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Casey Anthony's Parents: Guilty of Getting Some R&R

7/24/2011 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's estranged parents, Cindy and George, took a quick trip to the Bahamas this weekend for a little fun in the sun.

They were spotted on Friday evening doing a little shopping at Señor Frogs in Nassau.

According to their attorney, Mark Lippman, the couple will be there until tomorrow.


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Spending Caylee's blood money!
Neither one works so all the money they have at this point is in some way connected to Caylee's death. Sickos!
Losing Caylee was like winning the lottery to this family. Disgusting and shameful!

1189 days ago


Retired couple living in Florida. Have just been through three years of hell because of their daughter. They've had three years to grieve for Caylee. They were not on trial nor were any of the accusations Baez leveled at George and Lee substantiated.

After all that, is a trip to the Bahamas that outrageous?

I wish them well.

1189 days ago


@David Jong...

A you a parent??

1189 days ago

the sea    

I read they also have a new car. Hmm... neither of them are employed. They just get gifts? They have a lawyer, and probably an agent. I bet the brother does too.

The rest of us without a murder in the family have to work.

1189 days ago


These grifters, who don't work, are going to pimp out "Caylee's Fund" starting in August, on Caylee's birthday. They intend to draw a salary from the fund. If they gave a damn about Caylee, they would sue their MURDERER daughter for wrongful death, like Fred Goldman did when OJ was acquitted.

1189 days ago


Leave the poor people alone. Seriously. They've been through enough.

1189 days ago


Look at their faces. Proof positive money can't buy happiness. From what I heard it seems they lied to investigators to cover for their daughter Casey, the mother Cindy lied on the stand and committed perjury trying to help the woman who murdered her grandbaby. I watched these two people on Larry King a few years ago and I remember thinking something was off with them. You could tell they were lying. It was very odd. These are some very strange people. If they are profitting off of their dead grandbaby no good will come from it I assure you. Karma has a way of evening the score. Just wait and see. My wife followed this story pretty closely. Me, not so much. Still, I saw enough to know that this is one messed up marriage-relationship, and the mother Cindy Anthony is cold-as-ice. I think she's a sociopath just like her daughter. I think that's where Casey got it, from her mother. They are both missing a human factor. Seriously, something's missing.

1189 days ago


Should they just stay in hiding the rest of their lives? These people are entitled too live their lives. Although momma needs a serious breast lift...

1189 days ago


Sally -

If it helps, the Anthonys will not be drawing a salary from the new foundation -

--Lippman said that George and Cindy Anthony will be officers in the foundation, but will not be paid salaries.

"They won't be paid from the foundation," Lippman said. "We hope that the foundation...will be able to do the work that it's intended to do and George and Cindy look forward to moving into the next chapter of their lives." --

You need to scroll half way down to see the article about the foundation. The bit about how much the defense team is charging Florida is rather interesting, though.

1189 days ago

the sea    

@Curious "Retired couple living in Florida"

George is 57. Cindy is 52. They both had jobs before the death of Caylee. Now, they're "retired" as you say. How nice for them. They can live off a tragic death.

1189 days ago


If Cindy has so much stress how come she is getting fat as a hog? Prople going through stress loose weight. They are both too laszy to even get jobs. I see nothing disabling about these too that they need to draw a onth check from the state. They are lazy! They made alaot of money off that poor dead baby. I don't feel sorry for either, they covered for that slut of a daughter.

1189 days ago


@Curious: Didn't someone say that ABC has already paid the Anthonys hundreds of thousands of $$ for pics & vids of little Caylee? If so, why in the world would you believe a word ABC says about these people? Personally, after what I just found out about ABC paying this family I have no desire to look at any link or watch anything that network has to offer. It's disgusting! And aren't they now owned by Disney, the corporation that's supposed to be all about bringing joy to children? Yeah, that's some twisted irony right there! This whole story is becoming very enlightening for me! God was right, love of money is the root of ALL evil!

1189 days ago


Leave them alone!

1189 days ago


who cares get a life losers

1189 days ago


ABC did not pay the family they paid Casey and Biaz!!!! Also they deserve a rest after what Biaz and Casey put them through!!! I don't blame them one bit for getting away and trying to get themselves together!! Also getting death threats would never stop me from living That is what the persons wants when they threaten you!! I can't believe soeone said they would be locked up in their house for ever if they received death threats!!! Leave them alone!!! Their lives have been destroyed enough!!!!!

1189 days ago
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