and feed your heads.

talk about mind control...


1153 days ago


Latoya has always been known as a bit of a weird one with her actions and theories
and now wih her book and public appearances she is enjoying another 15 minutes of fame where conspiracy theory people will give her some credibility

she talks in circles without giving facts and is hardly credible
and only after her husband died and is unable to defend himself, does she start calaiming terrible abuse and that he made her say things against Michael publicly (think child molesting comments)

when if truth she basically ran away with Jack Gordon for him to be her protector in order to escape the confines and abuse of her father

1153 days ago


LaToya is harming the case against Conrad Murray. She says that she feels sorry for him, and that he is just the fall guy. I think that Katherine Jackson is very upset about what her daughter is doing - and the timing of it.
I guess LaToya doesn´t care - she just wants to sell her book. It comes across as extremely selfish.

1153 days ago


To all of the people who believe that Michael was "accidentally" killed by Murray's negligence. Can all of you answer one question for me? If there was not a conspiracy against Michael then who in the hell was he so damn afraid of? I can't believe that more people are not standing up and questioning things. When the victim tells numerous people that someone is going to kill him and then he dies under very bizarre cir****tances....hello!!!! Wake up people!

Katerine's words may say that she doesn't believe that they Estate had anything to do with MJ's death, but her actions speak louder. She obviously does not trust them. That's why she keeps doing things that DO NOT include them. The person who said "she doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds her" is right, but remember that Katerine has MJ's kids to care for as well. She knows Branca and McClain control things. She has to be nice.

1153 days ago


Maybe Latoya should just STFU and let the laws of justice prevail and decide who killed and helped ended our beloved Michael whom I still miss terribly to this day. I will never forget Michael, EVER! I'll never believe the lies told about him that hasn't been proven either. He will always be in my thoughts and prayers, next to God and my father, MJJ will always be my king, my hero.

And Latoya running her mouth, she could possibly throw a monkey wrench on Murray upcoming trial. So yeah Latoya, STFU and stop trying to profit off your brother death with your stupid book and running your stupid mouth. Murray was the last person to see MJ alive, he was the one that gave MJ the last drugs that took him away from us and he should be fairly accused, trial and sentence for his money hungry greediness, malpractice and incompetent role in The King's death.

It is so sad, how many really are sick of coming to TMZ only to find out another of our beloved celebrity's has fallen to their death by drugs and alcohol or by the hands of their Hollywood greedy drug selling doctors who keep getting away with it as they blame it all on their patients?

Justice for Micheal J. Jackson!!!!

1153 days ago


Who cares? This family is a mess and so was MJ. Let's forget them and move on.

1153 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

WTF does LaToya know? Isn't she the same sister who accused MJ of molestation? Isn't she one of the stupidest people on the face of the earth? LaToya Jackson is societal waste. . .please go away.

1153 days ago

get it right    

.... oh, and what was it she said to Oprah concerning Murray as her son's murderer, again?

KJ always said that MJ kept telling her that "they" were out to kill him. Hmm. "They.." Of COURSE, he never mentioned names to HER, right. Only to LMP. Wait. That was in an interview with O, too...

AEG's directive, and ALL (minus the MJ3) of them (except MJ's "guilty" himself don'cha know) are "innocent". All may not be directly involved in the conspiracy, but all that are/were not? ... it was mighty damned conveniently mega profitable for them to be lurking in the shadows.

Btw: How's that wrongful death suit coming along, TMZ? What....

1153 days ago


Oh yeah and as for the conspiracy theory, I do agree with Latoya, but by Latoya running her damn face for money and attention, she could possibly paint the way for Murray to walk. Harvey, can Murray defense team actually use Latoya to prove it's a conspiracy and that Murray wasn't involved in it, even though Murray lied and covered up the crime scene even disappear after the fact? I mean we already know he has admitted to giving MJ the drugs that took his life.

I just fear with Latoya, everybody running their hole it that all credibility to finding Murray role guilty would be shot to hell. UGH!

1153 days ago


I just pray to God that Michael's death doesn't go unsolved and that he did not die invain like 100's of other celebrity's. :(

Justice for Michael!

1153 days ago


He was a drug addict.

He took more than he could handle.

He died.


1153 days ago


@juan lopez: be aware of pearl jr.

1153 days ago


omg, enough of this story!

1153 days ago


Michael like Amy killed himself,.. he ordered about his lifestyle and made the right or wrong choices himself.

1153 days ago


She is way over due for a manicure.. Ack, do you know how mANY NASTY DIRTY GERMS ARE UNDER THOSE LONG NAILS?

1153 days ago
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