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Casey Anthony's Parents Reach Out to Rascal Flatts

7/25/2011 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony's parents are trying to arrange a meet-and-greet with the band Rascal Flatts -- all to give the lead singer one big thank you for writing an emotional tribute to Caylee Anthony.


TMZ has learned ... George and Cindy Anthony reached out to the band's reps this week after hearing the song, "She's Going Places" -- which lead singer Gary LeVox (right) co-wrote with another singer named Cledus T. Judd.

But the band isn't exactly in a hurry to respond -- a rep for Rascal Flatts tells us the band is mulling it over and has yet to decide if they'll meet up with the Anthonys.

If you haven't heard the song, the lyrics are pretty heartrending -- "She was just a baby, barely 2 years old / A story that shouldn’t have to be told" -- so if you're in the mood to tear up, take a listen.


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I believe that George and Cindy knew relatively quickly that Caylee was dead, and who murdered her. They weighed the pros and cons in terms of personal benefit. A modus operandi that they have continued to utilize to this day.
Being dead...Caylee could no longer fill their emotional needs. Casey, being alive...however, could...albeit with dysfunction. And so, they transferred their focus from Caylee to Casey.. Possibly the thought was......nothing can be done now for Caylee....After all...she is Dead. And premeditatively....they allowed this little girl to rot and decay. For how long..? Perhaps forever...except.. that her skeletal body was found. For the sake of one daughter....they obstructed justice for another... discarding Caylee...who they 'loved' so much.. But after all....she is Dead.
As if that is not heinous, in itself....Caylee,s death has been developed and marketed into a world wide profit making which the Anthony's are Integral and complicit.
I have not one iota of compassion for any member of that family.....except for Caylee....

1189 days ago


Casey made her parents look like Monster and they are NOT, a typically American family, no homelife is perfect but you try to be the best parent you can be. A mother daughter arguement and the daughter got upset and took it out on her daughter "Caylee" that simple! George and Cindy don't deserve it! All through the years of George and Cindy's life can anybody say they ever heard anything bad of them? Casey caused this grieve on them. Casey, had any morals left she needs to do the right thing 'clear her parents and brother's name'! But she wont she will stick to her lie that Caylee drowned and her Dad did this and that to her which is are LIES! Her parents have been there for her even after she draggedd them thur the mud they are still there for her, parents love is unconditional! Casey is a greedy person! Casey will have to face her daughter one day before God sends her to hell, she will have to answer to that beautiful big eye little baby why Mommie did you kill me? Casey's day will come! The song is beautiful Rascal Flatts said it all!

1189 days ago


Rascal Flatt supporting Casey Anthony, have they been sleeping under a rock or something, geezus christ!

1189 days ago


They probably just wanna say thank you leave the Anthony's did not get her off! The stupid jury ignored everything and did not open the bags or look at transcripts or tapes! Alll Cindy lying would do is make it less planned and not get her death that is all Cindy was trying to do! They should just write a thank you lettter!

1189 days ago


Great song, really tasteful

1189 days ago



1189 days ago


Please dont meet with this bloodthisty family!! Love your music-- I'm a big fan-- why would you even think of meeting them after all the lies (the whole family told) especially Cindy---THINK OF ALL YOU FANS!!!

1189 days ago


What a sweet tribute to the little girl!

1189 days ago


I just dont think the Anthonys meeting rascal Flatts will ever change what happened to cayllee, There are still no answers but more questions . The truth has not been told, the song is Beautiful. But lets keep this about Cayllee, and only for Cayllee.

1189 days ago


I hope they decide to meet so the grandparents can say thankyou for the beautiful song they did for there sweet little grandbaby caylee. And for "ME" wondering where the profits are going if you would have read the story you would see its all going!!! These grandparents have been through heck and back. So happy there away for now and hope they have a really great time and may find a way to live on in peace without there baby caylee.

1189 days ago


To the People condemning Rascal Flatts for writing this song: All of the money is going to charity. I think it was very sweet and a wonderful thing to do!
For those who say they do not and will not listen to Rascal Flatts, I am sure the band is upset. (sarcasm) This band sells out months in advance for any concert they perform in, so I do not think your not listening to them will make them cry. They are a WONDERFUL Band with hearts of gold. I am sure they were as upset about the verdict as most people were, however they had an outlet and wrote a beautiful song!!!
Rascal Flatts, Do Not Meet with the Anthony's. They can send you a thank you note. Do Not get sucked in with these people!!!

1189 days ago


The only reason we know about this is because the Anthony's publicity agent called the media to tell them. The Anthonys are media whores and totally disgust me-

1189 days ago


That is a beautiful song for Caylee. It was unbelievably heart-wrenching to sit through it, though. Absolutely beautiful.

1189 days ago


It seems that George & Cindy A. are about as star-struck as their dau. They appear to be latching onto about anything they can think of to stay in the spotlight. Apparently they became addicted to the media attention. I would have more respect for them if they just went home & quietly pondered all they have been through & their contribution to it.

1189 days ago


According to the trial, Caylee's death was attributed to one of two possibilities: 1)prosecution - Casey murdered her child (duct tape and chloroform) 2) defense - George and Casey knew the child drowned, and one of them bagged her up and threw her out into the swamp like trash. Why anyone want to meet with this trashy family is beyond me.

1189 days ago
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