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Lindsay Lohan -- Just Beachy

7/23/2011 5:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh off a so-so day in court, Lindsay Lohan hit up the beach yesterday for an event in Dana Point, CA.

Sure beats Lynwood.


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too nice a day to work on her community service I guess....
she is quite pathetic really isn't she

1190 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm... I don't blame Lindsay if she wanted to go to the beach. She did go to court the other day. Never a fun thing to do.

I hope Lindsay enjoys her weekend and gets started with her CS first thing Monday morning. I think if she gets this out of the way (including the morgue thing. Hope you're hungry!) in a timely manner, it will impress the powers that be, be it the courts and/or Hollywood.

1190 days ago


LOL. Butthole Surfers. I forgot about them. I'd sure like to lick Lindsay's butthole though.

1190 days ago


I dig the Butthole Surfers shirt on her

1190 days ago

john smith    

Andy, Lindsay's current estimated income is about a million a year. The judge was the one saying that Lindsay couldn't afford counseling and her attorney pretty much just agreed. Amy Winehouse's music producer was Mark Ronson. Mark is Sam Ronson's brother, so there is a very good chance that Lindsay knew Amy. Lindsay was reportedly also friends also with Heath Ledger who died, so now she has two examples of talented artists that have died from drugs.

1190 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay's outfit looks great, I love the Butthole Surfers tank with the mini Fedora and the daisy dukes, and the shades are cool also.

1190 days ago


Lindsay looks great and it is good she finally has a fair Judge.
The sooner she completes her CS the sooner she can the probation department who are out to get her.


1190 days ago

Ellie G    

Make all the excuses you want for her. Try to paint her in a pretty light if it makes you feel good. At the end of the day she is still a Lying Thief.
I for one hope she spends the rest of the summer on the beach. It is to nice to spend days at a pesky shelter or morgue. Dont worry Lindsay Im sure you have plenty of time to do that silly CS.

1190 days ago


Why did she do that to her upper lip it just looks awful. Whe did she do a lot of things though.

1190 days ago

john smith    

Nicole, I agree that this judge seems to be very fair.

1190 days ago

brock lesnar    

they tried to send her off to rehab. she said no no no.

she's having my baby. if its a boy we are going to name it pezner. if its a girl we are going to name it ****ty.

things are looking up. peace out!

1190 days ago


Lindsay is bummed that she's not getting the movies she wants?
A-List parts? Wouldn't we all love to get offered high paying movie jobs or any high paying job? Where oh where does she even get the thoughts that she would be entitled to get some big movie role any more than any of the rest of us? Is she delusional? You don't just decide I'm going to get big bucks when you haven't worked your way up for it. Do you think she actually believes herself or is she too past it mentally to even get embarassed with these stupid statements?

1190 days ago


john smith I can read too.. mark ronson on amy story on TMZ Thank you captain obvious.dadada...

now 1 million a year, after taxes 7 hundred thousand.
after rent and utilities 550,000.
after legal fees rehabs 400,000.
after paying for personal assistants and other people on the payroll 250,000.
after flights and trips clothing and toys 150,000.
drugs booze house partys. living expense. car lease, gas,entertainment and misc. 50,000...

old credit card debts. law suits -$30,000.

john the best part is threw all these numbers she has not bought food yet. BRoke bitch

John rich can go to jail too.
and go busted broke.

and a million a year can help pay for her a nice funeral when she ODs. or it will help the family she runs over a loved one cranked up and drunk.

she better pay attention to the Amy story. because 2 years ago Amy at 25 had more talent and looked more healthier then lindsay does now.

what are all those bruises on her legs? think she is main lining junk through the veins in her legs?

1190 days ago

john smith    

I have my fingers crossed that Dina makes the cast of DWTS. She deserves it after having to put up with MiLo and LiLo's drama.

1190 days ago


John Smith said:

"The judge was the one saying that Lindsay couldn't afford counseling and her attorney pretty much just agreed."

Nope. Here's how it went (paraphrasing):

Judge Steph: I see she has completely failed to do the therapy thing I told her to do. Why is that?

SCH: Well, because she is poisonous, she can't get an acting job and keep it. Thus, her SAG insurance has lapsed, and she cannot afford individual counseling. And she is too much of a Big Shot to do group therapy for cheap.

City Attorney: I have a hard time believing she can't afford it!

Judge Steph: We will not go over her finances here. She needs individual counseling. She needs to find someone with a credit card who is willing to help her. I call shena****ns on the financials.

SCH: Okay, she is now indicating she can find the money.

1190 days ago
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