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Jackson Family Divided Over MJ Tribute Concert

7/25/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine and Randy Jackson are DEAD SET against the Michael Jackson tribute concert announced today by members of the Jackson family ... calling it "inappropriate" and "ill-timed."

Katherine, La Toya, Jackie, Tito and Marlon all attended a press conference today to announce the show in Cardiff, Wales on October 8. Katherine said it would be a "world-class event."

But Jermaine and Randy don't see it that way -- releasing their own statement against the concert, saying, "We find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael's death ... We feel it is inappropriate to be involved with such an ill-timed event."

As of now, tickets go on sale August 4. The family has not announced who will be performing at the show.


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Great posts Paul and amanda! Tributes on this level are fitting for Michael. Can't say the estate approved. clearly they are not opposed. Otherwise TMZ would have been all over it. I'm going to believe the estate has learned or is willing to partner with the family regarding Michael's legacy. JB doesn't have the time to continue puttig out petty unnecessary media fires about the legacy all the time.
The jacksons accomplished something the beatles,stones, E and all the rest will never be able to claim. Then Michael and Janet took it to the next level as we all know. This really is how it should be with Michael's family carrying the torch on the frontline for him.
Not to be disrespectful but I think Michael's parents should take a graceful bow now. The world knows of their sacrifices for all of their children and grandchildren. Interviews with the parents every now and then should become less and less now. There are four or five generations of Jacksons. Of course not all of them even want to be known by the public but so much life and progression has ocurred. To continue the Jacksons publicly from Mr. and Mrs. Jackson perspective has run it's course (jmo). No one can or will forget them but it's time to step out of the spoutlight since Michael's passing.
YES I believe Michael's parents have a right to FOREVER express their opinion publicly about Michael's death. All parents have a right to remind us their child was killed and nothing was done about it. If the parents continue to work, I don't think brand association should be with them. Michael's parents should benefit from behind the scene from now on (jmo).

1128 days ago


"Executors for the late pop singer's estate were unaware of the planned tribute and have not been approached to authorize the use of his name, estate spokesman Jim Bates told CNN on Monday."

1128 days ago

myra morris    

Here's the thing i don't understand for so many years the Jackson have lived off of Michael's money when he was alive including the brothers and sister excluding Janet she does her own thing. I want to know how these siblings are making a living now? Still living off Michael in death which is so so sad I know that La toya has a perfume line but it seems to me that all they think about is living off the money that is coming in off of Michael. This money belongs to the children not them. These people need to get a life and grow up take care of there own and get a job. I'm so happy that they want to keep Michael legacy alive but right now when the trial is coming up is just bad timing. Michael was such an Angel on this earth a very special person but it is time that he gets the peace that he so deserves. I also hope that he gets the justice he deserves as well. I don't care what anyone says about him from his past or what he done in his life time. The media drove him to his death from all of the criticism the hatred and all of the badgering they did to this man. So lets leave this Angel rest in peace. Let his children grow up in peace as well they deserve that much as well. They have lost there beloved father and now they have to be in the middle of the circus of the Jacksons So leave Michael alone let him rest in peace and leave all the negativity out of your comments and pray that Micheal gets the justice that is coming to him. Lets hope and pray they find out what really happen the night he died so that the family his children and the fans can finally be a peace as well. LOVED MISSED NEVERFORGOTTEN OUR ANGEL RIP AND LOVE YOU MORE MICHAEL JUSTICE FOR YOU MICHAEL

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mike 1 day ago
…the proceeds apparently are going to charity…

Finnlady 16 hours ago
We don't know how much will be given to the charities really. And I think the announcement of that new trust for the MJ's children was only made to get more sympathy = more money. I just don't like this at all. The best thing is to donate directly to the charity organizations…If I understood correctly, it's a gamble to get a ticket and you may need to pay a high price for it and you don't know how much will be donated to the charities.

blondie 1 day ago
Does anyone else find it strange that this concert (and the other one that never materialized) is taking place in Wales, and not in the States? I think that speaks volumes about the whole (shady) situation.

Kaprifol 1 day ago
Can’t shake off the feeling that something is off. Why don’t they announce the performers until one day before they release the tickets? Have these "big names" not yet agreed to perform?

Warren 1 day ago
…Jermaine tried to make a buck off of MJ as soon as he died with his MJ tribute. Jermaine even named people who said they never agreed to do the show.

Janar 1 day ago
…before any big stars have agreed to participate (just like in Vienna).

Y’all, when I tried to access the site for ticket sales (, the link didn’t work. But Susan62509 apparently was successful and she provided us with the following info (emphasis mine):

The Michael Forever Tribute Concert per their website:

Chose your ticket price and TELL US HOW MUCH during registration YOU will give to charities.

The more YOU pledge to charity, the more CHANCE you have of getting a ticket. Tickets will range from 55 to 289 plus shipping. Registration will last from Aug. 4 to Aug. 7 (76 hours only).

If you are successful you will be invited to purchase a ticket within the time band you selected. YOUR charity donation will be COLLECTED at the time of TICKET PURCHASE.

Susan’s commentary:

1. Next week (for 76 hours) tickets can be purchased. The is the window set up to determine whether Global Live Concert will go ahead with the concert or cancel it. The stadium holds 70K people.

2. By having ticket buyers pay their donation separately means (1) the Jackson’s do NOT have a charity 501c established to receive donations (2) All profits will go to Global and the Jacksons.

3. The Wales site said there are 3 charities: Los Angeles Aids Project, Princes Trust but failed to list the 3rd charity. What is the Princes Trust? I’ve never seen that listed under MJ’s charities…

Mike and Finnlady:

This so-called “tribute” concert “to honor Michael” is a TOTAL money-making scam by the Jacksons and NONE of the proceeds are going to charity. You read that correctly: NONE of the PROCEEDS FROM TICKET SALES are going to charity. ALL of the concert proceeds, as Susan62509 pointed out, will be going directly into the pockets of the Jacksons and the promoter, Global Live Events LLP.

The Jacksons have expertly manipulated the media into doing their bidding for them and tricking the fans into believing that proceeds from this concert will benefit charity when not one penny will go to charity. And because these “journalists” are lazy, they did not adequately research the facts before reporting (in the world of modern journalism, fact checkers are considered an unaffordable luxury and many of them have been fired). Here are some statements by the media about this concert that are incorrect, misleading and/or incomplete (emphasis mine):

 CONCERT PROCEEDS will go to several charities.

 It will RAISE MONEY for three charities including the Los Angeles-based Aids Project.

 PROCEEDS FROM THE TICKET SALES will benefit three of Michael Jackson’s favorite charities, including AIDS Project Los Angeles and The Prince's Trust.

To clarify:

 The ONLY money being contributed to and benefitting ANY of these 3 SELECTED charities (chosen by the Jacksons) will come from an EXTORTED PLEDGE that the FAN must make in exchange for nothing more than a CHANCE to LATER purchase a ticket to the concert BY INVITATION ONLY.

 To make an analogy, you are not making an extorted pledge to purchase a CONCERT ticket; you are making an extorted pledge to purchase a LOTTERY ticket; the WINNERS of the lottery LATER receive an INVITATION – to PURCHASE a concert ticket.

 Every penny of the pledge comes out of YOUR OWN POCKET; every penny of the concert ticket price goes into the pockets of the Jacksons and the promoter. NO ONE is giving any money to charity EXCEPT YOU.

 The only people who get INVITATIONS to PURCHASE a CONCERT TICKET are the ones who make the highest PERSONAL PLEDGES (out of their OWN pockets) to the Jackson’s selected charities.

 The Jacksons selected 3 charities, but they only revealed to us the names of 2. We have not been given the name of the 3rd charity. Is it Heal the World (with, as Jermaine has said, “Mother Katherine at the helm”), or perhaps the Jackson Family Trust, or maybe some other “charity” with the Jacksons and/or their associates standing to gain from any donations made to it? We just don’t know.

 When you make a PLEDGE to a charity, it is LEGALLY BINDING, and if you don’t fulfill that PLEDGE, then you are held legally liable. You MUST honor your pledge and pay it.

 Therefore, many people (aka “sucker fans”) could make a legally binding pledge to contribute to the JACKSON SELECTED charities and NEVER receive an “invitation” to later purchase a concert ticket, because they didn’t pledge “enough” money to the Jackson charities out of their own piggy banks. The Jacksons themselves will never give ONE DIME to charity. Not a single penny from TICKET SALES will ever be given to charity – it all comes from YOU.

 So when the media states that “CONCERT PROCEEDS” or “PROCEEDS FROM THE TICKET SALES” will benefit three of MJ’s “favorite” charities, they are incorrect. When they state that the “CONCERT” will “RAISE MONEY” for charity, they are misleading – the reader assumes that the money will be raised from the sale of concert tickets when, in fact, the Jackson’s demand a personal financial commitment out of the fan’s own pocket in exchange for nothing more than a CHANCE to purchase a concert ticket. And when they state that three Jackson-selected charities will benefit, but provide the names of only two, and don’t tell us whether anyone involved in this concert has a financial conflict of interest with any of these charities, then the information they have provided is incomplete.

So, clearly, this is going to be a BIG money-making venture for the Jacksons and the concert promoter, when you consider that they’re charging Michael’s fans from $89 to $470 plus shipping per ticket, and the arena holds 75,000 seats. (By contrast, Michael was charging his fans a max of $100 for tickets to his “This Is It” concert.)

But, friends, the bucks don’t stop there! The concert will be broadcast around the world to 30 countries in both 2D and 3D. That means pay per view TV, a shortened version for showing in movie theaters, DVD and CD sales, and probably so much more. That’s where the REAL money will be made. The ticket sales for the actual concert are just a drop in the bucket. They want the arena filled with screaming fans so that they can get the footage they need for future sales. It’ll look real good.

The Jacksons have NO respect for Michael’s fans. They think his fans are stupid, obsessed MJ ADDICTS who will pay ANY price for ANYTHING MJ-related and who can be easily manipulated and exploited. Meanwhile, they are laughing all the way to the bank. They figure that “This Is It” made about $300 million, and they’re licking their chops at the thought of possibly EXCEEDING that, especially since THEY WON’T BE GIVING A DIME OF THE PROFITS TO CHARITY. The Jacksons and the promoter shrewdly planned this concert to take place BEFORE the Cirque du Soleil tour so that they could steal the thunder of that event and so that fans would empty their pockets into the Jackson coffers before emptying them for the Cirque tribute, which actually benefits the estate. Shameless.

Blondie, no, I don’t find it strange that this concert is taking place in Wales, and not in the States, because I think that when they do these things outside the U.S., the estate executors can’t stop them. Don’t quote me on that because I’m not a legal expert, but I remember reading something to that effect, and that’s probably why so many of the Jacksons and their shady associates are pursuing their shameless ventures abroad. That’s undoubtedly why Marc Schaffel and Debbie Rowe went together to Japan to hawk their MJ movie, why Papa Joe is hawking his cologne and vodka abroad, and why Alejandra was shopping her book out of the U.S.

Another fan site says Katherine has to get approval from the estate for the concert. Not sure if that’s correct, because the estate knew nothing about it. Maybe that’s because Katherine and her cohorts cunningly waited until only 10 days before tickets go on sale to hold a press conference announcing the concert, perhaps in the hopes that this would not allow the estate adequate time to legally stop them. You’d have to be insane to hold a press conference BEFORE getting the necessary approvals, if they are needed. Then again, we’re talking about the Jacksons... Notice that they didn’t use Michael’s name in the concert title because they’re not allowed to use his name: it’s just “Michael Forever: the Tribute Concert.” (That’s also why Joe Jackson didn’t use “Michael Jackson” for his cologne.) I think they said it’s going to be Thriller-themed, but I don’t think they can use his music, even if it’s outside the U.S., so what are they going to do for 4 hours during this concert?

And that brings us to Global Live Events LLP. They claim that they’ve worked with a range of artists including Abba, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Madonna, Placido Domingo, and Jackson himself to produce a TV special. Yet when I checked Wikipedia and Google, it appears that Global Live Events LLP was incorporated less than 4 months ago. See below:

Company details for GLOBAL LIVE EVENTS LLP (Registered No OC363200)

Incorporation Date 29-03-2011
Type Other - includes Limited Liability Partnerships

Now, there are other LLPs associated with Global Live Events, so what they claim may be true. But it’s very suspicious: was this one incorporated and registered in the UK to avoid the legal reach of the estate, and specifically for the purpose of promoting this particular concert? And who are the people behind this LLP? Are some of them the shady “business partners” of Katherine, such as Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel, Deiter Weisner et al?

If there’s a legal eagle out there reading this, please set us straight on these matters if you can.

Kaprifol, Warren, and Janar: Consider the following (emphasis mine):

-- No acts have been announced for the concert yet but a notice on the event's website PROMISES "the world's greatest performing artists" will appear.

-- Concert organizers have not yet publicly revealed who will be among the "host of top artists" at Jackson's tribute concert…the complete lineup will be rolled out over the next 10 days through Aug. 3 IN ORDER TO BUILD SUSPENSE AND EXCITEMENT, according to organizers.

-- "When I was told SOME of the names of the artists performing, I knew it would be fit for a king,” said Michael Jackson's mother.

TRANSLATION: Nothing but empty PROMISES. The promoters are having trouble finding ANY performers, let alone “the world’s greatest performing artists” to commit to this project. They gave Katherine a couple of names (so she claims), and I’d be willing to bet they’re people who haven’t actually signed on the dotted line. The promoters want us to believe that they’re purposely withholding the list of performers and will throw us scraps over a 10-day period to “build suspense and excitement,” but the truth is probably closer to “Vienna revisited,” and they’re scrambling to find ANYONE who would be willing to go along with this shady fan scam. What artist in their right mind wants to be associated with a concert that misleads the public into thinking that the concert is for charity when it’s really to line the pockets of the Jacksons? That’s horrible PR, and MJ fans will wind up being furious at them because it will seem as if they were part of the scam. Maybe they can get Corey Feldman.

And, mark my words, they will pimp out PPB during this thing in some way – you can be sure of it. The promoter is already doing so by using them as “bait” to get fans to bite and buy tickets. Global Live Events has “started a trust fund” for the three Jackson children for when they each turn 21, and they gave Katherine a check for $100,000. That’s $33,333 for each of the children, with no promise to add any additional amounts to that “trust fund.” Are these children living in poverty after the death of their father that they need a “trust fund” from a concert promoter? These kids will be multi-millionaires by the time they’re 21. What do they need with a lousy $33G? What happened here is that Global Live Events shrewdly invested $100,000 for what they hope is positive PR to promote ticket sales, and I would be surprised if they write it off on their tax return as a business expense. But instead of positive PR, they’ll get nothing but negative PR from it, because the fans can see right through it for exactly what it is: the shameless exploitation of Michael Jackson’s children to lure fans into buying tickets for a concert that the fans have been falsely led to believe will benefit charities – something that would horrify Michael Jackson.

The fans are not as stupid as the Jacksons think. We are on to ALL of them by now – even mother Katherine. For two years we’ve watched them shamelessly try to exploit Michael and his children and attempt to thwart the success of the estate’s legitimate ventures in every classless way possible. Fans are already protesting this concert. She below for a link to a good article:


TAKE NOTE: Despite all of these unanswered questions and concerns, NEITHER THE JACKSON FAMILY NOR PROMOTERS TOOK QUESTIONS FROM THE PRESS. They held a press conference, provided their partial and misleading information, expected us to just swallow it whole, and left, taking no questions so that they wouldn’t be challenged or pressed for further information, because they don’t WANT to provide any more information and they COULDN’T survive challenging questions from the press. If they were forced to provide more information or answer questions, people could easily see that this isn’t a “tribute” to honor Michael, and it’s not a concert for charity; this is a deceitful money-making scam by the Jacksons, designed to trick the fans, and led by the 82-year-old family matriarch, who keeps complaining that the estate hasn’t give her her 40%, even though the estate is still paying off her son’s debts and estate taxes and has taken care of her every need. It was a “hit and run” by the Jacksons: hit them with imperfect information, run away, and hope that nobody realizes what they’re up to for at least the next 10 days – so they can sell 75,000 “charity” concert tickets.

SHUT ’EM DOWN !!!!!!!

So what can we do to stop this? Get the word out to fan sites/blogs about this attempted Jackson family shakedown of the fans and how this concert really works: the fans give to charity out of their own pockets and the Jacksons give nothing. It’s pure profit for the Jacksons. This is NOT a charity concert; it is a FOR-PROFIT concert.

Let the estate know that the fans are furious at this exploitation of Michael and his children, and we want it stopped dead in its tracks, if at all possible.

When (or rather, IF) the names of any performing artists become known, let them know that we will refuse to buy any more of their music if they participate in this scam.

And of course, do not buy a ticket, merchandise, watch it on pay-per-view, download anything having to do with this concert, or anything else that will enrich the Jacksons at Michael’s expense. Remember: the money is going right into the Jackson’s pockets – Michael’s estate does not benefit at all.


1128 days ago


Bad timing or not they should all attend and that includes Janet too because I'm not reading that she is included in this tribute at all. As far as Michael being remembered, he will never be forgotten and if you watch all the celebrities of today every last one is trying to be as popular as Michael, and they all are imitating him too. so no! he will never be forgotten. He was a pioneer and people went to him for advice and dancing lessons and singing lessons. He was amazing in every aspect! R.I.P my Angel MJ I love you!

1128 days ago


What kind of message does it send when his own mother is more interested in an 'event' than in focusing on the trial of the man accused of proving the drugs that finally KILLED HER SON?

Is she hoping that The Estate will be so busy dealing with the trial they will ignore the 'concert' & allow her to rake in some profits unnoticed?

Or is she stupid enough to believe this concert will divert the public's attention from the trial & all that will be revealed?

It's a bad sign when even Jermaine is on a higher road than you are.... Katherine is NOT setting a good example for the kids he left behind.

It's all about the money & the attention. Still. Pathetic.

1128 days ago



MJ Tribute Concert: “The more you pledge to charity, the more chance you have of getting a ticket”

FANS hoping to go to the Michael Jackson tribute concert at the Millennium Stadium in October have been told their chances of being there depend on how much they are willing to donate to charity – on top of the ticket price.

Chris Hunt, boss of concert organisers Global Events Live, told CNN profits from the October 8 Michael Forever show would go to charities in the United States and Britain.

These are The Prince’s Trust, Aids Project Los Angeles and a cancer charity.

But fans logging on to the Global Events website to buy tickets – which will not be available until August 4 – are told: “Choose your ticket price and tell us how much you will give to the charities at the time of purchase.

“Remember the more you pledge to charity, the more chance you have of getting a ticket. Tickets will range from £55 to £289 plus shipping. The amount of your pledge is up to you.”

Fans of MJ have reacted angrily to the situation.

Cardiff father-of-three Daniel Robertson, 32, said he wanted tickets for his wife Ceri and their three children.

He said: “It’s going to be like a lottery for the rich for myself and my family because the ticket prices are really high.

“So they are steep tickets regardless, and then you have to donate to charity. I do a lot of work for the MS Society but it is wrong that you should be considered by the amount you can give to charity.”

On the concert’s Facebook page Caroline Rowley – who also lives in Cardiff – said: “What an utter disgrace. Choose what price you want to pay and then donate to a charity? The more you donate the more you stand to get a ticket? Disgusting.”

Mayah Thomas said: “Makes no sense does it? Why do they think anyone would be dumb enough to do that?”

The Western Mail contacted Global Live and were referred to PR company Franklin Rae. A spokeswoman claimed she was not aware of the situation and was unable to comment.

The Millennium Stadium is owned by the WRU. A spokesman said: “We will, as usual, ensure that all ticket distribution complies with the stadium’s obligations.”

He insisted the company only provided the venue, adding: “We will ensure that the promoter is aware of any concerns raised in relation to the sale and distribution of tickets to the concert.”

The furore comes as it was revealed the show has caused a huge rift in the Jackson family.

Michael’s brothers Jermaine and Randy Jackson have both distanced themselves from it, though the event has been endorsed by their mum Katherine, the singer’s sister La Toya and his brothers Tito, Marlon and Jackie.

In a statement Jermaine and Randy said: “We find it impossible to support an event that is due to take place during the criminal trial surrounding Michael’s death.

“Furthermore, the decision to proceed with this concert disrespects opinions and wishes expressed in the strongest terms to Global Live during conversations in April when this event was presented to the majority of the family as an idea already in its advanced stages.

“There will come a time and place for an amazing and deserving tribute to Michael. But we feel that the most important tribute we can give to our brother at this time is to seek justice in his name.”

Jermaine then tweeted he was “offered good money” to take part in the show.

“We declined. It’s not about the money,” he said.

He added that he “wouldn’t reconsider” his position “even if dates were moved because of how (the) promoter has handled matters”.

Read more:

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EXACTLY what I predicted. I read they're planning to stream this fraud concert online (and you KNOW it won't be free), and also this:


Jackson Family Announce Tribute Concert

Several members of Michael Jackson’s family unveiled plans on Monday for a tribute concert to the late King of Pop

The tribute show, supported by Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson, will be held on October 8 in Cardiff, Wales at the Millennium Stadium, which holds about 75,000 people. It will be broadcast live via satellite on pay-per-view television and into movie theaters around the world, some of which will screen it in 3D, said promoter Global Live Events.

Katherine Jackson told reporters at the unveiling in Los Angeles that she is proud of the event and the caliber of singers performing. No names were announced on Monday.

“If my son was here today, he would feel the same way, and so I’d like to say thank you very much for helping to keep my son’s legacy alive,” she said.

Jermaine, and Michael Jackson’s father Joe, were not on hand at Monday’s announcement. Instead, Katherine was joined by family members, Tito, Jackie, Marlon and La Toya.

“I know that this tribute will be something spectacular,” LaToya told reporters.

Read more:

1128 days ago


Thank you for the info, TSIG. I agree with you. It's so odd what's going on around this tribute concert.. and it seems so sad for the fans.

1128 days ago


Thanks Phantom, Nice.

1128 days ago



1128 days ago

Acho vcs americanos frios e muito egoistas!!!!
È uma pena que MJ não seja brasileiro.
Mas no fundo de seu coração ele se parecia muito com agente brasileiro é assim humano e caloroso.

1128 days ago
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