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Kim K Sued Old Navy to Protect Sears Deal

7/25/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We now know what's really behind Kim Kardashian's lawsuit against Old Navy -- protecting a HUGE deal the Kardashian clan has with Sears ... sources close to the fam tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Kim filed suit against Old Navy because she felt they were trying to intentionally deceive people into thinking she was a spokeswoman for the company by using a girl who looked just like her in their commercials.

But our sources say ... the suit was filed because Sears felt the Old Navy commercial compromised its ad campaign for the Kardashian Kollection -- an exclusive line of clothing and bedding that launches in about a month and a half. 

We're told Sears execs actually questioned if Kim was part of the Old Navy ads. The company feels the ad creates confusion in the marketplace and that happens to be exactly what Kim needs to prove to win her suit.

Bottom line -- Kim doesn't care about KK wannabes ... but she cares a lot about a deal that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.



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She represents Sears? That place is a joke! Once KMart took over Sears, the place tanked. Every appliance we have purchased through Sears (refrigerator, washer, dryer) have proved defective and we have to call all the time to get somebody to fix them. The customer service is the biggest joke. They give everyone a runaround and quite rude if you ask me. Just like KMart got the reputation from in the past. Kim has made herself look a fool. She should have taken an endorsement with Old Navy. At least they care about their customers. I will never shop at a place Kim K endorses again. Obviously she supports shotty products.

1153 days ago

Your Momma    

What is she going to do, sue everyone that looks a little like her. Any company can have anyone they want in their ads, even Casey Anthony. The girl in the video never said her name was Kim. I knew it was not Kim right away because Kim cannot sing or dance.

1153 days ago


Why do the Kardashians think they should be able to have a career & this girl in the Old Navy ads shouldn't? She has a right to be in ads too! Give me a break! She is much prettier & slimmer than Kim any way & she has talent & can sing! Anyone with eyes could tell it wasn't Kim!! It is WRONG for the Kardashians to try to take this girl's livlihood away from her! Nobody would buy Old Navy if Kim K were in the ad! Judge, please show the Kardashians that they don't own or rule the world & that other people have a right to make a living too!!

1153 days ago


TMZ----Is there one day that you don't report on this worthless whore? I hate this family and everything they stand for. They are just turds in the toilet that I'd like to flush.

1153 days ago


To me the chick looks nothing like Kim. Kim would actually be her look a like because Kim paid to have her face look the way it does and this girl didn't.

1153 days ago


So, now the truth comes out; just like everything else about her, it was a lie. And, it totally makes sense to me that kim whoretrashian lied about the reason for the lawsuit. It again proves that the piece of trash is a media whore who will say anything, do anything, lie to anyone, just to make money.

1153 days ago


I agree with PraoWolf.

Why do put articles about these parasites on your web site?
Can't you figure out from all of the comments that nobody gives a crap about them?
Concentrate on the celebrities that actually contribute something to humanity either by philanthropy or at least by having some sort of talent.

1153 days ago

Boba Lola    

Pari******on should sue her for riding her coat tails! She copied everything Paris did anyways. I'd rather wear leaves then their crap, id rather sleep in a cave then in their bedding.

You f****** serious tmz? They are not human beings, fame n money have consumed them and will lead them to the HWY to HELL.

1153 days ago


Has anyone been to the apparel department(s) in Sears lately? Crap, crap, and more crap. Good luck Sears; you're gonna need it...

1153 days ago

Boba Lola    

PS! There's a reason I don't follow them on Twitter..Facebook..Watch their show..Buy their crap..etc. Cuz I don't give a sh*t! So spare me from seeing them here, they're far from celebrities SMH

1153 days ago


I thought it was Nicole Sherzinger (however you spell her name - you know, the former front girl for the *****cat Dolls). Never entered my mind that it was Kim. This girl looked too happy. Kim usually looks constipated and annoyed about something.

1153 days ago


Has anyone else begin to think that maybe this is a publicity stunt? I mean, remember when Kim was "suing" that NFL player who said she was hooking up with him behind her fiance's back. And it was all a week before the premiere of their Kardashian show, even talking about a day before the premiere and after the show premiered the "lawsuit" just disappeared and Kim and him stopped talking about it? Talk about a publicity stunt, Kim you've been caught. You're so f-cking pathetic to come up with all this bull sh-t to keep you in the spotlight, give it up Kim no one stays famous forever. Your and your family's 15 minutes are OVER !

1153 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Take away the family money her father left her and a pathetic sex video and this talentless skank is out turning tricks on Hollywood Blvd.

1153 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

The Kardashians are such TRASH. I watched their silly reality show once for about 5 minutes. How stupid can a show get? The only thing Kim and the Old Navy girl have in common is their dark hair. Old Navy girl is much cuter, talented, and doesn't have the Gigantic A.. that Kim has. This is the dumbest lawsuit I've ever heard of. Old Navy girl should sue Kim for such insults.

1153 days ago


Sears? Really? Do they have a "dirty whore" aisle in the JR dept now?

1153 days ago
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