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Amy Winehouse

Died in Bed

7/25/2011 4:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her bed by a security guard who had been appointed to look after her ... this according a rep for Winehouse. 

Amy Winehouse Died
Chris Goodman, a friend and rep for Winehouse, explained, "She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep and when he went to wake her he found she wasn't breathing."

Goodman continued, "He called the emergency services straight away. He was very shocked. At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed."


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some guy    

My guess is that space aliens came down, tried to implant a probe, and things went awry.

I've heard this kind of malpractice happens all the time. I'll call my intergalactic lawyer. He's really good. He's passed the Bar exam in all the major solar systems.

1185 days ago


Sounds sad like the years of abuse to her body caught up to her, May she rest in peace and be remembered for music not her personal issues she had.

1185 days ago


STD's -- most people here don't even realize you can access news from across the world. You have to keep in mind who you are dealing with -- a bunch of sheep that believe everything they read on American news sites and think nothing else exists. Make it up as they go -- filled with speculation.

1185 days ago


Her last comment, on what seems to be her personal Twitter, was written just a few hours before she was found:
Amy Winehouse (@amyjademermaid) 11-07-21 22:35
"oinka oikna oinka why you awake" after her not posting any tweet for 168 days...

Strange?? Immense loneliness... Not sure if it was noticed on Twitter... Anyway, sad... A waste of great talent...

1185 days ago


Her body could've gone into shock from healing from all the drug use...that's the hard sad part of becoming sober at times....trying to do the right thing and your body isn't ready or ok with it .....

also....what ever happened with her ex husband?

1185 days ago


TMZ ! Don't drive us nuts like you did with the Arnold Shwarz fling!!!! Omg, Amy Wino is gone. Goodbye. She lived a live of a tramp. She had no talent !

1185 days ago


BRETT: Just because TMZ keeps posting Winehouse stories doesn't mean you have to click on them and read them (and worse yet, COMMENT on them!) Get a life, dude. I'm so tired of commenters saying, "TMZ, don't write about that", "TMZ, don't write about this"... TMZ knows EXACTLY how many people click on and read each story, and if the numbers are there, they'll keep printing more. (And yes, your click on this story counted!) That's the way it is, so take a chill pill and relax.

1185 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...cardiac arrest...

1185 days ago


bruce 4 minutes ago

TMZ ! Don't drive us nuts like you did with the Arnold Shwarz fling!!!! Omg, Amy Wino is gone. Goodbye. She lived a live of a tramp. She had no talent !

She had more talent in a strand of her hair then you have in every fiber of your body. Bruce who? Oh yeah you're no one, at least she was.......

1185 days ago


If she had been on a bender and was trying to get clean, in all honesty, withdrawal could've killed her. It happens - especially in the case of people who are chronic opiate abusers. It's not safe for a hardcore addict to quit without the help of medical professionals. I hope everyone out there who is reading this that is an addict or knows someone that is an addict will take this as a sign to get help. No one can stop until they want to stop, but continuing to abuse drugs can only have one of two logical conclusions - death or prison. It's hard to get clean, but you'll appreciate the decision when your life is back on track.

1185 days ago


Amy Winehouse caught hours before her death!

1185 days ago

Kevin Johnson    

Hey you Hateful Amercans, I have also battled w/ addiction I am not a bad guy! I work, pay taxes, love my freinds and family, etc. I have served my country in the USMC! I am in recovery now and to all you that are better and judge addiction **** YOU!!!!

1185 days ago

Kevin Johnson    

So Sad! Such a tragedy! Addiction is a sickness not cime or a hateful thing! I wish that some people could have stepped in and helped this girl. She had a beautiful voice and so much pomise:( The clues were all there! look at this

1185 days ago

somewhere in Texas    

I just lisened to her song rehab for the first time. Her parents were trying to give her help for a long time. Too bad she didn't try to take it.

1185 days ago


How many posts are you going to post TMZ on her? Whats the next post "Amy Winehouse -- died with clothes on"

1185 days ago
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