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Lindsay Lohan: I Wasn't Drinking, I Wasn't Drunk

7/25/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is pissed off that someone is spreading what she says are lies -- that she was falling-down drunk Saturday night as she left a Hollywood hotel.

Lindsay Lohan Drink

Lindsay tells TMZ ... "Reports of me being intoxicated and not even able to stand are nothing but absurd."

Lindsay says she wasn't even drinking during her friend's birthday party at the Palihouse hotel.

One of Lindsay's friends says, "Lindsay walked out of the party fine and she never once couldn't stand up by herself.  It's strange how someone can come up with such detailed lies."



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Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

This poor confused young woman is well known as a chronic liar. It is therefore easy and fun to believe that she remains a pathetic drunk. Won't be long before she screws up her life big time again ha ha.

1194 days ago

some guy    


I missed you! How are ya. You look good. What'd you have for breakfast? Something greasy?

1194 days ago


1.The names in the 27 club all had talent.
2.Why is x17online saying Lindsay has been partying at Paris's house this past weekend?
3.Why do you posters in here argue with what appears to be just the Lohan cronies?
4.Mostof her stories have turned out to be lies.
5.She is delusional with all the travels,Paris party,etc.
6.Asolutley revolting on Australian radio station saying"It isn't my fault I have nice clothes"
7.What is her fault....she believes what she calls the paps to photograph her in is nice clothes but actually look used and old looking.
8.Wouldn't be surprised if she goes to Saks or Nordstrom etc, buys things,keeps them for the 30 days, wears the daylights out of the garment and then returns it.
9.NOBODY affords a lifestyle unless you work or someone is supporting you.
10.She's been told to borrow $$ to get her shrink.
11.This is all an illusion people.
12.Don't get so sucked in.
13.It looks like she actually believes herself and her stories.
14.She will not end up like Amy W.
15.Amy was a tiny flower who's body couldn't take it.
16.Lindsay is a gigantic galoosh who can handle a ton of whatever she wants to abuse her body with.
17.The only thing LL can't tolerate is taking good advice to just fade away.
18.Obviously getting an education is out of the question.
19.Do any of you really believe these stories?
20. Or are you just making new friends on gossip sites which is completely understandable.

1194 days ago


I've always thought Lindsay is pretty tough (had to be, in order to survive her childhood with her dipstick parents...) so she may make it yet. You death pool ghouls can relax for a while. You can amuse yourselves taking bets on when she will violate her probation yet again or on how many hours of community service she will do each week. Double bonus if you predict how many hours her personal assistant does along with her. (You would think that would be counterproductive, since Lindsay needs all the hours she can get.) Also how many days before she gets the court-ordered therapist, and how many times she skips court-ordered sessions. See, you can have fun without getting all ghoulish about it!

I think Lindsay is at great risk of slipping back into a near-Amy Winehouse condition (where she certainly seemed to b at one time) but she has probably been slowed down enough by rehab and jail and such to be in no immediate danger (other than shooting herself in the foot with potential employers by even hanging out with boozers). They won't have the full report on Amy's death for a few weeks, but it's possible her body just gave out. The anorexia as well as the types of drugs she was using can easily damage vital organs (with anorexia from any source - the body starts burning muscle, including heart muscle). That's a risk Lindsay has been taking also, to a lesser degree, and it can be difficult to undo years of such damage.

That's actually a good picture of Lindsay for once - is it old or recent?

1194 days ago


@ilovegossip Where that party was is not Lindsay's call, it was for a friend who booked it at that hotel. It's just like the Foncesa dinner, it was booked at the Lexington Social house, it wasn't Lindsay's call. She also went to Kim Kardashian's shower, that will be where Kim says it will be.

She will not live her life staying home nor should she. She's going out in moderation whether you agree with that or not. An unsubstantiated tale was told of her drinking and stumbling with no evidence to prove it. That's not an excuse, that's trying to see through radar's BS and other tabloid BS as well as her BS and come up to a conclusion based on what's in front of me, not what I suppose may have happened.

Also, videos prove impairment and not stills. Slurred or repeated speech is a giveaway as well as staggering, stumbling, spacing out. You don't see these in stills which can be manipulated to give false impressions.

1194 days ago


And one more thing is BS. Lindsay socializes. Way too often when Lindsay goes somewhere she's "partying". If she goes out late to dinner she's "partying", if she goes to a beach she's "partying". That barbeque she had on her roof where there was no indication of dancing or music was called partying. This is tabloid BS. She's socializing and doing normal things most of the time, not partying. Lindsay went to a bridal shower and Serena Williams was there. If Lindsay was partying, Serena was partying. So, if you have any BS meter, look for when tabloids use that term.

1194 days ago


ilovegossip about an hour ago


You just DON'T GET IT!!! Of course she can go to all the clubs/bars/parties she wants. She's an adult. But she SHOULDN'T BE GOING!!! Do you not see what happens. What do you think the Directors/Producers/Casting Agents think when they see this. Even if it's not true?

BINGO! This is the point the enablers and apologists don't want to get through their thick skulls. All they'll know is that they heard Lilo was stumbling outside of a bar drunk drunk again. They're not going to care that Susan/Nicole/Jill ran around to all the gossip sites claiming it didn't happen or it was all lies.

Do you think they believe ANYTHING coming out the official Lohan camps yaps (See file labelled Lindsay quits smoking believed by no one except Chilly Nicolenabler).

These fools don't understand OPTICS.

1194 days ago


Vorlon "enabler" and "apologist" are just stock terms used for people who lack analytical ability and resort to name calling and this inane tendencies to equate people into nonexistent camps. You, radar, and the man in the moon haven't proven this accusation against Lindsay so you can back up who you'd like and do your lame name-calling. Unless you have a video or something that hasn't been uploaded yet, you can't prove a thing. Anyone can call someone a fool, but make a cogent argument to back up what you say for once. I challenge you.

1194 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Delmar is also in the 14% percent of STUPID Americans! My middle finger is in your FACE Delmar! My finger, YOUR FACE! Can you dig it? I t is simply amazing how stupid some people are, they think they are smart because they know how to type. DELMAR YOU CAN USE FIVE DOLLAR TEN DOLLAR OR TWENTY DOLLAR WORDS AND YOU WILL NEVER COME OFF AS HALFWAY INTELLIGENT TO ME! CAN YOU DIG IT?

1194 days ago

Ghost Rider    


1194 days ago


Delmar 7 minutes ago

Vorlon "enabler" and "apologist" are just stock terms used for people who lack analytical ability and resort to name calling and this inane tendencies to equate people into nonexistent camps.

I never said you were a camp. You are a group of people who gather here to do damage control every time Lilo does something stupid and try to convince everyone of their point of view arguing every tiny minute point ad-nauseum. (Remember susan claiming Lilo didn't trip but was pushed by a pap?)

and as for proving anything- you can't prove she WASN'T drunk either.

1194 days ago


That "barbeque" she had on her roof where there was no indication of dancing or music was called partying BECAUSE THERE WAS ALCOHOL.. LOTS OF ALCOHOL. Plus the cocaine. That's generally considered partying. Don't need music for that, and dancing? Forbidden here.... Linds can't even stand upright most of the time much less dance, so no one else is allowed too, either.

1194 days ago


and another thing Delmar- witnesses at the bar say she was drinking like a fish. It's Lilo's camp that claims she wasn't and they have proven to be such a credible group in the past haven't they?

1194 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Delmar is a Virgo but yesterday was her birthday, as was the day before, because everyday waking day, somebody could honestly say, she was born last night.

1194 days ago


@andyconda it was a rhetorical question, but thanks for showing everybody you have way too much time on your hands

1194 days ago
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