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Amy's Mom: Her Death Was 'Only a Matter of Time'

7/24/2011 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Many people believed Amy Winehouse's hard partying ways would lead to her early death ... including her own mother.

Janis Winehouse told The Daily Mirror today she believed Amy's death was "only a matter of time" -- this after seeing her just the day before. She told the paper, "She seemed out of it. But her passing so suddenly still hasn’t hit me."

She said Amy told her she loved her as they parted company on Friday, saying, "They are the words I will always treasure ... I'm glad I saw her when I did."


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Agree with Piggy! Doesn't matter if it's true or not, just last weekend, TMZ ran a fake story with a fake photo of George and Cindy Anthony staying by the pool. And now AW,

1130 days ago


Bunny, it's because it's a death no one was prepared for even if it is expected. It's not like one of those deaths where people have some time to prepare/grieve before the actual death occurs. Drug addicts have survived longer than she has anyways. People always say it is only a matter of time before whatever drug addict celebrity is going to die, but it's not like we expect them to pass on soon. Most deaths I have dealt with are sudden. One day we see them alive and next day they are gone. Thats a shock for most people. The mother is going through normal grieving process.

1130 days ago


metronomic are you serious? she put out one good cd in 9 years; even her first one she said she didn't like that much.

whenever a celeb dies people lose their minds.

She toured when she needed money for drugs and booze. We don't know how talented she was because she put her family, friends, music and fans in the backseat so she could get high.

1130 days ago


clobird; what is really pathetic is someone acting like a hippy intellectual when no one knows what the hell you are talking about. it's not that deep; she was a drug addict. Most rich drug addicts die because they never hit a bottom. not that hard.

Her Royal; she may have looked great but do you think her and kim kardashian and many celebs leave the house where they know they are going to be photographed without 2-3 people making them up? celebs look just like you and me without being dolled up and botoxed.

I have lots of friends in the UK and one sent me an article written on July 10. It said that Whinehouse was partying more than ever. One friend said that the guy she was with would no longer see her when she drank because she was an angry and abusive person.

Within a week period, 3 times she drank herself to where she was passed out and had to be carried home.

I think with most celebs, many use painkiller and anti anxiety meds on the side; it's kind of the cool thing. Mix that with alcohol and you are dead. Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy and her Husband, Anna Nicole Smith, etc.... the list goes on and on.

Prescription drugs kill more people than meth, heroine and coke COMBINED. Most of holly wood is on them. Combine them with alcohol and it's a dangerous game.

She died like most rich addicts. Alone, with only her drugs and alcohol beside her. sad she took that choice. I feel bad for her mom and dad that took flack for being hard on her wanting her to stop. They told people to no longer go to her concerts.

It's sad to watch a train wreck knowing the tracks are broken and eventually it will crash.

People say "why are people so shocked?". How insensitive and dense. It's shocking because she's only 27 years old and she's famous. You may expect it but you still are shocked when it happens. man.

1130 days ago

umm yeah    

seriously, i have to agree with those who question how a mother can leave her daughter when she seemed so "out of it", especially with her past. i couldn't have left, i'd have slapped the crap out of her hand when she tried to use, it may not cure the addiction, but might have saved her for another day. do it enough, and you'll sit thru withdrawal with them, then maybe they might even stop using. they may end up hating you, but they'll be alive to hate. i don't get it, how can you just walk away. sad, very sad.

1130 days ago

Blonde Ariel    

"If the person doesnt want help, and is an adult, there is not a damn thing the parents, friends or anyone can do to force them to get it."

...what about a conservatorship like britney's parents did? Sorry, but I don't believe these parents really did "everything they could" for this girl. It's your daughter. Cutting off her funds - no $$ = no drugs. It's a tragic situation but I feel it could have been avoided.

1130 days ago


Sordid final hours of a troubled star: Amy Winehouse had 'bought ecstasy, cocaine and ketamine' on the night before tragic death

By Lara Gould, Sarah Bull and Jessica Satherley

Last updated at 6:41 PM on 24th July 2011

Comments (1032)
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Autopsy could take place 'within next 24 hours'
Claims she bought cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and ketamine in the hours leading up to her death

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1130 days ago


Peoplearesilly - your 100% dead on. I have a brother that is slowly killing himself with heroin. I've asked my Mother and Father to STOP trying to help him because they are only enabling him.
Only the person in trouble can help themselves in these situation. It sucks and it's the saddest thing to watch someone (especially a loved one) go down that road but only they can help themselves.

1130 days ago



1130 days ago


My daughter is in NYC at this very moment, working out a singing deal.

I have used this tragedy to point up what can happen along with the fame and fortune.

I wish for my daughter's great success - but I fear for her as well.

1130 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I can assure you, that Amy was in enough pain that she "wished" she were dead!!!! Where that pain originated from is anyone's guess at this point!

1130 days ago


Addiction is a reliable vehicle to bury all emotions and remain numb... I get it. It is difficult to to be clean and sober when one feels so deeply, so often.

1130 days ago


Umm...isn't EVERYONE'S death just a matter of time?

1130 days ago


Shame on the vultures who suck an innocent person into this chaos! Let this woman grieve the lose of her daughter without preying on her because she's the only one you can reach!

Miss you, Amy! I so looked forward to listening to your art for years and years...

1130 days ago


Shame on the vultures who suck an innocent person into this chaos! Let this woman grieve the lose of her daughter without preying on her because she's the only one you can reach!

Miss you, Amy! I so looked forward to listening to your art for years and years...

1130 days ago
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