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Big Blow to Defense In MJ Manslaughter Trial

7/25/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial just undercut a big part of the defense, by ruling 16 hours of rehearsal footage for the "This Is It" tour doesn't show MJ to be in poor health.

Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers wanted the outtakes to prove Jackson was very ill in the days before his death.  The argument goes -- he was already dying, so Dr. Murray can't be held responsible for his death.

But Judge Michael Pastor ruled ... the outtakes were valuable to Sony Pictures -- which objected to turning over the footage -- and the video did not show MJ in poor health.

If the hours of video show a healthy Michael, it undercuts a major line of defense for Murray.


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Join us in today's Major Love Prayer for Michael and for the planet!
It's all for L.O.V.E.

1155 days ago


Michael Jackson is a wonderful man to me very much and told by
it was my life beautiful .Thank you Mr Jackson.

I think you're alive you're the man can dominate the world and can teach us

This is it 2011

1155 days ago


Murray's defense lawyer already said viewing these tapes in court would be a waste of time because Michael didnt appear sick and dying. He viewed the tapes and didnt find what he was looking for, so the judge's ruling really isnt that big of a blow to the defense.

1155 days ago



1155 days ago


What does it matter whether MJ was in good health or not... it has already been proven that MJ died as result of been given the Propofol... which Dr Murray IS reponsible for, regardless of the other people who should have blood on their hands too. I am shocked that some of the other comments on this page think that Murray might actually be innocent...that is something that is definitely not in question, what's in question is whether or not Murray himself injected the lethal dose... (though I think we all know he did)...he sold out... plain and simple...

1155 days ago


★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ God Bless & Protect ★★★★★★★★★★★

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ The Great Conrad Murray★★★★★★★★★★

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★The Great Pedophile Slayer★★★★★★★★★

1155 days ago


MJ was a druggie plain and simple. He got what he deserved. Murry was a dumbass for helping him get his drugs.

1155 days ago


formaldehyde his behind then charge to see the killer of the King of Pop and proceeds go to TMZ for breaking this story wide open.

1155 days ago


I guess their next plan is to say he drowned in the pool.

1155 days ago

Bryan S.    

Why haven't any lawyers demanded that Sony release ALL of the rehearsal footage? They claim there is over 80 hours of footage. Release it all, even if for a price. I guarnatee Mike fans would buy it if need be.

1155 days ago


It does NOT make a damn if Michael was or was not sick before he died because the CAUSE OF DEATH wasn't due to ANY PRIOR condition, drug usage or not! The cause of his death was acute propofol intoxication/benzo effect which Murray ADMITTEDLY administered!! The ONLY part of this Murray is denying is the AMOUNT of Propofol given.
Besides, how does it even help Murray to suggest Michael was sick OR an addict prior to June 25th anyway? HE(Murray) PURCHASED & ADMIN'D PROPOFOL AS A SLEEP AID! AFTER having admin'd a dozen damn OTHER benzo's as sleep aids and left the man alone unattended... There is no defense, only guilt of being negligent, unethical, AND shows he(Murray)would do ANYTHING for a buck. HOW is that Michael's fault??? What I want to know is WHO admin'd Propofol to Michael BEFORE he hired Murray to do it. IF Michael was using it before Murray came along,(as Murray suggests MJ was an addict who begged him for it) WHO was his accomplice THEN? It HAD to be a licensed medical person to BUY the stuff from the pharmacy. So if there is no such evidence then how's Murray create doubt that MJ ever did it in the months prior to Murray having done so? Murray wants people to believe Michael was so comfortable with using Propofol he would self admin so Would he not HAVE to prove in some way that Michael had an accomplice prior to his entrance into the situation just to have gotten his hands on the stuff? (IMO) Michael had absolutely NO INTENTION of dying or even tempting death if he hired a doctor to watch over him. Even though it is well known MJ used this sort of sleep treatment in early years it should also be realized that he was, as far as he could tell, being cautious while being put under. He hired a doctor who specialized in cardiac arrest to make sure he was kept safe so WHY would he so recklessly have tried to self administer? He wouldn't!
And for the love of God, stop insisting MJ was a drug addict! There is NO evidence of him being so!

1155 days ago


dimes 3 hours ago

If the sixteen hours of rehearsal footage was never turned over, how does the judge know it shows Jackson in good health? Did the judge go to Sony and view the tapes?





1155 days ago


An overdose of propofol is what really killed Michael Jackson. Not cancer or Aids. So I don't understand Dr. Murray's theory that his patient was dying.

1155 days ago
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