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NBC News -- We Won't Pay for Casey Anthony ... BUT

7/24/2011 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC news is apparently reacting to a TMZ story, in which we said Casey Anthony's lawyer is negotiating with the major networks, and big bucks are on the line ... because the network is saying they have not offered any payment for an INTERVIEW ... BUT, it made no mention of other ways of paying handsomely for a chat with the very famous former murder defendant.


TMZ broke the story ... Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, was holed up at the swanky Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, negotiating with NBC, ABC and CBS for the first sit-down.  And, as we reported, Baez was in the Hotel bar Thursday night, getting tips from high-profile lawyer Mark Geragos on how to negotiate the best deal.

NBC gave a statement to the New York Post, saying, "We've talked with Baez about getting an interview with Casey Anthony, but only under NBC News standards and conditions -- no payment, and absolutely no job offers for any member of her defense team."

Read carefully -- NBC is saying "no payment," but it refers to an "interview."  That doesn't cover paying huge money for pictures, video, etc.  That's S.O.P. in the network game -- and we're told that's one of the issues Geragos covered with Baez.

As we reported, as of Friday morning ... NBC was the frontrunner in nabbing Anthony.


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I will not be watching anything about Casey Anthony. What is there to watch? The trial was aired for weeks, there 's nothing new I need to know.

1187 days ago

some guy    


I just read that article you posted.

Really sickening that the jurors are getting death threats. I really hope the people who sent them aren't serious.

I hope no deaths occur because of Caylee death. It seems obscene and would be an unforgivable insult to the memory of an innocent little girl.

1187 days ago


If you find profiting from the murder of Caylee as disgusting as I do please sign the recently created petition at
The petition is called, "Don't Profit Off the Death of Caylee", and will be delivered to any entity that attempts to profit from the murder of Caylee.
NBC you are now in our cross-hairs, as are your sponsors.
RIP Caylee Maria Anthony.

1187 days ago


Go to " - Contact Us - NBC Official Site"

Contact info on this site, please state that NBC and it's
sponsors will be boycotted re Casey Anthony deal.

Thanks...RIP Caylee

1187 days ago


Shame on any of the networks that offer this baby killer a red cent (blood money). Sure, she was found innocent but deep down inside even the jurors knew she did it. I think the best thing here would be to totally ignore this woman. She's cold, callous and such a liar. Why would anyone pay her for a mouthful of lies?
If any of the major networks pay her for an interview rest assured you'll lose viewers based solely on that. I'd think twice if I were you.

1187 days ago


To the network that lands this lying, murdering jus*****ch the ****storm we rain down on your sponsors. It won't be pretty for you.

Amazing how NBC didn't have the money to keep a great actor like Chris Meloni on a fantastic TV show, yet they have money for a baby killing slut. Wow. Even more disgusting...Casey Anthony and her attorney are liars, period. NBC is going to pay a fortune for lies???

1187 days ago


The interviewer will go easy on the questions, Casey will cry SHE is the VICTIM, pathetic. I won*****ch that network ever again that makes her rich...Ill watch Nancy Grace tear her apart for nothing!!!!! If everyone would just ignore her, that would hurt her more than anything... then she would have to pay someone to talk to her.. Get smart networks.. you are dealing with the Devil....

1187 days ago

some guy    

IDK... I think the biggest thing I'd like to hear from Casey is if she has anything nagging on her conscience. I think Casey's voice has been drowned out from all the media frenzy and Nancy Graces in this world.

Casey was found not guilty by the courts, and that's good enough for me. I hold no resentment against Casey herself. I know alot of people still believe that she did it, but that is not for us to judge. What's done is done.

It sounds to me like people want to try Casey a second time. Maybe someone needs to change some laws around if that's what people want.

1187 days ago

Don & Connie    

We REFUSE to watch anything that any network supports in anyway whether by paying for interviews, pictures, or anything else that would benefit financially in any way, shape or form for Casey, Baez, or anyone in her family of any of her lawyers. We will not buy or use anything a sponsor would advertise on a show that does. This goes for anyone that supports her or them by paying for lies.

1187 days ago


we all know TMZ is a tabloid, but NBC is turning into one too..they are just pretending to still be about serious news which makes it all the more sickening to me..
touting bashir , diamond as serious journalists instead of the bottomfeeders and tabloid hacks they truly are and crossing their fingers no one will call them out on it.....pfft

not surprised in the least they would take the low road for the casey anthony interview ..

1187 days ago


Shame on ANY network that gives anyone associated with the baby killer a dime. I foresee boycotts of the network and its advertisers. I refuse to watch/listen to a second of what this pathological liar has to say.

1187 days ago

some guy    

I think it would be a good thing for Casey if she confesses her sins, if she feels she has any.

I've noticed I've shared alot of personal crap about myself through TMZ. Dunno, I think I've become a better person b/c of it.

I try to live up to the all the **** talk I make about doing the right thing. I mean, I'm not perfect by any means, but I have been making a conscience effort to be a little... I guess 'classier' for lack of a better word.

IDK... it'd be mostly up to Casey on what she wants to talk about. I won't push her.

1187 days ago


I really hope that Casey doesn't profit from this. If nobody watches to show that there isn't interest in her lies maybe this will die down. She will never tell (in a interview) what happened to Caylee and who would be interested in what she has to say if it isn't about Caylee.

1187 days ago


Any network who interviews her will be boycotted- no matter how they try to spin it.

This blog has a list of company's that have ad's on Gerardo's show.

He's already feeling the pinch of him talking up the sword for a baby killer.

1187 days ago


David Jong -

I think you're right about the death threats to the jurors. They were only doing their civic duty and really didn't have enough evidence for a DP conviction.

The majority of them have tried to be decent about it. Unfortunately, the few who immediately sought to profit fanned a lot of understandable hostility against the group as a whole.

I have nothing but disdain for those few and still believe they all dropped the ball on manslaughter.

1187 days ago
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