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Amy's Mom: Her Death Was 'Only a Matter of Time'

7/24/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Many people believed Amy Winehouse's hard partying ways would lead to her early death ... including her own mother.

Janis Winehouse told The Daily Mirror today she believed Amy's death was "only a matter of time" -- this after seeing her just the day before. She told the paper, "She seemed out of it. But her passing so suddenly still hasn’t hit me."

She said Amy told her she loved her as they parted company on Friday, saying, "They are the words I will always treasure ... I'm glad I saw her when I did."


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People that are making these nasty remarks about this young girls death no doubt come from more then likely come from a loveless background. You make snide remarks about rehabs and her not wanting it. Well,there is a place you can go to for help.Go talk to someone about how you were never hugged or taught the meaning of compassion.It would really help you out in knowing people do care about you and the snide remarks only makes you feel superior for a short time.For starters you can tell someone you love them it might actually open up some positive doors in your hatefull ways.

1164 days ago


Jeff - If that's truly the case, get help now...

1164 days ago


always so painful when a parent has to bury their child of any age
not the natural order of things

that being said
I really wish her mom wouldn't have had such a fatalistic approach and attitude..possibly her dad too

parents need to take a page out of Jamie Spears' playbook (Britney's dad)
his bold approach and taking action when he did,
most likely saved his daughters life

and maybe the same could have been done for Amy

but sadly we'll never know

1164 days ago


my sistha's and myself were introduced to AMY's music a few years ago and ever since we loved her...we've listened to Amy every day!!! We taped her live concert from the UK and I set it (the concert)on NEVER to delete(THANK GOODNESS)!!!!!My daugther and myself wanted to travel to the UK to see Amy...unfortuantely she was banned from th U.S. however...We will miss you Amy like so many before you ... you left us tooooo soon

1164 days ago


Compassion people....for Amy and all those who love her.
As of yesterday the music in Heaven sounds better. The when, how,why, etc does not matter, Dr.Drew and his TV peddlin BS, Anderson Cooper, Etc......all makin their paper off of this loss of life. Hold this loss in your hearts. Every second 24/7 someone on our planet has ended...Compassion and love for all others. Keep Safe All !!!

1164 days ago



1164 days ago


for those who can sit around and brag about dieing is not cool at al i lost my mom i found her in my bathroom the worst time of my life trying to give her CPR n nothing worked til this day i feel like a frailer so when i c **** like my death day is planed it upsets me b,c my mom was fine n then she went to the bathroom never to be able to say good bye to n for me to find her i was 14 im now 16 n it hurt like hell so plz think b4 u post plz cuz its not always the best way or thing to say
\if any one has qustions plz feel free to facebook me ashley varner im on there id be glad to answer any qustions

1164 days ago


So sad...a tormented genius..

1164 days ago


To all the people saying "Why is TMZ STILL talking about this???" Well, for one, the woman just died LAST NIGHT. You think they're just going to forget Amy Winehouse in less than 24 hours? Think again! If you don't want to read about her, do what everyone else does and scroll down to the next story. F__king idiots..

1164 days ago


Why Jeff?

1164 days ago

Alan Carver    

How sad for Amy's parents as they bury their child. No parent should have to live through this, but it has been said time after time after time, since she passed, that all of this could've been prevented if she had just gotten the help she needed and worked an honest program of recovery.

Truly one of the saddest aspects of what happened yesterday is hearing from a parent of the deceased, really not being able to comprehend how devastating this must be for them.

And people that are complaining about TMZ and exploitation, if you do not like it, then stop coming on here and complaining. You all know what TMZ is about - it is a gossip site for those in the entertainment industry (i.e. Hollywood and NY). So if you do not like what the stories are on here then stop coming here yourselves!

1164 days ago

Reality Check    

Everyones death is "only a matter of time"!

1164 days ago


Her parents are partly to blame for this. They should have pulled a "Britney Spears" on her if they truly cared and knew she was in trouble!

1164 days ago

John Fairlamb    

Farewell Amy . . .
It was many life times ago for me when my World was the London drug environment. A plane ride out in 1975 was perhaps the strongest and most courageous of all my accomplishments.
I miss my friends from then deeply. . for all our worthlessness, there was something that normal life did not match for us. The closest way to describe it might be the bond between soldiers in battle. Matched by an existence in a false reality, which in hind sight, never matches the cost.
Sitting there in this picture, for so many people, is not Amy but someone else personal in our lives, perhaps . . a friend, a daughter, a mother, girlfriend, lover, sister . . . for me she is Elizabeth, my best friend, my soulmate. . . a space in my heart that is hers.

1164 days ago


No one could have helped her including her parents if she wasn't ready. Addiction is powerful and it talks to you constantly. It is really a constant compulsion. So sad she couldn't fight it.

1164 days ago
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