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TMZ Live -- Casey Anthony ... Hot or Not?

7/25/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today on TMZ Live -- Do you think Casey Anthony is hot ... and why it actually matters. Also, Dr. Murray's defense strategy takes a huge hit. Plus, no sympathy for Amy Winehouse ... why is she being treated differently than Joplin or Hendrix? 



(2:50) Amy Winehouse died this weekend -- and is getting no sympathy for the way she lived her life. See what 500,000 people had to say about her death.
(4:48) So ... why no sympathy for Amy?
(8:15) Addiction ... and why people are powerless against it.
(14:05) Harvey was lucky ... he was able to quit drinking no problem.
(20:24) BIG development in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case ... and it's a major blow to Dr. Conrad Murray's defense strategy.
(24:01) Katherine Jackson makes a powerful statement -- she's seen NO evidence there was a conspiracy against MJ by his estate.
(26:50) Happy Birthday Evan!
(35:45) So the big question ... is Casey Anthony hot? Before you judge ... check out a picture of her when she was all dolled up.
(40:50) Is there a connection between good looks and criminal justice?
(43:10) Cledus T. Judd -- who co-wrote the Caylee Anthony tribute song with a member of Rascal Flatts -- calls up to talk about how it came about.
(48:30) Would you call the cops on your own child?


No Avatar


hey lemonade: in case you were busy reading the bible when you were in government class in the 9th grade: acquittal means she is not a child murderer, idiot.

you wish you had the attention of moneyed lawyers and executives, instead of the patrons of the local taco bell where you work.

why don't you STFU and get an education and then get an educated outlook. or better yet, go back to jacking off to nancy grace. i think her show will be on soon-or maybe you can jus*****ch her shows that you have DVR'd.

1155 days ago

your mom    


>>>She's only playing with moneyed lawyers and executives.

Lucky for me I'm both

1155 days ago


why do so many people keep saying that vulcan eared thing is hot? I've seen hotter ass ring me up at wal-mart

1155 days ago


Nothing attractive about her. Huge Mickey Mouse ears, puckered vicious looking snarling mouth, DEVIL piercing eyes. What's HOT about THAT? She needs an Excercist, thought I would see her head go spinning around at any moment in court.

1155 days ago


i'm sure that to those that are desperate and unable to connect with a normal woman, she would be considered hot. As for the majority of the population, she is considered a baby killer, nothing too hot about that.

1155 days ago

cecelia asher    

Of course the majority of guys would think Casey Anthony is hot. She thinks she's hot. That's what led her down the path of having more sex partners than one can count. No one on earth has any respect for her and w/o that you have nothing. A person should be viewed by what's on their inside and Casey is void of anything internal. She is meaningless!!!!!!!!!!!!! She killed her precious little helpless child. Shame on her. Can any one get past that and boink her??? Probably so....

1155 days ago


She's not hot but a 1? Come on, that should be reserved for fat uglies.

1155 days ago


Did anyone ever find out who the father was?

1155 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Casey is FINE, however I can understand why women H8 her, many haven't looked THAT good since they were 18!!!!!!!!! I guress if your gay you'd find her repulsive as well. Each to their own, CASE CLOSED, VERDICT IN, SHE's A HOTTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1155 days ago


At first I was not going to be sucked into Harvey's TMZ Anthony ploy but this will be my last post since he/TMZ continues to limelight this child killer. PLEASE stop and find something else news worthy. Harvey why do you even feed this monster, ya we know rating*****s and such but suck it up and stop posting this crap.

1155 days ago


Hey mrsschrute
The jury found that the prosecution did not prove their case. But in their minds they knew she was responsible for Caylee's demise.

1155 days ago


Casey is not hot at all, she remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog.

1155 days ago


Rogue Warrior, must have a fedish for BABOON'S. Bet you even LOVE drinking KOOLAID too.

1155 days ago

Rob Base    

She is way hot. The hottest thing about her is that she killed her little child. Anybody who does that is soooooo hot!!!! Thanks TMZ she could just fade away but you guys will do the best job you can to make her a celebrity. Along with Liho the crackhore and Casey"child killer" Anthony you guys are keeping your good name alive. You know keeping society in the gutter while you guys make money off of reporting and creating the news. Great job As*hols!

1155 days ago


It's scary that anyone much less a guy would find this POS hot! Won't be long with her moles and ugly ass skin, horseface and phony toof she''ll look like Nanny McPhee. not to mention the bacne! YUK come on guys surely you are not that hard up!!!

1155 days ago
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