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Casey Anthony's Parents: Guilty of Getting Some R&R

7/24/2011 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's estranged parents, Cindy and George, took a quick trip to the Bahamas this weekend for a little fun in the sun.

They were spotted on Friday evening doing a little shopping at Señor Frogs in Nassau.

According to their attorney, Mark Lippman, the couple will be there until tomorrow.


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Virtual Insanity    

Don't disclose locations on non-celebs. There's been enough tragedy this week- there's no reason to publish locations. In fact, I think someone should push a law to prevent the paparazzi from publishing locations of anyone. Truthfully, none of us even care. You'd have to be twelve years old to care where a given celeb (or in this case, non-celeb) buys their 3 for $18 obligatory vacation tees.

And for those of you who are 12 and interested in non-celebs- I buy mine at the airport.

1190 days ago


This family almost seem normal compared to some of the strange people on this site making bizarre, cruel and sick comments. The show is over people...get a life!

1190 days ago


That shirt George is holding is more the size of the murderer than he or Sindy would wear!

1190 days ago


Hey Curious:

I wonder if her parents are going to meet up with Casey? And I would not be the least bit surprised to learn that Baez and/or someone from the CA camp - is paying for this little vacation of theirs.

By the way, thanks for the info on the back taxes of CA.

1190 days ago

some guy    


I've always found that prices spike up when you buy them at the airport. I hate buying stuff there.

I'm thinking you should go to a warehouse store. Buy that stuff in bulk IMO. My personal fave is Costco.

1190 days ago


Looks like Cindy is too busy thinking about herself as usual. Guess she's just too busy to say THANK YOU????????????????????
I hope they fall into the sea and are never seen again.

1190 days ago


check out "" read all cindy's brothers emails then decide if you think they need a vacation. it's just a sad day when lies and hindering an investigation get you a free trip and a guilty person WALKS!

1190 days ago


BTW, according to their attorney, the Ant's are not seeing their daughter in Nassau.

1190 days ago


The sea -
Not naive so much as honestly ignorant about George and Cindy's financial status.

I'm not saying they are wonderful people, just they were not on trial and the claims Baez leveled against George and Lee for molestation are unsubstantiated. Just like the whole drowning story is unsubstantiated.

If there was any funny business with the old foundation, the IRS will catch it. Eventually.

1190 days ago


Sally -

Sheesh. What to believe any more. No, they won't draw a salary; yes they will.
More smoke and mirrors.

1190 days ago


Then we have Lippman, Cindy and George's attorney tooting on any show that will have him, generating sympathy for his clients. He truly has NOTHING ever to say Although I'm not convinced thay were part of a cover-up I do feel that had NO CLUE about PARENTING. They had a demon for a child and BOTH looked the other way. Casey RULED and controlled her parents, and I truly believe that had an awful lot in becoming the MONSTER SHE IS.

1190 days ago

Chun LI    

@ Beatrix Kiddo

This makes me sick as well.They are living it up with money they collected from Caylee's death.Blood money.I hope Karma comes strong and bites all the Anthony's in the ass.

1190 days ago


Are the buying new clothes for Casey?

1190 days ago


The Ant's were picked at their house in a stretch limo and taken to Orlando Exec Airport where they boarded a private charter jet and were whisked to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. The entire trip was a gift paid for by David Deese, president of Quinco Electrical, Inc., an Orlando based contractor. Please let Mr. Deese know how you feel about rewarding the Ant's for their performance at Casey's trial. After all, perjury is very stressful, so they needed a rest.

1190 days ago


Pegasus -
Hiya :)

I'm confused by the vitriol against Casey's parents - or was, I'm learning as I read comments.

Can't say i blame them for trying to get away for a while, though. They'll be back in the muck soon enough.

1190 days ago
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