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NBC News -- We Won't Pay for Casey Anthony ... BUT

7/24/2011 8:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC news is apparently reacting to a TMZ story, in which we said Casey Anthony's lawyer is negotiating with the major networks, and big bucks are on the line ... because the network is saying they have not offered any payment for an INTERVIEW ... BUT, it made no mention of other ways of paying handsomely for a chat with the very famous former murder defendant.


TMZ broke the story ... Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez, was holed up at the swanky Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, negotiating with NBC, ABC and CBS for the first sit-down.  And, as we reported, Baez was in the Hotel bar Thursday night, getting tips from high-profile lawyer Mark Geragos on how to negotiate the best deal.

NBC gave a statement to the New York Post, saying, "We've talked with Baez about getting an interview with Casey Anthony, but only under NBC News standards and conditions -- no payment, and absolutely no job offers for any member of her defense team."

Read carefully -- NBC is saying "no payment," but it refers to an "interview."  That doesn't cover paying huge money for pictures, video, etc.  That's S.O.P. in the network game -- and we're told that's one of the issues Geragos covered with Baez.

As we reported, as of Friday morning ... NBC was the frontrunner in nabbing Anthony.


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By the way folks, boycotting only works if the companies involve know why you're doing it.

So many thanks to sam for providing the addresses - use them. Let your voices be heard.

1186 days ago


@lisa2--'re funny, no one watches NBC anyway. A boycott would most likely bring in the same ratings they usually garner.

1186 days ago


How is this dumb broad supposed to do an interview when she couldn't even testify for herself? PFFFT...

1186 days ago

Big Momma    

BOYCOTT....any advertisers and particularily NBC. this is disgusting. obviously a jury found her not guilty, but she still was a major liar causing the state of florida and others to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars looking for her child before her jury confession of "Cops, she drown years ago". It's time for american to say ENOUGH. Let NBC and all other major news outlets know your opinion, and DO NO*****CH OR READ OR BUY anything that this girl or her minions have authorized. SAY NO>

1186 days ago


Thanks for the information. I don't know if José Baez would earn (a lot) more money as a TV legal commentator than as a defense lawyer. Here is something else I don't understand. He and the other members defended Casey Anthony, they have done their job and they probably already got paid. I would have said: "Well done, let's get on with other clients." However, it seems to me he is still representing her. Why?

1186 days ago


It is really a sad sick world when a criminal can make money. I don't believe she will say anything revealing so everyone who will watch will just be dissecting what she says and speculating on what she really means.

It is also sad when the grandparents can get DISABILITY from their depression after granddaughter's death and not have to work PLUS be directors of Caylee "foundations" and jet off to Bahamas and own a new jeep.

I will do my best to avoid anything to do with them.

1186 days ago


RamHead -

Baez is still repping her because there's still money to be made. This is his big break. So he's filed an appeal about the four charges of lying she's been convicted upon and he's acting as her business manager in negotiating the media deals.

Once public interest dies down and the IRS/lawsuits start piling up, he'll be gone.

1186 days ago


I am emailing the head of NBC News ( to complain. I urge you all to do the same!

1186 days ago


Boycott any Network and advertisers that pay blood money to Casey Anthony. We don't need them to survive, but they do need us to survive. Any network who offers Casey Anthony money for an interview,pictures or videos, should be ashamed of themselves. Casey Anthony and Jose Baez are exploiting the death of a 2 year old girl to gain fame and fortune for themselves, either one of them have any morals or class. They both need to disappear and forget about the limelight. Justice for Caylee and others children like her should be the only thing the networks should be focused on.

1186 days ago

eve from eden    

The networks will sign their own death certificate if they interview the latest hero killer for lowlife americans. Cant they see the blood still dripping from the mouths of casey and jose? Each drop is worth how much? Can they smell Caylee in that blood? All of caseys attorneys are stinking from the rot of that babys body. I bet maggots crawl out of their mouths at night while they sleep. Satans people...

1186 days ago


Hello Rabblerouser..I appreciate your views and opinion......

1186 days ago


I do no*****ch NBC very much anyway. I will no*****ch at LL IF THEY PAY cASEY OR ATTORNEYS ONE CENT

1186 days ago


What a bunch of crap, like paying in "other ways" makes it ok. How can you trust a news organization that pays for its news? I hope no one watches, otherwise she'll millions off of selling her story. I read the other day that she met with a producer at a swanky hotel in Palm Springs. He said she walked in the room and said "all right where's the check?" ....Poor thing it sounds like she's still grieving in her own special way.

1186 days ago

NBC sucks    

NBC-absolute s***bags!!! I will NOT be watching and will boycott any advertisers I hear endorsing this POS news station.
Please, don't anyone watch. If you're that interested in listening to more lies from this satanic woman just find it on You Tube the next day.

1186 days ago


NBC could grab that baby killers interview all they want, It doesn't mean people will not boycott it.Just because she fooled the jurors doesn't mean she fooled the public and the mothers out there ...She has a very funny way of showing her grieving, the first things she did was go see who would pay her for telling more of her lies..She should go pay her daughter some respect that people that never met that beautiful little angel have shown her more respect and love than the person that called herself her mother..Mother is a special word and we don't believe that she deserves to call herself a mother....

1186 days ago
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