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'Teen Mom' Couple

EVICTED for Stiffing Landlord

7/23/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the couples from MTV's "Teen Mom" started off Season 3 by moving into their 1st apartment together -- but TMZ has learned, they've already been evicted from the pad ... for failing to pay rent!072211_teen_mom_lease_v3_still

19-year-olds Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra -- who are best known for giving their daughter Carly up for adoption on the show -- singed a lease on an apartment in Marine City, Michigan, in August, 2010. The big move was featured on the MTV show.

But according to court docs -- the couple stopped paying their rent in December 2010 ... so their landlord gave them an eviction notice -- and took them to court!

It didn't turn out well for the couple -- who agreed to give up their $450.00 security deposit, pay an additional $450 in back rent and move the hell out of the building.

No word on where Catelynn and Tyler -- who also happen to be step-siblings (!) -- plan to live next.


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1. You guys saying that it's cowardly to go the adoption route sound very ignorant. Abortion is cowardly, adoption is BRAVE!! and 2. They don't have money from the show because they put the bulk of it into a savings account for their daughter to have when she's older.

1186 days ago


I am almost positive that these kids get paid and it is about 60 grand. With that said, instead of NOT paying they surely can afford to move to a nicer place. I am just so happy that their little girl is in a nice home, she is the cutest little girl and it would be a shame if she had to live like this.

1186 days ago


all you boners out there making fun of catelynn and tyler, this just backs up their reason why they put their daughter up for adoption. people in that ****hole of a state are trying to make it everyday AND FAILING!!!! If you pay attention everyone of the teen mom's are having some kind of financial struggle (with the exception of the chick in South Dakota whose daddy pays for EVERYTHING) so obviously MTV is not pouring the $$ in their laps. Everyone assumes that they should be better off, but no one really knows how they get paid. Parents in Michigan should advise their children from elementary schoolage on to get the hell out of the state and try to better for themselves elsewhere. April and Butch need to put the pipe down and figure out how they are going to get out of the hole they have dug for themselves and their children.

1186 days ago

Long- time listener , First- time caller    

I just wanted to say about the "step-siblings" tid-bit that TMZ threw in there at the end, that Catelynn and Tyler knew eachother and were a couple before their parents met and married, so it's not like they were step-siblings first and then got together.

@HotMamaofThree: Catelynn and Tyler were in a tough situation where, even though I believe they could have taken care of the child, her mom and his dad, the two that are married, really don't seem to be stable enough to be in a house with a child. Butch, the dad, is in and out of jail, and the mom seems to have mood-swings and hasn't treated Catelynn all that well; all of this can be seen on the show. You might think it is selfish, but Catelynn and Tyler wanted to make sure their daughter was in a stable enviroment, and they were smart enough to know that the one they were in was not stable. They have an open adoption and have spent time with their daughter and have given her albums and pictures so that she can know who they are and know that they love her. No matter what anyone else thinks, Catelynn and Tyler did what they thought was right, and at the of the day their daughter is in a home where all of her needs are being met. That is what is important.

1186 days ago


tylers mom seems to have it's butch and april that suck!!!

1186 days ago


I know they get paid, but I'm wondering if there is something in the contract that says they don't get the money until they are 21 or something? Or I wonder if their loser parents got their hands on it? I mean, who payed for his dad's rehab?? Why were she and her mom living in such a bad area if she had money?? Just doesn't make sense...

1186 days ago


Catelynn posted a response on her twitter saying this is a lie.

1186 days ago


how do you singe a lease?

1186 days ago


Pumkin head

1186 days ago


Catelynn tweeted in response: @TeenMomGossip that is a lie the landlord was an idiot and didn't fix anything I payed every month that I lived there

She also tweeted to clear up the rumors: 0mg we did too pay our rent wtf? The landlord was an idiot and didn't fix anything!

1186 days ago


I always thought that these two were the most "together"--relatively speaking--considering the rest of the people in these shows. First off, I feel bad that Catelynn's mom was ok with her moving out--even encouraging her to move out. What kind of Mom doesn't intend to get a place so that she can take care of all of her children. Whatever...I figure that they got in over their heads and couldn't afford the rent--low as it was. It's hard to make rent, especially when you're still in school and may (or may not) have a job that can help to make ends meet. Really, how many of us--as adults--had to move back in with Mom and Dad after testing the waters only to find that we couldn't make it. And how many of us--again as adults--can't make ends meet even though we have jobs that could be enough for the rent. Hang in there's just too bad they don't have a good support system that can be there to help when they stumble. They care for each other, which counts alot.

1186 days ago

go home!    

Catelynn & Tyler are white trash losers. They get paid a lot of money to be on that show, so there is no reason they cant pay their rent if they wanted to. I guess they would rather be buying IPhones like we see them using on the show, etc. Whatever, stiff on $450 rent? White Trash. Don't try ever living in LA where the rent is 4times that amount.

1186 days ago


How much money do they make from the show and magazine covers? Why are all of these Teen Mom's so broke? The only way I would let the world see all of my business would be if I was being paid VERY well. It doesn't make sense!

1186 days ago


I know! 450 for a one bedroom is like OMG cheap. I live in NJ, and my studio/efficiency is 600! And that is with the landlord cutting us a break! It is in a chi chi part of town, so that could be a factor...but I nearly drop dead every time I hear how little these teen moms pay.

1186 days ago


Wow this isnt anything that newsworthy. Not a first time a couple teens have been evicted, It sometimes happens and its all a part of growing up and learning to be on your own etc..You people need to grow up.@hotmamaofthree And as far as them giving up their child for adoption , I think its the most wonderful gift and selfless act you can do when you have a child you cannot take care of. I think they made the best choice. I do not know what they make off the show and I dont care, they will live and learn and at least they arent getting evicted with a child in their care! Get over it please. as if you have never known someone with a eviction...and we all make mistakes. I agree that there are far more important things going on in the world to report on than this.

1186 days ago
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