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Casey Anthony's Parents Reach Out to Rascal Flatts

7/25/2011 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's parents are trying to arrange a meet-and-greet with the band Rascal Flatts -- all to give the lead singer one big thank you for writing an emotional tribute to Caylee Anthony.


TMZ has learned ... George and Cindy Anthony reached out to the band's reps this week after hearing the song, "She's Going Places" -- which lead singer Gary LeVox (right) co-wrote with another singer named Cledus T. Judd.

But the band isn't exactly in a hurry to respond -- a rep for Rascal Flatts tells us the band is mulling it over and has yet to decide if they'll meet up with the Anthonys.

If you haven't heard the song, the lyrics are pretty heartrending -- "She was just a baby, barely 2 years old / A story that shouldn’t have to be told" -- so if you're in the mood to tear up, take a listen.


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Palm Beach, FL    

I wish the whole damn Anthony family would just GO AWAY.

1155 days ago


WOW!! They didn't tell the band to write the song Why are they getting blamed for a band writing a song about their granddaughter. All they want to do is thank them!! What the heck is wrong with that. All the money is going to charity and once again what is wrong with that!! If George and Cindi wanted money then I would have a problem and if the band was profiting off of it then I would have a problem but what they have said is they just want to thank them and the band is donating all the money they get to charity!!! So again what is wrong with that!!!!!!

1155 days ago


@ Matt

Sheesh, you're really gettin it from me today...LOL....sorry!

BUT..I really DO believe this song WAS written in Caylee's honor...NOT because she's a "white girl", but because of the bizarre cir****tances around her death...and it does help that she's an adorable looking child.

This case has the greater part of this country locked and loaded to get a shot at Casey. Did you bother to read the Tweets from a HUGE amount of celebrity's shock with the verdict?? That Kim and Kloe Kardasian were following it and posting on their Twitter accounts??
A HUGE amount of people were interested in this case...not just because of this poor child, but because of her murdering mother. Most people focused on the evidence and Casey's guilt...a great majority of the trial SHOULD have been spent on the victim...Caylee.
I think this song is a lovely tribute...and is for CAYLEE!!!

Not like the other songs out there bashing Casey and the Anthony's...we KNOW they're s***...we KNOW they're gonna write books...we KNOW their gonna get millions for fact, the Anthony's already set up a new "foundation" for grandparents of "missing" kids....NOT "murdered" by their mothers, mind you. Caylee was NEVER "missing"...she was killed the first day and not reported "missing" until Day 31!! AND, NOT by CINDY!!!
many, many more people "cared" about Caylee...far more than you think or post.

1155 days ago


Keep it about Caylee Rascals....don't even entertain giving the lying grandparents a voice ..THIS IS ABOUT CAYLEE NOT THEM!
The song is beautiful..just like she is...GREAT JOB!

1155 days ago

coulda fooled me    

Bet the Anthony's want some of the money from the song to go to their "foundation". These grifters have no shame. They get disability and of course a salary from their "foundation" to support their lifestyle. Blood money.

1155 days ago


Rascal Flatts: DO NOT meet with these people. They obstructed justice at every turn. Cindy Anthony Febrezing the car and wiping all evidence down with bleach. The both of them sitting in the courtroom every day letting Jose Baez tell lie after lie abou them to get their baby-killing daughter off the hook. They're evil.

1155 days ago


Touching Song. I would hate it if it were to become tarnished with any sort of meeting face to face with the Anthony's. NO meeting is necessary to THANK THEM. All they have to do is send a special message of Thank YOU in a card. Hope the band just distance themselves from the vultures. The Anthony's always have an AGENDA to their behavior and actions.

1155 days ago


Don't meet with them

1155 days ago


These two should go home, get real jobs again, and move on with their lives. Otherwise, they look like they’re just trying to milk the tragedy, the same as their psycho daughter is trying to do.

1155 days ago


Please Please Please DONT meet with these people. They are once again trying to cash in on the memory of this precious baby!! I beg you PLEASE DONT meet with them!!!!

1155 days ago


I hope and pray the band does NOT meet with these people. Meeting a band or actor is an honor. They should not get special treatment for their lying and all they did to "support their daughter" I don't even deserve to meet the band. So I better get a meet and greet first.. I don't lie, cheat or steal. Please don't meet them. It is wrong to pay for deceit.

1155 days ago


first the pictures after casey was released of them lounging by a pool with a cooler
next a little hop, skip, jump to bahamas
and now a publicity shoot

all inter disbursed with statements from their lawyer with
"casey wont let us visit"
"casey wont call"
"casey wont tell us where she is"
"casey wants us to be decoys"

do you really still believe there wasn't something very abnormal going on in that family that helped to mold casey into the whack-job she is???

1155 days ago


Jack 6 minutes ago

They can sell Cabbage-Patch Caylees at the concert.


I lol'd

1155 days ago


A private 'Thank you' letter would suffice in these awkward cir****tances but these disreputable Anthonys probably want to drum up some attention for their "foundation" and maybe even some money from the Rascal Flatts themselves. HOW DID CAYLEE DIE? That's what I want George and Cindy Anthony to be interested in, trying to get the answer to and informing the public of; not starting some Caylee foundation. Who in their right minds would support a "Caylee foundation" headed by the a pair of dysfunctional liars? What are they doing to seek justice for Caylee? From the moment Casey got charged with murder Cindy has probably regretted reporting Caylee missing. I want a FREE, do***ented explanation for how Caylee died because a child died, nobody still knows how and because of technicalities nobody has been held accountable. What's the public supposed to do now? Say: "Oh well", and let these Anthony people all retire in luxury from the profits of their daughter killing her child?

1155 days ago


What a couple of losers.

Why do they want to meet with Rascal Flatts. The band had nothing to do with the song. It was written by Cledus T. Judd. He and the lead singer of Rascal Flatts had written a song entitled, "He's Going Places." Cledus asked the lead singer for permission to change up the song. He then got a completely different guy to sing the song.

What the f*ck does that have to do with Rascal Flatts? Maybe, next they can request a private audience with Justin Bieber because at some point in the past year he made a random comment about Caylee Anthony...

1155 days ago
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