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NBC News -- We Won't Pay for Casey Anthony ... BUT

7/24/2011 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC news is apparently reacting to a TMZ story, in which we said Casey Anthony's lawyer is negotiating with the major networks, and big bucks are on the line ... because the network is saying they have not offered any payment for an INTERVIEW ... BUT, it made no mention of other ways of paying handsomely for a chat with the very famous former murder defendant.


TMZ broke the story ... Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, was holed up at the swanky Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, negotiating with NBC, ABC and CBS for the first sit-down.  And, as we reported, Baez was in the Hotel bar Thursday night, getting tips from high-profile lawyer Mark Geragos on how to negotiate the best deal.

NBC gave a statement to the New York Post, saying, "We've talked with Baez about getting an interview with Casey Anthony, but only under NBC News standards and conditions -- no payment, and absolutely no job offers for any member of her defense team."

Read carefully -- NBC is saying "no payment," but it refers to an "interview."  That doesn't cover paying huge money for pictures, video, etc.  That's S.O.P. in the network game -- and we're told that's one of the issues Geragos covered with Baez.

As we reported, as of Friday morning ... NBC was the frontrunner in nabbing Anthony.


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i hope their next charter plane crashes. send them both to hell together!

1150 days ago


I am a vengeful woman in regards to this issue, I will out NBC..women DO NOT FORGET...

1150 days ago


The reason the news divisions got away with paying for interviews by 'licensing' photos was because it wasn't generally known. When it was revealed last year that Anthony had been paid $200K by ABC for photos of her dead daughter, that little sleight of hand trick was exposed and the network was widely criticized.

Doubtful NBC wants to expose itself to the same questions of ethical behavior that dogged ABC.

1150 days ago


Email the networks to let them know you object to Anthony profiting in any way from the death of her child. Let them know if they pay her, you'll boycott them and their sponsors.

1150 days ago


Well I will NOT be watching NBC for a long, long time then.

You know they will pay her big bucks. The networks are sick, greedy pigs.

She's a thief, scam artist and murderer who lucked out with a dumb, lazy jury.

1150 days ago


I would hope every person in the world tuned out, and the station gets its lowest ratings ever. I'd boycott the station for a while. How sick are they.

1150 days ago


dont do it nbc....think of the backlash you will have..all those boycotted products...better hang it up,dont give this filthy babykiller any more attention...let her turn to w hor ing for her income

1150 days ago


How about someone pay her to commit murder/suicide live? that i would watch and it would be worth every penny!

1150 days ago


"....and absolutely no job offers for any member of her defense team."
I'm confused. Why would any member of her defense team need a job offer from NBC?

1150 days ago


Get ready for a serious boycott by female viewers NBC, even if you DON'T PAY HER!

Crime and child neglect malicious manslaughter should not pay even with additional unpaid for network exposure. This pathologic liar will lie and her lawyer will spin etc. We saw enough with the jailhouse tapes.

Let the loser take out loans go to college and try to work like everyone else. She always wanted a free ride, stealing from friends and family without ANY remorse, so she could buy treats and lingerie for herself.

Frankly she is really ugly IMO.

1150 days ago

some guy    

I wish I could get a chance to talk to Casey. I'd like to keep it casual, though.

I usually need a drink first to be able to relax. I'd like to talk to her in a bar-type atmosphere. Maybe a booth in a place that's not very crowded and where we could order food. Maybe with a pool table.

I'd like to talk to Casey for longer than a normal interview, though. I think I'd like to spend at least an afternoon with her. Just so we're comfortable and be able to open up.

IDK... dunno how Casey would feel about this. Would she want cameras there?

1150 days ago


If there were a national, week long boycott of any network that has anything to do with paying Casey Anthony in any way, that might cause them to rethink their need to do it.

1150 days ago


i think she should be able to do an interview..the media has told so many lies about this case..they have everyone brainwashed.she should get to tell her side.but in this country everyone forms a quick opinion and runs with it.also the ones wishing death on her and everything are the same ones who whine and cry if you pour a little water on a terrorist's get intel from them. how ironic

1150 days ago


@RAMHEAD The "jobs" come as "legal commentators" or "analysts" on future stories. Geragos knows exactly what to do. Disgusting how Geragos defended Scott Peterson, slimeballs he and Baez both.

Hope Casey is tormented by her dreams the rest of her life. She killed that baby, no 2 ways about it.

1150 days ago


A baby killer is walking around free. And now the s*** lawyers will make more money. This is Justice!!!

1150 days ago
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