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TMZ Live -- Casey Anthony ... Hot or Not?

7/25/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live -- Do you think Casey Anthony is hot ... and why it actually matters. Also, Dr. Murray's defense strategy takes a huge hit. Plus, no sympathy for Amy Winehouse ... why is she being treated differently than Joplin or Hendrix? 



(2:50) Amy Winehouse died this weekend -- and is getting no sympathy for the way she lived her life. See what 500,000 people had to say about her death.
(4:48) So ... why no sympathy for Amy?
(8:15) Addiction ... and why people are powerless against it.
(14:05) Harvey was lucky ... he was able to quit drinking no problem.
(20:24) BIG development in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case ... and it's a major blow to Dr. Conrad Murray's defense strategy.
(24:01) Katherine Jackson makes a powerful statement -- she's seen NO evidence there was a conspiracy against MJ by his estate.
(26:50) Happy Birthday Evan!
(35:45) So the big question ... is Casey Anthony hot? Before you judge ... check out a picture of her when she was all dolled up.
(40:50) Is there a connection between good looks and criminal justice?
(43:10) Cledus T. Judd -- who co-wrote the Caylee Anthony tribute song with a member of Rascal Flatts -- calls up to talk about how it came about.
(48:30) Would you call the cops on your own child?


No Avatar


I'd give Casey Anthony the best 2 and 1/2 minutes of lovin' she ever had!

1124 days ago


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don not draw any attention to Casey Anthony - let alone asking if she is hot!!!

If you(TMz) consider her a "celebrity", than even you have reached a new low......

1124 days ago


It's so sad to lose real talent like Amy Winehouse and yet we still have to (not ) listen to the NO talents Beyonce, Gaga, Rhianna to name a few . To bad they don't have the balls to stick a needle in their arm to shut them up forever.No one should open their mouth to sing unless they can. I don't know why they didn't help precious Any Winehouse she was fixable even though she didn't think so.

1124 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

I think it is sick and twisted to exploit the tragic death of a child for publicity; is a mother who puts duct tape over the mouth and nose of her 2 year old baby hot? No, and you are disgraceful to put on this headline. Is there sympathy for Amy Winehouse? Did you send a copy of this demented article to her parents? Is there sympathy for drug addicted youth who die alone without any intervention by someone to try to save their life? Yes, there is, but there is no sympathy for your sleazy way of making fun of such seriouly ugly misfortunes in other people's lives.

1124 days ago


Thank you Bunny

1124 days ago


Casey Anthony Is a...


1124 days ago


I think this is the latest show start ever. I’m becoming concerned that I/We won’t get our TMZ Fix today. I sure hope its something technical and not something catastrophic.

1124 days ago


Harvey, I really missed you guys today. I was about 10 minutes late getting you tuned in and was i not only surprised, but i was saddened that you were not on the air. I look forward to seeing you every weekday, and really miss your show on the weekends. Hope whatever kept your show off the air today gets fixed soon.

1124 days ago


Casey Anthony is not hot............

1124 days ago


Why are such an angry man

1124 days ago


Her eyes are too close together, to be honest

1124 days ago


- ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1124 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Yeah pretty funny how the uplifting news for the show is about Casey Anthony being hot. Pretty funny, in a kinda sorta, not really way, that is. lol

1124 days ago


Casey Anthony is a pretty girl, no doubt. She has been acquitted and all of the educated population in this country (admittedly small) recognize and appreciate the significance of this. All of you religious freaks that have no more than a high school diploma ( if that ) will disagree.

I for one would have come to the same conclusion the jury did. I wish this young lady all the best in moving on with her life. In healing, and becoming a productive citizen of this country.

Even if someone in her position were guilty, we as citizens owe it to our fellow brothers and sisters to rehabilitate. We should be working to help one another, not condemn.

1124 days ago


TMZ: The hotness debate is neither funny, nor clever. You're talking about a child murderer here.

And for all you pencil dks who think she's hot: Save your breath and wallets for your inflatable rubber dolls, and STFU.

She's only playing with moneyed lawyers and executives.

1124 days ago
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