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Amy's Mom: Her Death Was 'Only a Matter of Time'

7/24/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Many people believed Amy Winehouse's hard partying ways would lead to her early death ... including her own mother.

Janis Winehouse told The Daily Mirror today she believed Amy's death was "only a matter of time" -- this after seeing her just the day before. She told the paper, "She seemed out of it. But her passing so suddenly still hasn’t hit me."

She said Amy told her she loved her as they parted company on Friday, saying, "They are the words I will always treasure ... I'm glad I saw her when I did."


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Isn't everyone's death only a matter of time?

1189 days ago



1189 days ago


I think "Hard Partying" is a poor phrase to describe Amy's struggles with addiction. As far as I'm concerned "Partying" is a fun, social activity. Addiction is not.

1189 days ago


@karen You might want to attend some Al-Anon meetings before placing blame on her parents. The prevailing wisdom is that no one can save another person from addiction.

1189 days ago


truly sad on many levels. a great artist, thoughts prayers for her family & friends

1189 days ago


Jeff...are you alright? Do you need to talk to someone?

1189 days ago


'Only a matter of time.' is true of everyone.

1189 days ago


Her parents were looked at like ogres for begging people not to support her tour because she only toured so she could get money for drugs.

I remember them literally begging while those around her encouraged her to keep singing and touring. Pathetic leaches.

The parents I'm sure feel heartbroken and to watch her life and death would be hard.

1189 days ago


2 weeks ago in a uk paper it was said that she was partying so hard that she would drink herself into a stupor and pass out on the floor. the guy she was dating said enough. She has admitted she's a violent drunk and abusive to people.

He said if you drink I'm not going to be around you.

Usually addict***** bottom when they have no money or no home to go to. Rich addicts rarely hit bottom until they die.

1189 days ago


This IS every parents worst nightmare! :(

1189 days ago


I agree with the person who said that those showing no compassion concerning Amy's death perhaps lack/lacked love in their lives. My partner has a polite relationship with his family; they never hug, say they love each other, or really show any form of emotion - he has no interest in Amy's death as he didn't know her, didn't like her music, and it makes no difference to his life. I, on the other hand, have a close relationship with my parents and siblings; we say we love one another, laugh and cry together, hug, and generally show how we feel - I felt very upset upon hearing of Amy's death and couldn't stop myself from shedding a few tears. This was a display which my partner just couldn't comprehend, but then I can't comprehend how anybody could feel a complete lack of emotion at such an event. I rarely watch the news/read the newspapers - this isn't because I seek to be ignorant, it's because I find tragic news effects me far too much and I wouldn't be able to function in my own life as I would spend all day thinking about the horrible events happening in the world. A happy medium is what's needed - anyone that truely feels nothing about Amy's death due to the fact that she had a drug addiction is, in my opinion, completely heartless.

My heart goes out to her poor parents who did all they could. May she RIP free from being such a tortured soul.

1189 days ago


The world has lost one of her greatest voices. May she finally find the peace that so eluded her in life.

1189 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

The mother's comments seem to conflict with an earlier story on A.W. here on TMZ (I´m talking about a story that was posted about a week or two ago). TMZ had a picture of Amy walking down the street in London with a caption stating something to the effect that she looked much better than before (I guess they meant the way she looked in June when she had that disastrous concert in Serbia). In fact, in that picture, she did look much better. A number of comments noted that.

So what really happened to her these last few months? Was she on the road to recovery but had a terrible relapse this past weekend? Was she swinging wildly between periods of lucidity and periods of collapse, and the last period of collapse did her in? Hopefully the real story will come out some day.

1189 days ago


Janis Winehouse told The Daily Mirror today she believed Amy's death was "only a matter of time" --

Exactly which brings me back to my main point, why are people acting like this is a shocker?

1189 days ago


Janis Whitehouse could see that her daughter was in serious trouble.

@ Howard Moon:
Most people are not comfortable with the vocabulary of death because they are not comfortable facing the fact of their own mortality. Please notice how many people say "Pass away" instead of "Died." There are even some very religious people who believe that the dead "pass on" to God's world.
What is truly "pathetic" as you put it is people's inability to accept the fact that people age and people die;such people miss out on the opportunities of reaching their full potential.

1189 days ago
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