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Casey Anthony's Parents: Guilty of Getting Some R&R

7/24/2011 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's estranged parents, Cindy and George, took a quick trip to the Bahamas this weekend for a little fun in the sun.

They were spotted on Friday evening doing a little shopping at Señor Frogs in Nassau.

According to their attorney, Mark Lippman, the couple will be there until tomorrow.


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How can they afford all these trips and stays at resorts when they aren't working?

1189 days ago

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People are posting here that they are starting a foundation for Caylee. If anyone is so stupid to give money to that foundation, they deserve all this drama. The kid is dead, no money or changes in laws will bring her back. They money will support the grandparents, and I wouldn't be surprised if Casey sues to have control or a foundation in here daughters name. Its total fraud. Move on to all the other missing kids and missing people. Hopefully the police won't screw up another case, because of a cop who didn't want to spend $3.99 to dry clean his pants, if he fell in the mud while looking for the skull the meter reader told him about. The meter reader was the only person who tried to do the right thing, and then everyone blamed him.

1189 days ago


Leave them be...let them move on already....

1189 days ago


"To all you losers: Maybe the prosecution should have done their GOD DAMN job! Stop being mad at Casey, Baez, and Casey's family. The prosecution failed - BLAME THEM!!! You are all a bunch of sheep - repeating and believing everything Nancy Grace tells you."

And your a lemming for believing what sll the Ant's and Bozo told you. It's not our fault if you and the jury don't understand what "reasonable doubt" and " cir****tancial evidence" are. There's a reason why the polls run 4 to 1 against Casey, her family, and the verdict.

1189 days ago


Feeding time at the zoo.

Ya'll be well and stay frosty.


1189 days ago


Hey Curious:

Don't know if the people there in the Bahama's keep track of things or of CA's case. But if they do -odds are they will recieve the same treatment there that they are currently recieving. And true enough - they will return to the same smuck (or worse) upon their return home.

1189 days ago


These 2 bottom feeders are putting on quite a bit of weight...must be really living it up..certainly not the look of stress.
Also not the look of people who need to be guarded on Hopespring Dr yet can frolic about in public. I'd like to see a shopper stick a knife right thru one of their livers.

1189 days ago


They wouldn't be doing the "Caylee's Fund" scam, especially Cindy wouldn't be, if there wasn't money attached to it for them. Remember the boat they happened to get from the last Caylee fund? Yes, it's right TMZ is posting what they are doing, since they are going to be hitting up the public AGAIN for money, showing how they live and what they do with their money. Caylee's law doesn't need them, it's the people that put that forth, for NO MONEY. The grifters are using Caylee again for $$$. People should be armed with the facts and boycott anything to do with these grifter grandparents.

1189 days ago


These people do not deserve ANY consideration. I bet the Florida taxpayers feel REAL good knowing that they are paying the disabilty BOTH collect from the state, bought TWO brand new Jeep Cherokees a month ago, and managed to get their house out of foreclosure. Well the killer daughter is free, trials over so the 'disability' should ALSO be over, instead of vacationing in the Bahamas. How many FL taxpayers cant afford to take a vacation? This entire family needs to be shunned! Not one of them loved that little girl, not one. And shes dead, her grandparents are on vacation & the murderer is looking to sell her next LIE for millions. God will settle this score alright.

1189 days ago


Dear Cindy and George,
We HATE you, We hate everyone in your family. We hate the sight of your lying, s***bag faces. Do the world a favor and commit mass suicide.
Thank you,
The World

1189 days ago


Rico, it's 'accept', not 'except'. DUH.

1189 days ago


I bet Casey is with them. Maybe one of her sponsors gave them the trip....One thing: Is Baez her man now? He is almost old enough to be her father. Doesn't he have kids her age? Its slimey on his part

1189 days ago


Casey Anthony: George, Cindy Anthony go out of country

We don’t know where Casey Anthony is, but WESH-Channel 2 reported today that George and Cindy Anthony were traveling to the Bahamas.

On the noon news, WESH’s Bob Kealing reported that Casey’s parents boarded a chartered jet at Orlando Executive Airport this morning.

“We understand that they are headed for Nassau,” Kealing said as the station aired video and still photographs of the couple. Mark Lippman, attorney for the couple, said they were not going to meet Casey, who doesn’t have a passport.

“They have no idea where Casey is,” Lippman said.

Casey Anthony was acquitted July 5 of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

This afternoon, Lippman told Kealing that an Orange County businessman befriended the couple and gave them the trip. “The Anthonys aren’t paying for this. It’s just a gift that they received,” Lippman said.

Such a charter trip can cost $8,000 for the flight alone, Kealing said a charter operator told him.

Lippman told Central Florida News 13 that the couple could be speaking publicly soon about the trial and verdict as “part of the healing process.” Of course, any exclusive interview will raise questions about whether the couple is being paid and how much.

Lippman told News 13 that the Anthonys were going away for a while. “There was a suggestion they were flying to meet Casey,” Lippman said. “They have no idea where Casey is.”

1189 days ago


How about that? Apparently crime DOES pay. The Murderer will rake in tons of $$ as a reward for murdering her child, lying to police and falsely accusing 2 people of molesting her. Cindy will rake in a fortune from the book she's writing and just signed a deal for a six figure sum...her reward for committing perjury NUMEROUS times. And as always, little Caylee is forgotten just as she has been for the past 3 years by these monsters.

1189 days ago


Curious about an hour ago
Retired couple living in Florida. Have just been through three years of hell because of their daughter. They've had three years to grieve for Caylee. They were not on trial nor were any of the accusations Baez leveled at George and Lee substantiated.

After all that, is a trip to the Bahamas that outrageous?

I wish them well.

Well said! I agree they have had 3 years to grieve! It's time to leave them alone and move on. They didn't kill their granddaughter and shouldn't have any blame put over on them! I think that doing that is absurd. Just because Casey is a nutcase doesn't mean the rest of the family should suffer forever. It's a shame people can't separate them and leave them be. :(

1189 days ago
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