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Steve Francis Accused of Sexual Assault

7/23/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Steve Francis is being accused of sexual assaulting a woman in Texas last year ... TMZ has learned.


According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Francis allegedly "groped" a 20-year-old woman through her clothing in May 2010 ... and the woman immediately went to the cops to file a complaint.

The alleged victim tells TMZ ... she is a singer who was signed to Steve's record label and on the day of the alleged incident, she had met Steve at an office to discuss her contract.

The woman, Shauna Simien, tells us the "groping" while the two were talking outside, when Francis reached down and grabbed her between the legs.

Simien claims she screamed for him to stop -- and that's when a few of her friends, whom she brought along for protection, rushed over to break things up.

Despite the fact Simien filed her police report more than a YEAR ago, law enforcement sources tell TMZ the case is still open and no charges have been filed. Simien says she is frustrated the case has not progressed and is considering a lawsuit against the District Attorney's office.

We placed several calls to Francis, his record label and his management company -- so far, no official comment.

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I am sorry it sounds like a scam on the womans part, Its a free country and we all have are own opions that is why the DA is not persuing this, he proably told her she was not talented, since no one has ever heard of her I cannot see him doing this while they are standing OUTSIDE and her protection/friends are standing a few feet away what did they see....

1185 days ago


the chick needs to lighten up. a grope? really? when i was a little bratty kid i would occasionally catch a beating from my old man, but it's not like i called child protective services

1185 days ago


you people who are taking up for this pervert is very, very sick in the head...i'm a guy and i tell you what if any man ever touches my daughter against her will i would kill him... you can not go around grabbing & jerking on women who does not permit it. what ever guy out there making the crazy comments like i see on this board you must clearly be a pervert & rappist yourself... that's the problem with guys today always taking up for one another and downing a woman...what if steve would have grabbed your mother or daughter or infant or even you between your legs??? get it together perverts its time these women stand up and stand out when these low life atheletes and celebrities treat them like trash just because they have money... steve i pray she burries your ass pervert you deserve everything thats coming to you

1185 days ago


Where is your record deal? Why a year later? Grooping goes with this business. Girl are you kidding me filed a police report. What did the Police do after that arrested him for gropping. You have no case. If the Police did not interview him after your complaint means no crime was commited.

You and your friend were probley trying to get a 3 someone unproted so one of you could be set for life.

1185 days ago


I agree that it's wrong etc....but does this really rise to the level of sexual assault. I mean, do you really want to waste taxpayer money trying a case and possibly putting a guy behind bars (that we have to financially support in prison) for groping? This is the sort of thing where an official warning from the cops should suffice!

1185 days ago


i tell you what, it angers me to see guys taking up for each other even when we know he has done wrong. for any man who approves of another man grabbing a woman in her private area against her will is also a sick pervert right along with steve francis. i have 5 daughters and i tell you what, a man grabbs her against her will and i would kill him. you guys on here taking up for steve must be perverts and rappist as well, i am so glad this young girl did not go to a room with steve because he most likely would have rapped her if he agressively attacked her outside...you people need to get a grip on yourselves...and to you, steve i pray she burries you and the d.a's alive... i hate pig celebrities who think they can just disrespect a woman and do anything to her because they have money. i feel sorry for the women who have to fight to stand up againt these guys who wrongfully missuse and abuse them... keep your heads up ladies, pigs always get what they deserve...i believe every bit of what this girl reported

1185 days ago

Abraham lincoln     

This is a simple casting couch case gone wrong,He needs to take some pointers from Micheal Bay,when he casted Megan Fox he said you cant act,but your really hot,take care of my snake and you got the role,he should have said you wanna sing and make money,ok so you gotta play with the snake,but i guess he was in experinced and didnt know how to do the whole casting couch,which is the only way women get jobs in hollywood now a days,TALENT? lol is a joke.

1185 days ago

weird al yankovich    

lying chicken head

sounds like she's after cash and taking away from REAL sex abuse cases

It's women like this that make it harder for the women who have valid cases

Gold digging ass chicken heads



1185 days ago


I swore for a minute that 'Steve' was a typo and you really meant 'Joe' and then I remembered he is most likely a very closeted homosexual - not necessarily because he likes men but because he clearly hates women.

1185 days ago


F that noise. Beatrice just trying to make a buck.

1185 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Is this even a surprise? An NBA player arrested for something like this. The league is filled with thugs and uneducated low lifes. When anyone from the NBA or the NFL get arrested it's nothing new. 20 players from the NFL arrested since the lockout. Most of these players without the games they play would be either homeless, unemployed, in jail, or dead.

1185 days ago


wow, i'm back... story disturbed me so much i went out and searched for this girl and all i can say is wow, steve you are really a jerk

after all the google searching i found that "shauna simien" is accually "shawna simien" a.k.a for artist name "shawna pat"

google search "shawna pat"
this girl has a buzz big time

i also found one of her videos "act a donkey" on youtube along with all the rest of her music and videos, i thought she was so awesome i had to come back...


1185 days ago

Big John Studd    

@David Jong


1185 days ago

Ben Rothlisburger    

It's sad Steve had to come to this. We don't put up with this in Pittsburgh...

1185 days ago

jerry farmer     

WOW another "BLACK" sports person getting into trouble again....WTF what else is new.............

1185 days ago
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