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Rome from 'Sublime' -- AMAZING Winehouse Tribute

7/25/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sublime's new frontman Rome was so moved when he heard about Amy Winehouse's passing ... he hit the recording studio and busted out a version of "Rehab" in her honor ... and it's AMAZING.


Rome included this message with the video, "I recorded this tribute for Amy Winehouse after I heard the news of her passing. she is a huge inspiration to my music. We miss you Amy."


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How is this good? It's about 90% autotune? This is just DISRESPECTFUL to Amy.

1153 days ago


OK so vocally he does a great job. But I thought it was already sketch the band hired a new singer to replace Brad anyways....didn't they say years ago Sublime was done? So on top of that, the guy who got the gig cause the original singer died from a drug overdose goes and sings a straight-up version of a song that's about defiance and not going to seek recovery less than 72 hours after the original singer dies from similar causes. I can understand if people think he sounds good, but what a jackass. Meanwhile, no need to further prove how NOTHING will replace the original Sublime whether you liked their music or not...the new lineup will go nowhere beyond gossip fodder.

1153 days ago


Sorry if I sounded really offensive, but it bugs me that the kid is out there singing that particular song. It's not cool and it's not fun.....the defiance and attitude in that song killed her as well as the guy who used to have his job. He should've picked another tune or just payed tribute like everyone else is.

1153 days ago


So making a tribute to an artist that inspired you means you're just trying to cash in on their death? Is it Romes fault that media has gotten so big there is always a media storm around stories like this? You don't know how he felt about Amy Winehouse so how could you possibly come to the conclusion that he's trying to cash in on the media hype around her death and not making a genuine piece of music to pay homage to her? People are so ignorant.

1153 days ago


I don't know where you haters come from, but Rome, and Sublime w/ Rome are amazing. Sublime def. doesnt need the extra attention, i don't know where you people get your logic (Everyone knows who Sublime is). He recorded it on there tour bus when he woke up and heard the news that one of his favorite singers had passed away.

1153 days ago


To everyone talking **** about Rome and Sublime, they have the #9 Album in the country right now. New lineup never going to go anywhere eh? The old lineup only went to #13. Learn the full story before you talk crap. Rome woke up and heard the news on the tour bus, was a huge Amy fan, and decided to bust out a song on the bus. Hardly a scheme. BTW, the new album is amazing, coming from a long time Sublime and Brad Nowell fan. RIP Amy, and haters keep drinkin that Haterade.

1153 days ago


Rome did an AWESOME job. You can see that Rome is singing from his heart... It's NOT about the money, or sales... It's ROME paying respect to an artist who he had love and respect for... People get a clue... Rome, you keeep doing what you do, you sound great, and I LOVE this cover!

1153 days ago


eat as*****ing hos!!! couldn't have picked a better song thats the **** that killed her fools lessen to the words ****!

1153 days ago


daddy was wrong

1153 days ago


Absolutely LOVE IT! FANTASTIC tribute! I think some dummies on here don't really understand what a tribute song is! This totally ROCKED!

RIP Amy Winehouse--you couldn't do much else right, but you sure could sing.

1153 days ago


At first I thought attention whore. Then, After the song was over dubbed I realized Rome is obviously a HUGE fan and couldn't get through the song without losing it. Personally, I still can't listen to Blind Melon without tearing up.

*Interesting rehab fact! More than 90% of rehab is court ordered, Same as the rate of relapses... Rehab is a way to give otherwise unemployable college educated social workers a job!

1153 days ago


Lori A Yamaoka
July 26, 2011 3:09 am

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It made me cry because I know so many people with addiction problems. I immediately called my daughter and had her listen then posted to my facebook for all to hear and a plea to get help for anyone you know that is suffering with addiction.


1153 days ago


I don't know what's up with all the negative comments. But I actually really don't care...Rome knocked this out of the park. It's a great tribute and IMO he does it better.

1153 days ago


lame. love amy, but rome is so bad.

1153 days ago


Not a huge Amy fan, but this rendition is absolutely fantastic. For all those who cannot believe this was done with sincerity, get a life. Not all people are about the money...Rome, nice voice and I will take this as a great tribute to a great gal, who didn't know when to stop.

1153 days ago
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