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Amy Winehouse

Died in Bed

7/25/2011 4:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her bed by a security guard who had been appointed to look after her ... this according a rep for Winehouse. 

Amy Winehouse Died
Chris Goodman, a friend and rep for Winehouse, explained, "She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep and when he went to wake her he found she wasn't breathing."

Goodman continued, "He called the emergency services straight away. He was very shocked. At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed."


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If it was up to me,i would rather be the one to die in my sleep.

1151 days ago

And thats the truth    

It eerily sounds like Heath Ledgers demise as well as Anna Nicole Smith's. All of them died in their sleep. Karen Carpenter died that way too but her heart gave out due to her eating disorder.

1151 days ago


Maybe Dr. Murray gave her too much propofol. or maybe she gave herself too much like Michael did.

just sayin'

1151 days ago

Politico Pablo    

What ever she took, she made the fatal mistake of mixing it with alcohol. You go to sleep and never wake up because you just stop breathing.

1151 days ago


Drugs and drink will do that to you - even a small amount. I had surgery a few years back and rec'd morphine, and had a bad reaction. Turns out it shuts down your respiratory system and I had to stay awake for 24 hours and force myself to breathe (or risk a trach). I can very much see how Amy could have stopped breathing in her sleep - if she had taken something. It didn't have to be a lot. RIP Amy.

1151 days ago


this is truly a time for only compassion, yet you always get the people that have absolutely none...on these tabloid message boards. usually the people with no compassion, are the people who are messed up themselves, and, wont admit it to themselves, and never ever, would admit it to others.

i was astounded to read chuck rock's post about kevin johnson.absolute horrible things to say about this human being that is in rehab and recovery..unbelievable this chuck guy...a real sicko...these people's post's should be banned from this website.kevin's post was absolutely a-ok, yet this guy had to attack him...just consider the source...get help are the one who needs it.

rest in peace amy, such a sad loss...i can only imagine this was an accident, and, it is too late now to get help. it took robert downey so so many years to finally get it together..whitney houston, is still on and off, and others tragic...she was tortured inside. so many stars and people just dont get the help they need with their inner drinking and drugs make em numb to those demons. never works. so sad.

1151 days ago


Dying in bed is a nice way to go for anyone. 27 is a little tough...but those 84 kids at camp didn't try to kill themselves at all.

1151 days ago


No matter if she did drugs or not, no human being should have to die alone. And if you say other wise, what kind of person are you...?

1151 days ago


Look at you people, bunch of cowardly, no talent, jealous, brain dead, out of shape f*cks. Just look at what some of you have written. Your hearts are dead inside, I feel sorry for you, bunch of sorry ass b*tches. You are a bunch of sad excuses for humans and I wish you werent on my planet. Now go f*ck off you twits.

1151 days ago


i think thats its sad to lose anyone this type of a musician myself n have seen some horrible things in life,but when someone is tired.there is not much any doctor or anyone else can do but pray for them.. if u are tired...some people just give up dmiked n H-town

1151 days ago


Amy, I am sadden by your sudden death. I never knew you personally but for some reason I am sad. I know you had a difficult break up with the love of your life Blake. Things may have happened to you that was hard for you to deal with. I wish your family and friends the strength to get them throw this difficult time. Rest in peace Amy, we will always remember you.

1151 days ago


Thanks for writing that Jim

1151 days ago


Watch: Amy Winehouse's Bodyguard Andrew Morris Who Found her Dead (Pictures, Photos, Video)

1151 days ago


OMG so they really killed her - thanks for the information the security guard was appointed to take care of here right, aham right !! She was killed to cover up the MADNESS that Happened in NORWAY , they picked her as a target because of the law of the 27 club , in wich the CIA , FBI , NSA and some other non usa govermental enteties do when they will strike on a target , Thank you for the information TMZ - dont be fooled by the drug story people , you are under mind controle free your self and research for yourself , dont take my work as the truth

1151 days ago


so sad......the loneliness of addiction is a never ending hell....people always say "just stop" IT IS NOT THAT EASY! That poor girl had everything so easily accesable and I bet no one dared to love her enough to say no. Now look wat happened. Everyone needs to learn from tragedy's like this.

1151 days ago
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