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Kim K Sued Old Navy to Protect Sears Deal

7/25/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We now know what's really behind Kim Kardashian's lawsuit against Old Navy -- protecting a HUGE deal the Kardashian clan has with Sears ... sources close to the fam tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Kim filed suit against Old Navy because she felt they were trying to intentionally deceive people into thinking she was a spokeswoman for the company by using a girl who looked just like her in their commercials.

But our sources say ... the suit was filed because Sears felt the Old Navy commercial compromised its ad campaign for the Kardashian Kollection -- an exclusive line of clothing and bedding that launches in about a month and a half. 

We're told Sears execs actually questioned if Kim was part of the Old Navy ads. The company feels the ad creates confusion in the marketplace and that happens to be exactly what Kim needs to prove to win her suit.

Bottom line -- Kim doesn't care about KK wannabes ... but she cares a lot about a deal that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.



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Who ever made thia biaatch famouse is f%ckin lame! She needs to goo and so does all her shows.

1150 days ago


Sears is on its way into the toilet. Old Navy can hire whomever they want for their commercials. Folks at Sears are full of sh-t thinking Kim was in on the Old navy commercials. Kim's just mad because Old Navy didn't pay her and found someone else happy to do the spot without and Diva issues or family members in on it.

Sears was just listed as a company that is up for extinction. Paying Kim K all that money when she couldn't sell a clothing line before is throwing bad money after an even worse idea. ROFLMAO at Kim K's and sears' stupidity/

1150 days ago

Get a life losers    

Haters!!!!!! All of the comments on here are just pure hate
Have you all never had sex...(if you would not agree to have a kinky sex tape created for your BOYFRIEND u are just boring)....
Would you not star in your own reality tv show if offered....
Would you not capitalize off of your fame
Cut the crap...u people wi***** was u and u all wish u were making the money that she is making
The men she is said to have slept with were boyfriends as far as I can tell
Reggie Bush=Boyfriend
Ray J =Boyfriend
Stupid losers get a life

1150 days ago


If you think people on here all want to have the most PRIVATE MOMENT of their MOST INTIMATE SEXUAL COMMUNICATION spread around for the whole world to see AND get paid for it and then think THEY ARE SOMETHING .....then you are lost and I am a GLAD TO BE A HATER.... yetch, belch, barf, gross, skank, ad infinitum...........................


1150 days ago


The "K Klan" are nothing more than Greedy, self-loving swine that will do ANYTHING for money. They are s***.....
Don't whine for sympathy when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, money lining your diapers and your "Idea" of "Hard Work" is traveling around promoting your money-making ideas...GOD FORBID they'd actually break a sweat!
ANYONE who buys your act & your "products" is as big an ass as the fat ones you sit on!
This entire family is the perfect example of what a "Family" SHOULD NOT BE! They are all fakes & liars...
Horrible Horrible Horrible "People"

1150 days ago


I bet that mellahoney person is that wanna b..reggies new gf or reggie.. stfu she does look like her and tried even harder in the commercial.. ur an idiot and nicole from ***** cat dolls is skinny.. that chic looks nothing like her. nice try thou.

1150 days ago


KIm is a joke.. your 15 minutes of fame is up, fat ass

1150 days ago


Sears?!? Thats all you can think of? WOW, worse lie ever!!! Still lost me and many other canadians as fans. Maybe you should sue cause you will need all the money you can get now since you will lose most viewers, fans, etc... with this nonsense.

BTW the old navy girl is hotter, lighter, prettier, has a better looking boyfriend, real, etc...

I used to like you and a lot, but this is just a low, a new low!

1150 days ago


Kim K has GOT to be joking?? The girl in the Old Navy ads is YOUNG, PRETTY, SWEET-looking and doesn't look she has an STD LOL there's NO similarity whatsoever! Sure, they both have brown hair, but Kim K is gross and old and a wornout HAG compared to that young pretty girl

1150 days ago


I don't blame them for trying to protect their new line; Sears is trying to stay in business and bring in additional shoppers and profits - it's business and business is about making money on both ends (Sears & Kim's).
P.S. I have a legitimate idea for the Kardashian line; can TMZ supply a contact e-mail address to me??

1102 days ago


Boycott kim

989 days ago
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