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Files New Divorce Docs

Kinder to Maria

7/25/2011 4:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just refiled his response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition, and this time he's not trying to deny her spousal support or attorney's fees.

As we first reported, sources connected with Arnold told us ... although he signed his legal response, he never read it and therefore didn't know his lawyer moved to block Maria's bid to get spousal support and her attorney's fees paid by him.

But according to the new docs, Arnold is not asking the judge to block either of Maria's requests.

The misstep caused some problems last week -- especially since Maria was dealing with the serious injury of their son, Christopher, at the time she got slapped with Arnold's papers.


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1185 days ago



1185 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

One of those attorneys the news calls in to "comment" *eye roll* on divorces said spousal support is usually given in order for the other spouse to continue living in the manner in which they are accustomed.
She doesn't have enough of her own money to do that?!?!

1185 days ago

D L    

Why is it always Maria children? Arnold was suffering too.

1185 days ago


Spousal support?
Are you kidding?
$200 Million isnt enough?
What a douchebag she is.

1185 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...hahaha....funny to watch how politics plays in all of this..public opinion didn't go so well for him..and since he still wants to try and be a action hero again (lmfao)..he decided better pay it!..go Maria!

1185 days ago


I say bull****....

Arnold knew exactly what his attorney was filing and YOU KNOW he read it.....

He was just waiting to see what Maria and public opinion would do and say....

Then he just says "Oh, I didn't read it"......

He is stupid.....He is slick..........

1185 days ago


If Arnold didn't want to lose a lot of money and split his fortune then he should not have done what he did. There was no way I would have lost millions of dollars, broke up my family, and embarrassed myself for having sex with a hag. Then to add insult to injury he has an innocent child with the hag. He is an idiot plain and simple. There is no telling how many more women and children he has floating around. I say Maria should take what she can get and leave that man-whore to his business.

1185 days ago


I agree with you Denver, he knew.. Maria should get everything she is asking for in that divorce. Also, he is just too old to think he can be an action star again. Maybe the father or grandfather of the "action star"

1185 days ago


"...although he signed his legal response, he never read it and therefore didn't know his lawyer moved to block Maria's bid to get spousal support and her attorney's fees paid by him."

Sorry, I don't buy that for a second. The man is an extremely astute businessman and former governor. He can't possibly expect us to believe he blindly signed legal divorce do***ents. I'm sure the truth is that he realized his fans and the press thought it sounded pretty petty of him to have Maria pay for her legal fees, and deny her spousal support, when it was his infidelity that led to the divorce. She gave up her career to raise the kids and support his political aspirations. All of this filed, originally, while his youngest child was in the hospital. Dude is a weener, but at least he's man enough to fix it. Or at least he's THAT concerned about his image. Either way works.

1185 days ago


boycott arnold and maria, they are both playing public games in trying to get their children to be politicians. boycott them, they are not good people.

1185 days ago


Seriously, TMZ... the censor blocks are a bit ridiculous sometimes. I have to misspell the following word: DOCOUMENT... which was blocked in my original post because a fragment of the word (with correct spelling) has a no-no word embedded in it. Too lame. Lighten up on the censor.

1185 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Men! Look at all these money hungry women! Solution? Don't get married! It isn't worth it - especially if you make good money - absolutely not worth it. Why give your hard earned money to some broad. It is like prostitution.

1185 days ago


only give her a Big MAC.

1185 days ago


Did he ever sign any papers without reading them while he was Governator?

1185 days ago
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