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Dodgers Beating Suspect's Mom: My Son Is Innocent!

7/26/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of Marvin Norwood -- one of two suspects in the vicious beating of Bryan Stow -- is coming out in defense of her son ... telling TMZ, "I don’t think Marvin did it. I believe he is innocent."


Marvin's mom Diana Page tells us, "He’s a good son and not capable of this type of behavior. He was a good worker. He takes care of his family."

Diana adds, "He’s a good father, he’s compassionate, and he has a healthy relationship with Dorene" -- Marvin's girlfriend -- who was also arrested in connection with the brutal attack of Stow.

According to Diana, "[Marvin] and his father used to have opposing views regarding sports teams, and they used to tease each other, but it never, ever got heated."

Diana says she hasn’t heard from Marvin since the arrest on Thursday, but believes justice will prevail ... in his favor.

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Considering that normal people will do horrible things when in a group of peers, whatever a family member says is worthless. And with the added element of alcohol, anything could happen.

1155 days ago

Freddie Mercury    

Why is this even still news? what the suspects mother thinks is irrelevant.

1155 days ago


Throw the bastard in jail where he belongs then lets see how tough he really is.

1155 days ago


I love how the mom and his attorney characterize this guy as not the type of guy who would not do something like this. The same guy who was served time for beating his wife could not possibly be involved in this....right? Hey mom, I guess they are just doing your job and being loyal but try choosing your words better because it just makes you look like an ass like your POS son.

1155 days ago


Oh well if his mom says so that's all the proof I need this guy isn't just some disgusting animalistic dirtbag!

1155 days ago


sorry Diana, but the parents of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer used to say the same thing :P

1155 days ago


Why are you (TMZ) giving criminals the time of day..yes I know they are not guilty until found guilty by a jury but they do have a long rap sheet, both of the "new" suspects like the other guy..so please stop giving them even an inch of publicity.

1155 days ago


If one judged by looks alone this guy would be guilty as sin.

1155 days ago


all this guy has too do is get a jury from pinallis county, fl. and he'll be fine....we let baby killers and arse wholes who beat nearly to death people walk free in this country....

1155 days ago

Mighty Mike    

I just want justice. It pisses me off that Beck continually said Gio was the right guy. Meanwhile, these a-holes were smiling and mocking the LAPD and the public.

As far as Mom, they all say that until the evidence surfaces, then they cry and wonder where they went wrong. Dude is pissed off at society and finally found his outlet. Who knows how many dudes he beat up in clubs along the way, not to mention the fear his wife lived in.

She'll probably implicate him as an immunity trade so don't let this s*** bag back out or she'll probably pay! Attempted murder should give him 25 to life and that's what he deserves, not sure why they aren't pushing for that yet.

1155 days ago


Right... His mom thinks he's innocent. Have you seen his police record. He's a real A hole. Him mommy should be in jail with him.

1155 days ago

No comment    

WOW Harvey you have sunk to a new low. You show a video of Stow and say he deserved it, and this guy who has a conviction for domestic violence you plead his case via his mother. There has been video on local tv where the white trash mother said after his anger managment classes he is a changed man.

Oh and the other suspect also hit a female Giants fan that same night. Support him too while you are at it.

1155 days ago


How come only "good boys" get arrested for crimes like this? I am really starting to feel sorry for "good boys" everywhere you know. They really get a bum rap when two douche bags beat the living daylights out of an opposing fan. I hope this is one "good boy" that gets some serious time and a serious anal bashing against his will in prison. Now that's a good boy!

1155 days ago



Marvin Norwood’s Lawyer advises Mother to do media blitz to drum up sympathy.

Implicated by Woman driver, by 10-year old and co-workers = GUILTY!!!

And let me understand this...they get a MAX of 9 years for attempted murder and cutting out his tongue...good judicial system we have in place!!!

1155 days ago


If he is innocent why are their news reports of them blaming eachother for the incident. Sounds to me like they were both their if they are admitting to the other being the attacker.

1155 days ago
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