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'Teen Mom' Couple

EVICTED for Stiffing Landlord

7/23/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the couples from MTV's "Teen Mom" started off Season 3 by moving into their 1st apartment together -- but TMZ has learned, they've already been evicted from the pad ... for failing to pay rent!072211_teen_mom_lease_v3_still

19-year-olds Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra -- who are best known for giving their daughter Carly up for adoption on the show -- singed a lease on an apartment in Marine City, Michigan, in August, 2010. The big move was featured on the MTV show.

But according to court docs -- the couple stopped paying their rent in December 2010 ... so their landlord gave them an eviction notice -- and took them to court!

It didn't turn out well for the couple -- who agreed to give up their $450.00 security deposit, pay an additional $450 in back rent and move the hell out of the building.

No word on where Catelynn and Tyler -- who also happen to be step-siblings (!) -- plan to live next.


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FYI they were dating before their parents got married. So they aren't gross their parents are.

1189 days ago


C'mon, a TV show like this should never be aired. Teens are getting pregnant just to try and get on the show.

Don't kid yourselves, MTV pays for all of this publicity.

1189 days ago


No matter what happens to these two, they will never, ever be Amber Portwood. They are so lucky in that regard.

1188 days ago


Well technically Caitlynn and Tyler were together first before THEIR parents got together -_-

1188 days ago


I love Cate and Ty they I know will be good parents and they would have been for Carly, I hope they find a house and live happliy ever after they deserve it.
I was a teen mom to my daughter Summer and I gave her up for adoption now I am 22 and I have another daughter called Nathalia who is a few days old I got that name of house of anubis star Nathalia Ramos but anyway it was hard to give up my baby but I love them both and i know Carly is loved too!!! xx

1188 days ago


You people are all such experts on managing money. I bet NONE of you have ever bounced a check or been unable to pay the rent. These are kids, and they've been in the spotlight; everything they do is scrutinized. I wish all the haters here had a microscope on their lives--bet you wouldn't be so judgmental and mean if your credit score was broadcast on TMZ.

1188 days ago


When I watched the episode that showed them getting this apartment, I wondered why in the hell the landlord gave it to them in the first place. They didn't have jobs. They even said during that episode (to each other) that they'd have to go out and get jobs real soon, but that they thought they were good for a while 'cause they had money "saved up". Saved up from what, exactly...and what happened to those job thingies they were gonna get?

1188 days ago


Actually if you look up their case it was dismissed in May! Why because they proved they paid rent. This is old news tmz. Plus they moved because the landlord was a slum lord. I think you guys need to get your facts straight.

1188 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well good for them. at least they were evicted for NOT! paying their rent. woulda sucked if they were evicted for paying it!!

1187 days ago


@Tammy. Funny enough, that's exactly where they live now. I'm from Marine city and have seen them in the Trailer park.

1186 days ago

You're probably a heffer...    


WTF is wrong with you?? Giving up a child that you can not care for is NO WHERE NEAR selfi*****he child is better off with a family that can love and afford to care for it. What would you rather happen? Hear about them in the news being arrested for starving their baby, and she been in 4 day old diapers sitting in feces??? Get over yourself. Kudos to these kids for knowing they couldn't give their daughter a good life.

1186 days ago


Since when is it normal for a stepbrother and stepsister to sleep in the same bed together? Trash! How do all these kids on Teen Mom afford all those vacations they go on year round and yet when you watch the show they're always 'struggling' with money for rent, school, and vehicles? This show is only good for airing dirty laundry and exploiting teen pregnancy and parenthood.

1186 days ago


Just so everybody knows they DID NOT get evicted! They moved out because their landlord wasnt fixing the place up! Check out Tyler's twitter if you don't believe it!

1186 days ago


these kids seem like good kids, the most mature kids on the show. quit being so hard on them ppl they are just kids. and as for their teen mom money.. well their loser parents prob spemt it all. seriously it is amazing they turned out as well as they did with parents like that. and as for giving the baby up for adoption it was their decision and for them it was the right 1, and very unselfish. they love their daughter and wanted the best for her between their age and their home life they knew it was not a good place for a baby. give them a break they are just kids still in freakin high school.

1183 days ago


Let's not assume any of this is true, you can't always believe what you read. Chill out people. Also, giving up their baby was selfless and best for the baby to have a quality life, so the people commenting about that are nuts.
p.s. TMZ, it's 'signed' not 'singed'.... :)

1101 days ago
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