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Amy Winehouse's Parents Visit Apartment Shrine

7/25/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The parents of Amy Winehouse, Janis and Mitch, were seen this morning visiting the shrine fans built to Amy outside her Camden apartment.

An autopsy is expected to be performed today at St Pancras Mortuary.



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i really wish pictures like this didn't exist and that they were given the chance to grieve privately...

1188 days ago


Stevie Wonder could perform the autopsy blindfolded and still determine that prolonged drug abuse caused her death.

Drug addiction is a weakness that transforms into an uncontrollable pattern of self destruction.

It should NOT be confused with a disease like diabetes, luekemia, or hepatitis.

For those that claim she had a disease I suggest you stop making foolish excuses for these deadbeats.

1188 days ago


We celebrated our daughter's wedding the day these poor folk learned their's was dead. The juxtaposition of such parental joy and grief astounds me. My heart goes out to these two. I can't even start to imagine that kind of pain and I never want to.

1188 days ago


Bless their hearts. Can't imagine the pain they are feeling. Praying for hope and health past this loss for them.

1188 days ago


wonder if her dad thinks she has a drug problem now ? Too bad he didn't worry about her before this happened :(

1188 days ago


Look at her poor mom, she's devasated - and she knew this was coming. I feel very badly her for parents. What a heartbreaking picture.

1188 days ago


Don't feel bad in the least.

Anyone who takes life for granted as much as she did, doesn't deserve even the small amount of fame she had. While it is tragic her life was taken so young, i don't feel bad at all because it was all at the end of her own hands.

1188 days ago


Did they see Amy´s face appear miraculously on the sidewalk?

1188 days ago

Tall Blonde    

to Ron Burgundy< Keep your uneducated opinion to yourself, I certainly pray no one you love has this disease of addiction. YOU are the deadbeat - stinking thinking animal. I pray for all addicts and their families whom have NO say so in the matter.

1188 days ago

Delaware D    

So sad. I wasnt really a fan but I feel bad for her parents.

1188 days ago


I feel badly for the people who cared about Amy Winehouse. They put her in rehab repeatedly, and begged her to stop the drinking and drugging. But what are you supposed to do when someone is hell bent on self-destruction?

1188 days ago


I'm really sorry for Amy's Dad, he can't tour the world as "Amy Winehouse's Dad" anymore. Well, at least he can live off her money now. Not bad for a dad who was never there.

1188 days ago


@RonBurgundy: I completely agree with you. No one forced her to take drugs in the first place. She had everything you could ask for as an artist, but no, it wasn't enough so she turned to drugs. And every grown-up should know what is likely to happen when you start using drugs - they might kill you.
I've just lost a friend to a real disease (brain tumor) and seeing this "woman" wasting her life just makes me want to throw up.

1188 days ago


My sympathy and understanding are with the Winehouse's. Unless you have had to face the death of your child you can't comprehend the pain of it. Even though Amy had problems, that doesn't mean her parents loved her any less. They will mourn their daughter for the rest of their lives. It is a very sad situation all around I wish Amy had been able to overcome her addictions.

1188 days ago


It is a disease recognized by the ama. Your entitled to your opionion but once an addict becomes addicted it acts like a disease. The brain chemistry and body changes due to the chemical.
I am 10 years sober from alcohol and I know that it is a disease. I would have done anything from alcohol. Went to rock bottom. Also, a lot of mentally ill ppl turn to booze and alcohol to self-medicate. So next your going to say, mental illness is from little devils, like the middle-ages.

1188 days ago
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