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Big Blow to Defense In MJ Manslaughter Trial

7/25/2011 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial just undercut a big part of the defense, by ruling 16 hours of rehearsal footage for the "This Is It" tour doesn't show MJ to be in poor health.

Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers wanted the outtakes to prove Jackson was very ill in the days before his death.  The argument goes -- he was already dying, so Dr. Murray can't be held responsible for his death.

But Judge Michael Pastor ruled ... the outtakes were valuable to Sony Pictures -- which objected to turning over the footage -- and the video did not show MJ in poor health.

If the hours of video show a healthy Michael, it undercuts a major line of defense for Murray.


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Michael Looks So Damn Good in that Picture! Yum Yum!

1184 days ago

danielle poirier    

Hello!!anyone awake!!!Murray was just a token, for whom? that is what the prosecution has to investigate!!!hello!!!this was a premeditated very well organized murder. period. This is just the beginning....3 billions fans wont let this go by...Helloo!!!!anyone down there in california on the ball!!! i am in total disbelief ,the most dazzling figure of this planet was murdered, and you are all sooooooo retarded...what"s wrong in california the heat fried your brains?

1184 days ago

What I Think    

Have no fear, danielle Poirier. The most dazzling figure of this planet hasn't been murdered. I am very much alive.

It is only MJ that croaked.

1184 days ago

danielle poirier    

wow!! a psychopath on the think it is funny..can you come up with the colossal amount of material mr.Jackson has produced??? lol lol lol lol lol impossible for you love!

1183 days ago

danielle poirier    

well i was right this place has a huge collective psychosis
you have not one clue or respect for Mr.Jackson. no wonder
he was put to trial in your part of land. You are totally clued out. P.s. you are not the center of this planet. tmz and all are cheap tabloid junkies, i am wasting my words here. WoW what a learning experience...what the f.. was jackson doing inthis part of wonder...all the burdens this land gave him...wax people. What the f...was he doing living in this plastic land. now i understand. you are so cheap, even trial, the law, the state, has nothing for this glorious man.WWWWAAAASSSSHHHH you have already forgotten him. Oh my i understand...but dont forget everything you have done to him and the unfair trial that is coming up...will be remembered by the rest of the world. you are no reference. still i ask...he should have left your part of land after thriller...such ???? i cannot just feels really acid. one day the shame will come down on the state that wronged Mr.jackson. You all look so robotic...Now i understand. California , the state that committed treason on its utmost resident.

1183 days ago

Tom Joyce    

According to the autopsy report Jackson was indeed in good health. His liver and kidney were normal and healthy and his weight was within the normal range for his height. Even the prosecutors, who originally were the ones that wanted the footage shown, admitted that Jackson looked good even on his "bad" days. Since all of them have seen the outtakes and no one on the post has that should settle the matter.

1183 days ago


Judge and Be Judged....
Okay, where to begin.....
I see I've been away FAR too long....maybe to the point where some of you have allowed the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to have free reign on this board. Alright, I know--there are MANY posters who ROCKED this board by setting the record straight. Still, let's plow, shall we?
-dimes, DUH...obviously Judge Pastor was allowed to view the tapes in question and found Michael in GOOD HEALTH as the CORONER STATED 2 YEARS AGO.....Oye.
-CloBird, thanks for being the Voice of Reason on page 1....I would be a MILLIONAIRE if I had 50 cents for every IDIOT who insists that Michael was seriously ill and on drugs....
Never knew there were SO many CORONERS posting on TMZ...
-Luna, if your point that Murray: "A) administered anaesthesia which he was not qualified to do and B) he was a freaking pusher" is true....and of course, we all KNOW it is, then he is DEFINITELY the SOLE cause of Michael's death. What did the Coroner's Report list as the cause of death? ACUTE PROPOFOL INTOXICATION, and also BENZODIAZEPIDES!! And who GAVE Michael these meds on June 25? MURRAY! Class dismissed....
-Lanie, your points are as RIDICULOUS as that AVATAR of yours! You asked how the JUDGE is able to determine if the tapes show Michael in ill health, meaning you think 12 people like YOU could do a better job? GOD FORBID! The Judge gets to his position based on YEARS of work in the legal arena dealing with thousands of cases and motions like this one. On the other hand, the jury is made up of the average tax paying Citizen, many of which may have NEVER spent one moment trying to understand the Legal System, much less be able to view these tapes IMPARTIALLY....
You say you have no opinion on Murray's guilt or innocence, and he's being railroaded, but you're doing the same thing to Michael by constantly yapping about how bad he looked. Yes, Michael was thin in TII, but he's ALWAYS been thin. If you did your RESEARCH, you'd already know that. The only time he wasn't EXTREMELY thin was in the late 90's during the HIStory Tour era. But by 2005 when the TRAVESTY of the CENTURY ensued, he was back to the size he had been for most of his life. The only difference is by then, he was also in his late 40's, and by the time of TII, he was 50....and anyone past 45 KNOWS what your body begins to look like when you're thin at that age, even if you're in shape....
Further, he didn't MOVE like a man who was frail or sickly in TII which is all that matters....
And for the record, in his deposition to the LAPD, Murray admitted to giving Michael Propofol and then STACKING various Benzodiazepides throughout the early morning hours of June 25, 2009.....
Bottom line, PLEASE do us all a favor and DO YOUR RESEARCH before making statements about this case that only serve to make you look FOOLISH...
" all your getting, GET WISDOM...."
-Marius, the judge HAD to watch the footage in order to RULE on the defense's motion. This is REAL L.A. Court, not Judge Judy....C'mon now!!
-shelley, you're comparing apples to oranges....sigh. First of all, the Judge isn't a doctor, but neither is a jury of Murray's peers....that is if they can find 12 more medical professionals as UNETHICAL as him....
And you say Michael had "clear signs of usage", but what does that mean? I've had PLENTY of people ask if I'm on something just because I'm having a goofy day, but I've NEVER had anything outside of the occasional penicillin prescribed by my Family doctor....
Also, let me clue you in on the legal system, dear, the only doctor they can pull in to testify about what was in Michael's system is one who had been working with him DURING THE LAST MONTH OF HIS LIFE. Not just any random doctor who has an opinion on what he looked like. There's no denying the PROOF that the Coroner checked Michael's system and stated he SHOWED NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE, and that the only drugs in his system was the Propofol and Benzos......
And for the record, Murray was NO assistant, he FACILITATED Michael's death, period. He pulled the trigger, even if there were others who masterminded the whole thing. I have no clue how you and others like you can spend UBER hours on here PONTIFICATING on something you know NOTHING about. Murray stated in his deposition that he gave Michael the Propofol after stacking him with Benzos throughout the early hours of June 25. Regardless of HOW he did it, he KILLED MICHAEL!! Therefore, there is NO NEED to concern yourself with Michael's health, as that is NOT what killed him, Murray did.
BTW: There is NO comparison between Michael and Whinehouse other than the fact that they both once went to rehabm and they both were Musicians. There is Youtube clips of Amy doing drugs, but all you have on Michael is what you've swallowed from the Tabloids....OPEN WIDE.....
-Em, THANK YOU SO MUCH for that post--you are my HERO on this one!! Especially this:
Creating, dancing, singing, mentoring – it’s likely he wouldn’t have compromised his reputation. He was slim, he forgot to eat at times due to the excitement of the upcoming show, he wasn’t sleeping properly obviously, he likely was stressed and he had a few ailments that were already diagnosed as well as age-related aches and pains. But was he at death’s door? Not likely, at least that’s not what the autopsy results revealed.
Facts. Conrad Murray was given a job; he performed poorly and had questionable procedures. I don’t know about the conspiracy theories, scapegoat stuff but, bottom line, Conrad Murray was there, he failed his patient due to his own negligence, and the patient died.
-G, in answer to your questions:
a.Yes, Judge Pastor reviewed the footage in order to rule which is why we're only getting his ruling at this date.
b. It's true that the Coroner stated the only drugs found in Michael's body was Acute levels of Propofol and the Benzos that MURRAY admitted to giving him in the LAPD deposition.
c. Yes a Toxicology report was performed, which you can google for the details.
And you're right, this IS going to be a tough case for Team Murray which is why they're constantly throwing up Smokescreens such as this latest about Michael SUPPOSEDLY appearing ill on TII footage. They made the COMMON mistake of ASSuming something was there, simply because they hadn't been allowed to see it....
Obviously, they don't know the extents SONY will go to in order to satisfy their GREED....
-Kevin, you hit the nail on the head with this one! When she was looking at YOutube clips of how supposedly frail he was, I wonder how she missed all the HUNDREDS of clips that show him at that same size DECADES ago...
There are also Youtube clips that show how Michael would usually just MARK his way through rehearsals the same way most Artists do. SO this was nothing new under the sun.....

1182 days ago


The same ole stuff over and over......Thanks for holding it down over here Cherwood!!! Great as always!

1181 days ago

What I Think    

Know the best thing about this upcoming trial? No matter if Dr. Murray is found guilty or innocent, Michael Jackson remains just as dead.

1181 days ago


What I Think: 27 minutes ago How can anyone say this ??? or even Think that!!! It is so sad how people are today so unkind so unloving. I see it every day at work and here on T M Z. I gave up on people like you.You will never LEARN !!

1180 days ago

Dorian the article again, the 16 hrs. WAS turned over to the judge. It only said Sony objected to turning it over..they did watch the rehearsals in more carefully.

1169 days ago


GOD! I hope they Hang Murry's ASS!!!!! Your Guilty Dr Murry. And you know it!!!

1166 days ago

Korena Roberts    

From whatI have read the Doctor didn''t have a clue to what was going on except for a short talk with an anestesiologist. Not to add the fact he was acused of giving M.J. different meds ever hour or two before giving him the final med that killed him. Then had the audacity to leave the room to let Michael die. Plus had no clue how to provide cpr and then waited for over an extended period of time before he called for help and 911 services. In my opinion Michaelwas gone 5 minutes after the Dr. walked out of the room. I'm sure the prosecuters in this case could find a lot more charges to build their case even stronger and get more justice for Michael. The only thing I can add to this Michael took a lot of crap in this life, so I hope and pray that God has taken his pain away in heaven!

1156 days ago
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